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Last updated 23rd August 2005 by Bree

2005 Triad Tribune #7

Triad Weyrs Newsletter
July 2005

It's that time again and our brand spanking new issue of the newsletter is
here for you!

Here, we post the monthly summaries of plots and posts in all of our active
areas, as well as give info regarding member birthdays, persona birthdays
and open ranker positions. If anyone has suggestions for improvements or has
any questions or requests regarding content, then please be sure to email

It was another record breaking month this month... over 200 posts sent to
the list! Thank you to everyone who continues to make our club so active and


***RBW News***

The Weyr was glad to be able to help out after the terrible tragedy that has
befallen Dolphin Cove. Aid has been sent in the form of healers, riders and
supplies. We hope that all will recover, including Weyrhealer Abrei who has
had nightmares after treating some of the casualties. The new Weyrleader of
Dolphin Cove, T'moran, visited River Bluff to formally request aid. K'sedel
promised to do all he could.

Wingsecond K'reyel and his weyrmate Mai have finally reached an
understanding in their relationship, after the traumas of the past month.
But will they cope with the aftermath of the tragedy at Dolphin Cove?
K'reyel had the sad duty of telling Mai her younger sister had been killed.

Lord Enrizial visited the Weyr, wanting to make amends to Tiya, the young
apprentice treated so cruely by one of his holders. He found Abrei and R'han
less than helpful, although Lenala was pleasant enough to him, enough that
she earned herself an invitation to visit Enrizial's hold.

Lenala also managed to persuade bronzerider L'cian to do her a favour, with
the promise of a reward of course!

Weyrleader K'sedel found himself in a crowded dining cavern one evening,
which led to him sharing a meal with Ciara. The company and the meal were
good, and K'sedel asked Ciara to join him again for a meal at a later date.
The pair did get together later on, and their relationship seems to have
progressed to a new level.

But it's not as though Ciara has no complications of her own, her former
Weyrmate, brownrider R'yin still has an interest in her, one that perhaps
may be described as unhealthy, according to Soliera.

An unlikely friendship between to greenriders has developed, following a
chance meeting between Nocte and Syntara.

Shayla and T'voal have grown closer. It seems that the young brownrider has
more than a passing interest in the young weyrling. Shayla also found time
to talk to Tiya, who told her a little of what had happened during her
so-called 'marriage'.

Weyrlingmaster J'an has been to the infirmary to get his prescription
filled. He was helped out by Riveenata, who was supervised by Abrei. J'an
was also approached by Marza, Arima's young apprentice about the possibility
of becoming a candidate. He told her that as she was weyrbred, she had that
option if she desired, and urged her to inform her mother her decision.

Green Mavikath rose, she was chased by the broze of L'cian and the blue of
K'mai. K'mai's Sebeth was the victor, which was much appreciated by P'veas.
K'mai has also spent a friendly evening with Gaiya, enjoying a pleasant meal
with her.

But the big news this month is that Tabarnith rose. She was chased by the
bronze's of the weyr, all of whom vied for the golden prize. But she
astounded everyone by choosing Nikornath again, only the second time she has
chosen the same bronze in a row.

Written by Emma


***DCW News***

Month 7 in Dolphin Cove Weyr began with tragedy, as a mistake by Weyrleader
O'dan in Fall led to the injury and death of many riders. Worst hit was
O'dan's Cyclone Wing, with only a handful of riders left unscathed. O'dan
himself was scored and is unlikely to be able to fly Fall for the forseeable
future, if at all.

A vote was held by the Wingleaders to elect a new Weyrleader until Kalina's
gold Moriath rises again, and Weyrlingmaster T'moran was chosen. He has
taken over Cyclone Wing, appointing K'deren as temporary Wingleader of
Hurricane until a suitable bronzerider can be persuaded to transfer in.
Rumour has it that T'moran has a particular bronzerider in mind...and the
sooner he arrives the better, since the new Weyrlingmaster J'darin is not
pleased to see a brownrider in a Wingleader's position, even if it is only

Complications have ensued as Weyrwoman Kalina has taken to her bed due to an
infection in wounds she suffered in Fall. It seems to everyone at the Weyr
that T'moran might end up being Weyrleader for longer than they thought - or
will he?

The Infirmary has, for obvious reasons, been a busy place this month, and
healers and non-healers alike were drafted in from Dragonsfall and River
Bluff Weyrs in order to cope. These included Weyrhealer Abrei who managed to
save O'dan's scored leg, dragonhealer R'han, O'dan's brother Dantial and
harper Karaleigh who looked after him in the first days after his injury.
O'dan's guilt led him to trouble T'moran with notes requesting a visit,
which T'moran was finally provoked into granting him. Bitter words resulted
between the two men. O'dan's spirit has not been crushed however, as his
brother Dantial found out when he overheard O'dan being "visited" by

T'moran meanwhile showed more sympathy to the other injured riders,
including Dyaera, when he visited them to try and raise their spirits.
J'darin and D'cal have also been doing their utmost to cheer up Dyaera, calm
her fears of being scarred for life and help her recover after physical
therapy sessions, while D'cal also visited greenrider B'vin.

Another weyrling who's been spending time in the Infirmary is D'ren, who
kept watch over Dysali, one of the youngest greenriders to be scored. D'ren
and D'cal themselves have found the experience harrowing, and D'cal was
comforted by his friend, the dolphineer Zanie, who was grieving herself for
the loss of brownrider H'jim. Unfortunately D'cal and Zanie visited Dyaera
just in time to catch her sharing a kiss with J'tak. The bluerider promptly
made matters worse by mentioning his own former crush on H'jim!

River Bluff Weyr has offered help in the form of its junior goldrider
Lenala, whose presence has not been unwelcome to the bronzeriders J'darin
and T'moran - both of whom find her easier to deal with than the
strong-willed Kalina!

In happier news, the Weyr has had some new arrivals - bronzerider Br'nick
has transferred from Far Island Weyr, and Kirranna, a new Candidate, has
arrived after being Searched. Dantial, O'dan's brother, arrived before the
crisis and was helped to settle in by the Weyr's Headwoman, Mayla. Z'al's
son is a more problematic addition to the Weyr, as the husband of his mother
has been writing threatening letters and has even visited the Weyr in the
hope of taking the boy back home with him. We'll have to wait until next
month to see how that turns out!

Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)


***DFW News***

The Weyr has been one _busy_ place! With lots of interesting relationships,
storylines and an upcoming hatching, DFW continues to be the place to be if
you like to post a lot! We have the following ranks available to newbies who
are interested in getting their toes (or feet) wet and might be interested
in something a lot less intensive than L1 or L2 rank at another location.

Weyrlingmaster 2nd
Weyrlingmaster 3rd

We also have quite a few interesting adoptables for consideration.

And now for the FUN stuff. Here's a summary of what we've been up to at

Talwynn finds out about the Threadfall accident at Dolphin Cove Weyr and her
thoughts immediately turn to her friends and family there.

U'kaiah comes to Trae's weyr to check up on her, and N'vanik walks in on
them. Predictably, N'vanik's temper means that he got snippy. All three
ended up losing their tempers naturally! U'kaiah stayd with Traelyn after
N'vanik left in order to help her calm down.

Mean, Weyrlingstaff member Demalia catches up with her old friend,
Birigundi. Later, Birigundi, met Kamira in the Bathing Chambers and they
spent less scrubbing and cleaning than doing...other things.

Due to the Threadfall Tragedy at Dolphin Cove, T'moran, newly elected to
lead DCW until the queen rises and chooses the next Weyrleader, has been
requesting aid from other Weyrs to assist with his decimated ranks. Jaela
and D'wrayt were happy to assist, however they warned that in doing so, only
experienced riders would be chosen and the task would require timing it in
order for riders picked to do their duties at both places and because of the
timezone differences. Still, Jaela remembered how quickly DCW riders
assisted her after Topaz Sea Hold collapsed--and how Kalina had ignored her
own safetly to help her dig out and rescue Jaryd. She felt they _had_ to
help DCW now that they were in need.

U'kaiah, always the busy bronzeboy, has been all over Dragonsfall as usual!

Later that month, U'kaiah comes to talk to N'vanik about Traelyn. As
predicted, the talk doesn't go smoothly. He was also visited by Wingthird
Kenza who wanted to clarification regarding some rumors she'd overheard.

U'kaiah later confronted Sarian about starting rumors and she reminded him
there are things he should be sorry for too.

Birigundi runs into Talwynn crafting and the two speak; their conversation
changes to a bed which leads to something more.

N'klar decides to find out what's been happening in Traelyn's life, but
winds up taking her swimming instead.

N'vanik and Traelyn have another shouting match, but it leads to a very
different outcome.

Kenza decided to tempt the Weyrwoman, notorious for her sweet tooth, with
her favorite--sweetrolls. She also gave Jaela little unsolicited advice on
men--and Jaela actually seemed to listen.

Trae comes to wish U'kaiah a "Happy Birthingday" Syntara also visted the
popular U'kaiah for his birthday and ended up getting a present of her own.
Later, when the couple woke, they found conversation less
than...scintilatting, which proved sexual compatibility obviously doesn't
make up for the ability to actually keep each other company....although this
didn't seem to bother either, they quickly quit each others company.

Tsaera decided to visit Dragonsfall and a grounded Jaela, who was grateful
for the visit.

Meanwhile Traely finally gave U'kaiah his birthingday gift. Later, the
Weyrwoman Second and her lover, N'vanik decide to give the gossipers
something to talk about

Traelyn and U'kaiah get into their first, real argument. Later that day,
Jaela and Traelyn visit the candidates, where they discuss the duties of
writers in general, and field questions regarding anyone lucky enough to
Impress the golden egg currently being watched by an anxious Calyth.

Jaela ran into U'kaiah in the record room and they have one of their usual
quiet, serene discussions....okay, what really happened is they ended up in
a shouting match, both trying to get their point across. It ended with
nothing solved, and Jaela making it quite clear that she found U'kaiah a bit
too immature be in a relationship with her--as he'd proved before.

Traelyn comes to U'kaiah and they talk about the fight they had; this
discussion ended up a lot better than U'kaiah's other 'goldrider

Meanwhile, Perns own makeover expert, Kavlyn, flirted with U'kaiah,
suggested he wear much tighter pants to show his um...assets to the best of
their ability and even managed to live to tell the tale. This time!

Traelyn tries to chide Birigundi for being naughty during the visit she and
Jaela made to the Candidates, but he argues that being naughty can be a good
thing...at least in his opinion!

Jaela got a few items tailored by Kavlyn and decided that she was tired of
not having fun, and then gave in rather enthusiastically to the journeyman
tailor/Candidates flirtations.

U'kaiah is shocked to learn that some of the gossip he has heard about
Traelyn is true. It remains to be seen what many might think of all the
equally interesting gossip surrounding _him_.

Kamira develops a cramp in her thigh while running with Birigundi, and it is
up to him to massage it out--or at least we're pretty sure that was the
entire gist of the post!

Traelyn and N'vanik reflect on their relationship, and N'vanik tells Trae a
bit about his past, finally opening up to the goldrider. Could this mean
their very fast and quite new relationship is progressing?

Firsa, sr. journeyman beastcrafter, was quite busy recently! First she
fought with Sarian over a piece of leather in the storerooms. Later, happy
over having won the piece of leather, Firsa cut herself while making a
bridle with it and rushed to the Infirmary where she was treated to what she
thought was a less than helpful bedside manner by jr. journeyman
Arilanna--still, she received her stitches and then quickly quit the place.
Unfortunately, her run of bad luck continued when she took one of her
runners out for a ride and through a sheer accident of fate, ended up losing
him to feed a dragon's belly _and_ injuring herself again! She ended up back
in Infirmary. This time she was assisted by Master Optham, who had a much
better bedside manner and was sympathetic to her tale of woe.

Eager to end her run of bad luck, Firsa took the leather straps one in her
argument with Sarian and took them to her. Sarian and the _always_ charming
Harki got a bit of rude mocking in but Sarian except the straps...and then
it promply looked as if her own luck was on a downward spiral, a fact that
Firsa took great pleasure in as she reflected that 'things _did_ happen to
those who deserved them'.

Written by Nici (nici@triadweyrs.org)
Jaela, Weyrwoman



***ACH News***

Lady Lindria, always looking to escape her duties with her mother, took
Calrian to the Healers for checkup and met Dikero. He pronounced the baby
healthy and Lindria chatted with Dikero, who diplomatically dodged his
reasons for having left her home hold of Emerald Falls.

Later that month Lindria welcomed Badia, newly married to Hallmaster Fielton
of Vintner Hall to visit with her. Badia brought a sewing kit pinched from
the Hall and resigned herself to a day of boring sewing. Luckily, Lindira
turned out to be just as unwilling to sit still that long and both young
women took off for a walk with Rufri, then visited Calrian in the nursery
where they ran into Lady Enriline. Reluctant to admit what they'd really
been doing, Badia made up a sewing project for them. Later they visited Lord
Alalir and admitted just how their afternoon had been spent. Alalir took it
all in good humor and then got them both to read to him as it seems his
eyesight is not as good as it once was--or rather than the _words_ were
shrinking...yes, that's it.

Meanwhile, Lord Enrizial has been a reluctant guest at the Hold as he woo'd
his wife, Lady Anaia. She in turn took the time to visit him at Emerald
Falls with her sister by marriage, Lindria. Both women were shocked with the
state of the Hold and quickly set about berating Enrizial--and fixing the
matter. Lindria was happily greeted by her 'neglected' husband, Alajeran and
she reflected that, while visits were fine, it was the homecomings that she
appreciated more!

Enrizial finally he asked Anaia to return to Emerald Falls with him and she
agreed. Both were seen off by Lady Enriline and Lindria as they and the
children quit Amethyst Cliff Hold.

The departure was probably none too soon as Alalir reflected on his
past--and how tired he was of entertaining and hosting someone so incredibly
rude and unappreciative of his generous nature in even having him _there_.

Early the next month, Enriline spoke to Alalir's daughter from his first
marriage, Enlira and invited her to family dinner, resolving to try to make
the woman more a part of their family.

The Hold welcomes a new persona, Gevina to the Hold. She arrived quite
surprisingly from Black Ridge Hold, just barely beating the winter snows.
She requested sanctuary from Lord Alalir, explaining that her late husband's
brother and Heir wanted more than just Black Ridge, but her as well. Alalir
welcomed her, as did Lindria and Enriline--and Jeralir. The meeting with
Jeralir ended with her annoyed and him amused. The meeting with Lindria went
much better, as did the one with Enriline, although Gevina slipped and might
have told Enriline more than she ought.

Enriline, incensed that Gevina's late husband chose his half-brother (a
bastard) and a man who would proposition his own sister by marriage,
approached Alalir regarding her concerns over his Holding. This resulted in
their first argument, which left Alalir contrite, and Enriline scared...and
then confused. Luckily Alalir is good about helping her with both! Lady
Gevina did get a rather non-harsh lecture from Lord Alalir afterwards,
however and she finally got to meet Lindria's husband, Alajeran.

Lady Gevina again ran into Jeralir and their second meeting went no better
than their first--with him teasing her over the romances he was sure she was
reading rather than the boring old sewing manual she was _pretending_ to

Two holders, Denala and Felarik, were Searched by a rider from DFW, V'lon,
who approached their father who happily allowed both young holders to stand.

The Holds healers, Dikero and Targe have started a friendship, with Targe,
usually quite reserved, having shown Dikero some of his carvings and both
men having chatted over a glass of wine (or two) about their choice of

There's been a lot going on and rankers (and others) at the Hold are always
willing to post with newcomers so don't be shy! Make a holder or crafter
today and jump in the mix!


***ACH-VH News***

Fieayz's gold flit laid a fine clutch of eggs this month, though Fielton
didn't seem to be pleased to have his time with his wife interrupted to be
told about it. There is talk in the Hall over who will be lucky enough to
receive an egg--a rare honor, and one Fielton has no intention of

Fielton's joy in his young new bride certainly doesn't seem to be wearing
off--though the fact that Badia has been quite friendly and encouraging to
her husband probably isn't helping him regain his senses. He has been
spending a great deal of time with his wife--much to the Hall's relief.
Badia, however, doesn't much like the fact that the only thing she's
expected to do is look pretty, and is looking to find some things to do in
the Hall to keep her busy.

One adventure took Badia to Amethyst Cliff Hold, where Badia made friends
with Lindria, the wife of the Lord Holder's heir. The two women quickly
became fast friends, which pleases Fielton to no end--though he might not be
quite so pleased if he learned that Lady Lindria doesn't seem to be the
demure, lady like companion he thinks her to be.

The Hallsecond seems to be having good luck with a special lady in his life
as well, though he might not be willing to admit it. Daigoro managed to
convince Cinale to come out of the kitchens and enjoy a meal with the rest
of the Hall. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by Cinale's uncle, who
dropped quite a few unsubtle hints that Cinale needed to start having
babies--and that Daigoro might be a good man to do so with. Both of them
seem to have survived their embarrassment, but only time will tell if Cinale
dares venture out of the kitchens again!

Life is not so happy on the other side of the Vintner Hall. Miryene's
marriage to Jhonnel seems to be getting worse by the day, and in a lonely
evening by the fire waiting for him to come home, she'd been forced to admit
that Jhonnel has a serious drinking problem. She's terrified of speaking up,
however, because she's afraid that Jhonnel will leave and take his children
with him--and she doesn't want them going anywhere where she can't protect
them. Whether or not she needs to protect them from their father is
something only time will tell.

There are lots of opportunities for evil plots at the Vintner Hall, and
Amethyst Cliff in general. Don't miss out... join the fun today!

Written by Bree - bree@triadweyrs.org


***EFH News***

Lady Anaia has returned to Emerald Falls, after a brief visit in the company
of Lindria when she appointed Fayne as the new Headwoman. After a sad
goodbye to Lindria and Lady Enriline at Amethyst Cliff, she returned to her
home with her husband to be greeted by the holders, and soon settled in with
her daughters, and the young couple had a delightful surprise when Faraline
said her first word - "Papa". There appears to be a fragile peace between
her and Lord Enrizial, but how long will it last?

Fayne has been celebrating her appointment as the new Headwoman, and the
Hold already looks a good deal cleaner and better ordered now that she has
the authority to enforce her will on the drudges! She was congratulated by
the Hold's Healer, Miranek, and of course by her husband, who continues to
work on producing a vintage for Emerald Falls that will outclass the wines
of Amethyst Cliff. Felyna, meanwhile, has commenced trying to win Enrizial's
affections. After bringing him some tea, she won a small victory - the
guards are now to admit her to his office without question.

Emerald Falls suffered a blow at the beginning of this month when Threads
reached the ground in this territory due to a mistake by Dolphin Cove's
Weyrleader, destroying crops and a valuable stand of trees. Entirely
unconcerned by the fact that riders' lives had been lost in the tragedy,
Enrizial has informed the new Weyrleader that he will be withholding this
month's tithe. Whether he will have the nerve to carry out his threat
remains to be seen. With his wife so newly returned from Amethyst Cliff, he
may agree to be "lenient" on the dragonriders in order to please her.

Before the disastrous Fall, he visited River Bluff Weyr in order to try and
assuage his guilt about the forced marriage of a young girl, Tiya. There he
found scant welcome from Abrei and R'han - not surprising, since he'd
earlier refused to believe them about her true age - and Tiya refused to
offer him forgiveness unless her former 'husband', Fyzone, was punished. His
visit was not entirely a failure, though, since he encountered the
Weyrwoman's Second, Lenala, who behaved with a politeness he thought more
fitting. In fact, he was so taken with her that he actually invited her to
Emerald Falls to visit! We'll find out what happens when the goldrider takes
him up on his offer next month...


***GVH News***

Garnet Valley Hold is in an uproar this month. Verora finally went forward
with her twisted plan to take care of Ryalane and Auren. Unfortunately for
everyone at Garnet Valley, Verora seems to be a highly incompetent criminal.
Instead of poisoning just Auren, she managed to kill the Lord Holder as
well, something she had _no_ intention of doing!

When Ryalane and her husband Briton realized that Verora had been
responsible for the poisoning of the Lord Holder _and_ the Steward, they
immediately called for the guards. Unfortunately Meijah was the guard who
arrived first, and instead of subduing Verora, he killed Briton and sent
Verora into the hallway to keep watch while he took care of Ryalane.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Verora set the guards on Meijah as she
fled the Hold--accidentally saving Ryalane's life when the guards forced
their way into Auren's office before Meijah could finish her off.

With Ryalane so close to death, Penryn was forced to assume that Meijah had
killed the Lord Holder and the Steward and kidnapped the Headwoman. As
Auren's understeward, Penryn took control of the Hold, sending messages to
those who needed them and breaking the news to Thalia that she had been made
a widow. With the heir still an infant, no one is quite sure what will
happen to the Hold!

Ledan dealt with Ryalane's injuries and then went to see Sirela, telling her
about the tragedy that had befallen the Hold. Terrified that his ex-wife
could get access to their children--and knowing that neither of them would
feel safe at the Hold anymore, Ledan suggested to Sirela that they be
married and make a new home in Emerald Falls. Although Sirela is not sure
she's ready to be married again, she agreed.

Garnet Valley Hold is a place in chaos. Only time will tell who will be put
in place to run the Hold--and what ideas this man will have about women and
tradition. Now is the time to come and play!


***GVH-SH News***

This month has seen Daynar still on the lookout for that thief, though
nothing has turned up missing in a few weeks. The cranky Hallmaster is
beginning to think the thief was scared off by his 'threats'. Daynar was
also quite distraught about the death of Aswic, and he's rumored to be
preparing for the worst in the 'new' Lord Holder, since Aswic's young son is
far too young to take Hold on his own.

Dalicia also took time to remind Jarthir very _definitely_ that she was all
the woman he needs, and he tries to remember why he ever strays.

There are whispers a fosterling from Vintner Hall will be arriving next
month, which will no doubt cause some excitement at a Hall already burdened
with a thief, a disowned bluerider, and an overbearing arse of a Hallmaster.

Make a character and join in today! A Hallsecond would be very welcome or
anyone at all!

Written by Clancey (clancey@triadweyrs.org)



August 16th: Clancey (clancey@triadweyrs.org)
August 21st: Dana (dana@triadweyrs.org)

Swing by the forums and remember to give them LOTS of love!

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occur to your persona(ie: marriage, Impression, giving birth, new pets) for

3rd: Cherlyn (Bree)
5th: Kinear (Athena)
6th: Lorisalen (Roxanne)
7th: K'reyel (Emma)
7th: Oricahna (Roxanne)
7th: U'kaiah (Eimi)
10th: Jerandra (Estelle)
12th: Kandris (Amilianna)
14th: Lenala (Bree)
16th: Br'nick (Roxanne)
18th: Kirranna (Anna)
24th: Cerys (Bridget)
25th: Solinde (Trilby)
25th: Jio (Eimi)


Cindy (July 2005)
Elaine (July 2005)
Jen (July 2005)

Welcome to Triad (or welcome back, as the case may be *g*) and we hope you
learn to love it as much as we do! :-)

Make sure you make them feel welcome and loved, and give them some coposts.


These are the ranking positions which have not been filled. Triad prides
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mentored members may be eligible for Level Two, Three, and Four ranks with
their mentor's approval. Level Three and Four ranks _can_ be gained by a
brand-new member, if they submit a persona sheet that does not require
corrections and a writing sample at least 5K long.

Email the Level One Ranker listed if you're interested in any of these
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Rank Reqs by level:
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Dragonsfall Weyr
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Wingsecond (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyan Wing)
Wingthird (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Weyrlingmaster 2nd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrlingmaster 3rd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrdragonhealer (level 4 - Slate Wing (retirees))

Dolphin Cove Weyr
Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Tsunami Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrhealer (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)
Hallmaster (level 1 - Dolphin Hall)
Hallsecond (level 2 - Dolphin Hall)
Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyclone Wing (Weyrleader's))

Emerald Falls Hold
Steward (level 3 - Holders)

River Bluff Weyr
Wingleader (level 2 - Torrent Wing)
Weyrlingmaster Second (level 3 - Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings))

Caravan Leader (level 4 - Trader Caravan One)



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