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Last updated 23rd August 2005 by Bree

2005 Triad Tribune #6

Triad Weyrs Newsletter
June 2005

It's that time again and our brand spanking new issue of the newsletter is
here for you!

Here, we post the monthly summaries of plots and posts in all of our active
areas, as well as give info regarding member birthdays, persona birthdays
and open ranker positions. If anyone has suggestions for improvements or
has any questions or requests regarding content, then please be sure to
email bree@triadweyrs.org.

Our very own Council Curmudgeon is sending out this addition and giving
our hard working Council Comms a well deserved break. :-)

It's been a RECORD month at Triad, with almost more posts than
any other month in the club history! This would not have been
possible without the contribution of all of our writers and the
continued loyalty of our readers.

The Council would like to thank each and every member of
the club! Give yourselves a huge round of applause!

Summer 2005 Crayon Awards!
And the winners are:

Favorite Female: Abrei written by Bree

Favorite Male: U'kaiah, written by Eimi

Favorite New Female (tie): Syntara written by Shelly & Traelyn written by

Favorite New Male: N'vanik written by Becki

Favorite Romantic Couple: R'han & Abrei, written by Bree & Nici

Most Intriguing Persona: Jaela written by Nici

Favorite Villain: Enrizial, written by Estelle

Favorite Damsel: Tiya, written by Bree

Favorite Dramatic Storyline (tie):
Empty Cradles
(written by Estelle, Nici, Lexy, Bree & Eimi)

& Tiya's Kidnapping
(written by Bree, Estelle, Nici & Lexy)

Favorite Funny Storyline: Jaela & U'kaiah's flirtation
(written by Nici and Eimi)

To get a look at the wonder graphics Bree created for the winners, go to:
http://www.triadweyrs.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2821 **graphic intensive**

Stop by the forums and congratulate them--and thank you all for
the wonderful participation!


***RBW News***

Green Faylith rose, and was chased by the dragons of Ar'lis, L'cian,
K'reyel, K'mai, V'rikah,and U'kaiah. Much to the delight of her rider,
Ar'lis, bronze Zylarth's rider was the winner. Unfortunately for K'reyel,
dealiong with Erdenth's emotions led him into problems with his weyrmate. It
seems that even though Mai is weyrbred, she still has issues with the idea
of K'reyel and Erdenth participating.

R'han and Abrei discussed the issue of children, it seems that both of them
were of the same opinion thank goodness. Speaking of Abrei, it seems she's
had a visitor from Dragonsfall, one U'kaiah. Abrei has also been supervising
one of her new apprentices, Riveenata, who is also a candidate.

Bluerider K'mai has taken up flirting, with Leora when he had a massage from

Lenala flirted a little with Ar'lis, but it seems things didn't end the way
he intended... Or did they? The pair made an arrangement to dine together
the following night.

It seems that Syntara is indulging in flirtation with both Ar'lis and
L'cian, which rider will win out?

The headwoman, Soliera and Ciara spent sometime together, trying to figure
out the secret of life.

Shayla and T'voal come to an agreement, now that her dragon has gone
/between/. It seems that T'voal is considering transferring to River Bluff.
Shayla had first gone through a series of visualisation exercises with J'an
and the rest of the weyrlings.

Former Weyrleader U'das's dragon has finally taken to the skies again. It
seems that he may make a fuller recovery than people thought. As a result of
this, Weyrleader K'sedel has offered him a role as a consultant to Torrent
wing, perhaps with the aim of eventually becoming the wingleader. J'an
congratulated him on the news, and the two made plans for a celebration.

The Weyrwoman still seems to be having some health problems, she ended up
visiting Jynrek in the infirmary for more of the herbal tea she was
prescribed, and ended up getting a massage.

It seems that L'maret and Kesta are having more problems. K'reyel found out
that he had spent a night on the couch, then he was caught hanging around
the infirmary looking for Leora - is something going on there?

Tiya, Abrei's young apprentice has at last returned to the Weyr, but
something has changed about her. Will her friends be able to help her settle
back in?

Writen by Emma

***DCW News***

There is never a dull moment at Dolphin Cove Weyr! A trader caravan made a
stop at Dolphin Cove, giving many riders a chance to do a little bit of
trading. A'se made a deal with Almenet over some toys for his children to
make up for having forgotten about the day he was supposed to visit them.
Almenet also found time to visit Desirae and meet a dolphin for the first
time. Not long after her visit to Dolphin Cove, Almenet's younger brother
found a firelizard clutch and Almenet has been giving the responsibility of
caring for it.

K'deren and A'se have both taken the time to talk to Karaleigh about their
daughters. In between shopping for toys and talking to harpers, A'se has
also been busy finding evening entertainment from the men and women of the
Weyr. He's had a run-in with Desirae that didn't seem to go too well at
first, but things may be looking up for him with the dolphineer. His evening
with B'vin, however, was a disaster, as the greenrider is still having a
hard time coming to terms with his feelings for other men.

O'dan has been enjoying himself as Weyrleader, though Karaleigh mentioned to
him that his new rank seems to have had an adverse affect on his sons. O'dan
has sons? That would probably surprise most of the Weyr... but O'dan
surprised Karaleigh even more by actually being able to remember their
names, if not their ages. He's promised her that he'll sit down his younger
son and have a talk with him about listening to his elders, even if his
father _is_ the Weyrleader.

Later in the month O'dan introduced Karaleigh to the newest healer at
Dolphin Cove Weyr... his younger brother Dantial. Although Dantial certainly
looks like O'dan (or at least a smaller, less muscular version of him) they
seem to be very different men. Dantial is polite, conservative and has a
sense of propriety when it comes to women that no one would ever accused
O'dan of having. How Dantial will adapt to living in his brother's shadow
again is something that only time will tell.

Karaleigh also spent some time speaking to K'nure when she ran into him
while he was walking his canine, and apparently the conversation was
confusing to the bluerider. O'dan would be quick to assure him that
Karaleigh is always confusing though. Dantial might agree--after Karaleigh
bruised her toe she came to the infirmary and seemed less than pleased by
Dantial's suggestion that she find a nice strong man--or woman--to move
heavy bookshelves for her in the future.

On a trip home to visit his mother, Z'al got a rather large surprise... a
baby that apparently belonged to his childhood sweetheart. He's agreed to
bring his child back to the Weyr and find a foster mother, but how his
childhood sweetheart's husband will feel about that is anyone's guess.

D'cal and D'ren have had a busy month getting ready for Senior Weyrlinghood.
They spent some time working on their riding straps and sang a song about
their lady loves. D'ren was asked by T'moran to take the position of
weyrling group leader, but the honor might have been tarnished a bit by
T'moran's warning that D'ren shouldn't let himself be led astray by D'cal.
T'moran caught D'cal out past curfew on the night of Dyaera's mating flight,
and seems no more impressed by D'cal than J'darin is--even though Dyaera has
spent yet another evening trying to convince J'darin that D'cal is certainly
a perfectly wonderful man.

Things got a little harder for D'cal when Dyaera admitted that her
definition of waiting for him was not the same as his. While Dyaera has no
intention of falling in love with anyone before D'cal has graduated to
senior weyrling, she has a hard time understanding why D'cal might want her
not to spend evenings with other men. After it became clear that neither
quite understands where the other one was coming from, they decided it might
be best for them to spend some time apart so that D'cal can grow accustomed
to Weyrlife--and to the life of a bluerider--without worrying about Dyaera.

As if things weren't bad enough, D'cal met Zanie at the beach and realized
that he knew her from several years ago--when they'd shared perhaps the
least successful kiss of all times. His hesitant attempt to flirt failed
when Zanie admitted that she was spending time with a brownrider--and was
still too much of a Craftbred girl to deal with more than one man at once.
After that embarrassing day, D'cal discussed some of his problems with
Mayla, but only time will tell how things will turn out for the Seacrafter
turned Weyrling.

D'ren has been having some of the same problems. After Dysali spent an
evening with I'lan to make sure she was prepared for her upcoming mating
flight, she broke the news to D'ren. Although he wants what is best for
Dysali, he is having a hard time dealing with what that really
means--especially when he can't be there for her the way he wants to be.

Dyaera's friends have been of little help to her in the mess with D'cal...
probably because every single one of them is hoping to get a chance at the
weyrling themselves. When their unsubtle hints got to be too much she chased
them out of her weyr--all except J'tak, who she made an exception for. Since
J'tak won her mating flight, Dyaera has been allowing him to spend the
occasional night in her weyr.

Dyaera would be amazed if she knew what an affect she was having on
J'darin's relationship with Kalina. After discussing her problems with D'cal
with the Weyrlingmaster Second, J'darin finally began to realize that the
ways of the Weyr where not so hard to understand once you opened yourself to
them. Surprisingly enough, Kalina found herself feeling just the
opposite--especially after she saw J'darin behaving fondly to Dyaera. Could
it be that the Weyrwoman and the Weyrlingmaster Second have switched places
in their thoughts on romance?

There is big excitement coming up at Dolphin Cove next month... more than
anyone knows. Come on over and find out soon!

Written by Bree - bree@triadweyrs.org

***DFW News***

This month has been filled with both sadness and joy for the Weyrleaders
between the clutching and the loss of Lord Jaryd.

There are eggs on the Sands of Dragonsfall, but this clutch is so special
that Calyth and Treadoryth even kept their riders in suspense. The pair
produced 42 eggs as well as a gold egg.

The news of the gold egg has traveled quickly throughout the Weyr and there
are going to be a lot of candidates for this clutch of dragonets to choose

Only a few days after Calyth laid her eggs,Jaela recieved a message that her
brother's health was failing. She sent for Kailen and the two of them
witnessed Lord Jaryd's passing. They remembered the man that he was and not
the one who lay before them as he let go of life.
The Weyrwoman sought the quiet of the records room to get some time alone
and encountered U'kaiah instead. He tried to comfort her, but made her angry
instead. Then he kissed her and among the eagerness U'kaiah felt that there
was something wrong about doing that. He pulled back and she got upset at
his attempt to explain. U'kaiah ended up leaving the records room on
unpleasant terms.

Traelyn has had a busy month settling in and getting to know the people she
is working with. In her search for the dining cavern, Traelyn literally runs
into U'kaiah when she was distracted by a conversation with Nyith. He shows
her to the way and ends up having dinner with her.
N'vanik flirts with Traelyn and he admits that he can be a troublemaker
sometimes. The two of them end up sleeping with one another later on in the
month. Traelyn meets with Master Optham to introduce herself and let him
know that they would be working closely together.

U'kaiah enlists Optham's help in finding a mindhealer for Jiyavala. The
Weyrhealer suggests a Dream's End mindhealer after agreeing that U'val
shouldn't try to treat her being a relative.

Kailen and Krystof discuss what they are going to do now that Lord Jaryd is
gone. They talk of asking Conclave to let them take over the rebuilding of
Topaz Sea Hold as Kailen is the heir.

Kamira is sent to Demalia after getting in a fight with another candidate
who was making fun of her friends. Demalia sends the young woman off to the
stables for some extra chores under the direction of Journeywoman Firsa.
Birigundi keeps Kamira company as she finishes up with cleaning out the

U'kaiah seems to be very good at helping those who are lost. He helped
Kamira find her way to the bathing pool. He had noticed her when he stepped
outside of a weyr he was visiting.

Jaela helps a young boy find his father who turns out to be U'kaiah. She
stays and talks to them for a bit even helping wash Kalamath. U'kaiah comes
to apologize for the night in the records room and ends up making a mess of
the situation again. Jaela shows him how much she wants him and he leaves
telling her that he doesn't want her pride, but her.

U'kaiah and Harki were playing cards in the dining room and by the end of
the game they had a bet going. Harki lost so she had to strip and run back
to her weyr naked. As she was reaching the stairs she saw D'wrayt coming her
way. Not wanting to make a scene, D'wrayt had the pair come to his office
where he asked them to be more careful in the future. They traded prank
stories and found out things they didn't know about one another.

After telling her sisters about her crush on U'kaiah, Knara asks him to have
a meal with her. During the invitation, Hydrazineth lets it slip that her
rider likes U'kaiah. Through subtle and not so subtle questions, U'kaiah
learns that she has liked him since she saw him Impress his bronze so many
turns ago. He agrees to meet her for lunch and wonders what D'wrayt would

Firsa and Jaela go for a walk and catch up on one another's lives. The
Weyrwoman complains about her problem with U'kiah and has a chance to see
how the Journeywoman lives. The Weyrwoman realizes that maybe she should
take time to get to know how the rest of the Weyr lives since she was used
to the ranking member's quarters.

Optham's wife tells him that he is going to be a father again during his
birthingday dinner with the family.

N'vanik and U'kaiah do not seem to be getting along quite as well as he and
Traelyn are. The two had an arguement after drills when N'vanik suggested
that U'kaiah work with a bluerider a little more. The Wingleader suggests
that he see a mind healer. U'kaiah later vents to Traelyn about the
bronzerider over a bottle of wine. In turn Traelyn discussed the situation
with N'vanik and during their yelling exchange she admitted that she cared
for him.

J'klin finds Karri sitting on the steps and after finding out that she's
injured takes her to the infirmary. Optham treats her leg and lets her know
that if it hurts too much there is a tea she can take to lessen the pain.

Written by Roxanne (roxanne@triadweyrs.org)


***ACH News***

The two young women, found by Captain Dabryn and his men were found to
indeed be the kidnappers of Lord Enrizial and Lady Anaia's children. Once
this discovery was made, Lord Enrizial was alerted and he quickly joined his
wife at Amethyst Cliff Hold where they were happily reunited with Faraline
and Alalia.

Lord Alalir and Lord Enrizial set their differences aside long enough to
question the two kidnappers who confessed their crime--and blamed it on the
abandonment of many women after the multiple marriage edict of Cazriel was
overturned after Enrizial returned to power at Emerald Falls. Neither Lord
was sympathetic to the women--especially considering that their 'cause' had
endangered two innocent children, one of them almost newly born. They were
sent to separate mines in Amethyst Cliff and Emerald Falls territories. How
long the solidarity between the two warring Holds will remain--and whether
there will be peace again and a lifting of the wine embargo remains to be

The Hold slowly started to return to normal, as always recovering from it's
travails. Mariss visited her beau, Valand for a harper lesson and both of
them became distracted by each other so that the lesson didn't last very
long--although both maintained their proper sense of propriety. Their
continued interest in each other may or may not dispel some of the recent
rumors that the Steward's daughter might have been interested in someone
from Vintner Hall....we shall see!

Lord Alalir took advantage of Healer Targe's orders to take a break each day
by also requesting that his wife, Lady Enriline spend the time _with_ him.
They discussed how Lindria was coming along in her training to one day lead
the hold with her husband, Alajeran and Alalir even managed to get Enriline
to banter with him lightly.

Recent weeks have also seen the arrival of a widow to the Hold, Lymria--and
everyone extends a welcome to both she and her writer, Paula! Lymria met
Marris and visited the Infirmary and volunteered her services to a very wary
Dikero, still nervous from his experience at Emerald Falls, who thanked her
for her interest by indicating he would need to speak to Targe before making
any decisions. Whether or not he will remains to be seen as even Amethyst
Cliff retains the female craft bans. Lymria also traveled to Vintner Hall to
look at a display of weavers items and met Cinale as well.

Also at the hold, Felarik, an apprentice glasssmith studied his craft with
his father, a Master and then had a talk with his sister, Denala and
discussed what he thought was favoritism--and his lack of interest in the
craft. Denala seemed to think he would make a good candidate for some reason
although Felarik wasn't so sure about that.

Later in the month, Lindria visited the hold seamstress, Argena, to have her
maternity wear tailored to suit her new figure and both discussed the
difficulty with getting Lords Alalir and Alajeran to fittings--and just how
the problem could be circumvented.

Just because life's returning to normal at the Hold doesn't mean it's going
to _stay_ that way, and something's always brewing. It's a perfect time to
create a holder or crafter persona today! Smile

Written by Nici (nici@triadweyrs.org)
Alalir, Lord Holder, ACH

***ACH-VH News***

The big news at Vintner Hall this month is the marriage of the Hallmaster to
young Badia of Amethyst Cliff. The wedding ceremony was attended by Alalir,
Enriline, Alajeran and Lindria, and Fielton was pleased to have a Lord
Holder and his family there.

It certainly seems that marriage agrees with the Hallmaster. Having a young
wife who gives every evidence of adoring him has done wonders for his mood,
and has left the rest of the Vintner Hall residents wondering just what has
happened to their stern and overbearing Hallmaster. Journeyman Jio even
walked in on Fielton and Badia spending a little bit of personal time in his
office over lunch, but instead of being yelled at, he managed to extract a
promise to reduce Jio's class load and to grant him two eggs from Fieyaz's
upcoming firelizard clutch.

The Hallmaster welcomes a newer, younger Hallsecond in Daigoro. Tyrome was
happy to hand his position over to the younger Master and retire gracefully
to his daughter's cot where he can now spend time playing with his
grandchildren instead of chasing Fielton around. Daigoro seems to have
different ideas on a woman's place than Fielton, but Tyrome has urged him to
keep quiet about them and not upset the balance in Fielton's Hall.

Daigoro seems to be quite friendly with Fielton's favorite cook, and can be
found snacking from time to time in Cinale's kitchens, occasionally stealing
a sweet or two while the poor woman has her back turned. Worried about
Daigoro's habit of not eating, Cinale has been dropping by his office on
occasion to bring him dinner... and it looks like this habit might become a
tradition. Has the untamable Ruler of the Hall's Kitchen finally found a man
interesting enough to lure her from her duties for a few candlemarks? Only
time will tell how things will go... and how Fielton will react when he
realizes his Hallsecond might be distracting his favorite cook!

Not all relationships seem to be going as well as Fielton's. After their
forced marriage, Jhonnel and Miryene have settled into a somewhat awkward
relationship. Though they obviously care about each other, the strain of
marriage when neither were particularly ready is especially difficult.
Miryene has been spending enough time worrying about how to make Jhonnel
feel better to Jio that Cinale has started to become concerned that there
might be something going on between the two. While Jio assured Cinale that
he would never besmirch Miryene's honor, Miryene made it clear that the
thought hadn't even entered her head... at least, not yet. And with the news
that Miryene is pregnant, it's not likely to. After visiting Journeyman
Dikero at Amethyst Cliff, Miryene has been ordered to spend the next few
months on bedrest, allowed outside for only a candlemark a day.

There's a lot of excitement brewing at the Vintner Hall (pun intended) so
why don't you come over and check us out! Only time will tell the answer to
the great mysteries... like what will Fielton do when he realizes his wife
has a brain... and a temper? Will Daigoro be able to hide his sympathy for
female crafters? Can Symion keep his cheating a secret from Master Arastar?
Find out all of this and more!

Written by Bree - bree@triadweyrs.org

***EFH News***

The Hold is relieved by the news that Lord Enrizial's kidnapped daughters,
Faraline and Alalia, have been found safe and returned to their mother at
Amethyst Cliff. The kidnappers - two women from Emerald Falls who were
abandoned by their husbands after Cazriel was deposed and multiple wives
were forbidden - were captured and sentenced to hard labour in the mines -
one in Amethyst Cliff and one in Emerald Falls. Now there are rumours in the
Hold that the crisis has restored good feeling between Lord Enrizial and his
absent wife, and that the Hold may soon have its Lady back.

The trial of Holder Otone, accused of forging Records and arranging a
marriage for his underage daughter, was held in the Hold. The evidence
overwhelmingly pointed to Otone's guilt, and he too was sentenced to the
mines, his hold passing to his son Tayone. Lord Enrizial has quietly but
reluctantly agreed that the daughter, Tiya, should return to the Weyr after
her terrifying experience, but this may not be enough to assuage his guilt
over his part in the affair.

And a newly adopted persona is loose in the Hold - the outwardly charming,
yet inwardly scheming Felyna. Since her plans to marry Lord Enrizial and
become Lady Holder have come to nothing, she's determined to make his life
with Lady Anaia as miserable as possible!

In a preview of upcoming plots - dissent is growing over the intention of
the Harper Hall to take on a gifted young woman as an apprentice harper,
contrary to the laws of Emerald Falls which prevent women from joining the
crafts. Tension is high in the Hold, which has a young and inexperienced
Lord, no Heir and no chance of one unless its Lady should return, and an
embargo on goods from Amethyst Cliff (including wine). Will Enrizial be
faced with another rebellion? What will happen if the holders decide to take
matters into their own hands? Create a persona at Emerald Falls in order to
find out!

Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)
Enrizial, Lord Holder, EFH

***Dolphin Hall Report***

Month Six has seen a lot of activity in our beloved Dolphin Hall! Even
traders and riders have wanted a piece of the action! While traveling
through the DCW area, Almenet runs into Desirae and her dolphin partner,
Kiyli. She has so much fun swimming with the pair that the next day she came
back for more fun in the sun and salt water.

Desirae also found time to hang out with the blueriding charmer, A'se, whom
she caught spying on her. Who wouldn't want to check out that cuttie! She
soon started teaching A'se how to swim with her dolphin friends. A'se
decides to return the favor by taking her on a ride to one of his favorite
spots to get to know each other better. Amazing, Desirae was able to escape
without falling prey to the bluerider's amazing charms... or did she?

A'se also spent quite a bit of time with Trellyn when he picked her up to
help her with a possible salvage operation. He proves to be quite a asset as
he, with the help of B'vin, help her to move a sunken ship that is in danger
of slipping during a storm. But it's not all work and no play as the pair
take time to tease each other a bit before heading home.

Good old Zynar scares poor apprentice Laram into thinking he is in for a
long a boring talk when he happens upon the young man studying.
However, much to Laram's relief, he was able to escape a lengthy lecture.
But would Zynar's daughter Zanie be so lucky if he knew all she had been up
to this month?

It seems Zanie and Renner have been a busy pair. The month started out with
an injury to poor Zanie that Renner kindly repaired. Things looked more
promising for the young journeywoman as she was given her first real
assignment as a journeywoman! Renner was assigned to accompany her on her
little adventure. Was Renner assigned the task in order to help Zanie? Or
was it more the other way around?

A handsome young brownrider, H'jim was assigned to convey them from the
Dolphin Hall to the sands of Topaz Sea Hold. He and Zanie hit it off rather
well, though Renner seemed less than impressed. While Zanie and H'jim
frolicked in the sea, the older dolphineer was left to pack up their gear.
On their second trip, Renner interrupted a rendezvous the two had planned
one night, much to all of their surprise!

Things seem to be heating up in the Dolphin Hall, so why not create a
persona and join in the fun?

Written by Eimi - sea_spray_singer@fastmail.fm (Out of the kindness of her
***GVH News***

The Hold has been busy preparing for a baby - will Aswic finally have the
heir he's worked so hard for? He and Thalia had a nice dinner, and Thalia
was given the cradle that Aswic himself used when he was a baby. Once her
contractions started a few days later he kept her company, and they
discussed names.

Meanwhile, Verora has been plotting with Meijah - although the power
dynamics of that relationship are a little more unstable than either of them
seem to realize. A young drudge was given to Meijah in payment for his
participation, but Thalia seems to have inadvertently intervened. Although
Meijah seems content to accept Verora in her place, how long will he be
satisfied? And will it be worse for the Hold if he continues to be satisfied
with Verora... or if he loses interest?

Written by Yvonne (yvonne@triadweyrs.org)
Lady Holder Thalia, GVH
***GVH-Smith Hall News***

The Smith Hall is coming alive more and more each month!

We have some new Smiths among us now, with one pair being a very arrogant
Senior Journeyman, Jarthir, and his lovely wife, Dalicia. Jarthir strayed
yet again from his marriage bed, but somehow managed to convince Dalicia to
keep him. Perhaps being a jeweler gives him a little leverage for his wife?

Daynar continues to look high and low for the thief in his Hall, never
suspecting that it is someone right under his nose, and worse yet, a -girl-.
Chynna managed to get into his study, and who knows what else she will find

Chynna and Keles, who is married to another of our new Journeymen, Dawyn,
had a talk about the latest events, with some interesting hints. Will Keles
figure out what her friend is up to? Will she help her? Faranth knows she
has reason enough, with the way her husband acts. He is worse than Jarthir.

Rumor has it Daynar is plotting to foster one of Fielton's lasses, and worse
yet, betroth her to one of his sons.

Stay tuned next month to see what happens,and if Chynna manages to steal the
pants right off Daynar's arse!

Written by Clancey (clancey@triadweyrs.org)


25th: Lexy (alexis@triadweyrs.org)

Persona birthdays upcoming in Month 7. Like us, they do get older. And
while we no longer have to worry about updating their ages (thanks to
Estelle's wonderful programming!), please make sure to submit any other
changes that occur to your persona(ie: marriage, Impression, giving birth,
new pets) for updating.

3rd: Aswic (Lexy)
3rd: Cherlyn (Bree)
5th: Kinear (Athena)
6th: Lorisalen (Roxanne)
7th: K'reyel (Emma)
7th: Oricahna (Roxanne)
7th: U'kaiah (Eimi)
10th: Jerandra (Estelle)
12th: Kandris (Amilianna)
14th: Lenala (Bree)
16th: Br'nick (Roxanne)
18th: Kirranna (Anna)
24th: Cerys (Bridget)
25th: Solinde (Trilby)
25th: Jio (Eimi)

Amilianna (June 2005)
Leigh (June 2005)

Welcome to Triad and we hope you learn to love it as much as we
do! :-)

Make sure you make them feel welcome and loved, and give them some coposts.


These are the ranking positions which have not been filled. Triad prides
itself on making rank available to any member who's completed membership
and mentored members may be eligible for Level Two, Three, and Four ranks
with their mentor's approval. Level Three and Four ranks _can_ be gained by
a brand-new member, if they submit a persona sheet that does not require
corrections and a writing sample at least 5K long.

Email the Level One Ranker listed if you're interested in any of these
ranks! For Level One ranks, e-mail triadcouncil@triadweyrs.org

Rank Reqs by level:
Level One (2 coposts per month, one assignment/report) Level Two (2 posts
per month, one must be copost) Level Three (1 post per month) Level Four (1
post per month)

Dragonsfall Weyr
Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyan Wing)
Wingthird (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Weyrlingmaster 2nd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrlingmaster 3rd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrdragonhealer (level 4 - Slate Wing (retirees))

Dolphin Cove Weyr
Wingleader (level 2 - Hurricane Wing)
Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Tsunami Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrhealer (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)
Hallmaster (level 1 - Dolphin Hall)
Hallsecond (level 2 - Dolphin Hall)
Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyclone Wing (Weyrleader's))

Emerald Falls Hold
Hallmaster (level 1 - Harper Hall)

River Bluff Weyr
Wingleader (level 2 - Torrent Wing)
Weyrlingmaster Second (level 3 - Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings))

Caravan Leader (level 4 - Trader Caravan One)

Traders and Bandits
Bandit Leader (level 4 - Bandits)


**NOTE!** We've had some problem with member profiles submitted over the
past few months. If you haven't gotten your profile updated, resubmit it!

Not everyone's filled out a member profile for the website, and some folks'
data may be outdated. Please visit the website's member's section
(http://www.triadweyrs.org/dblistmembers.php) and check over everything to
make sure it is current.

For _everyone_ we need a date of birth. We can set it *not* to display your
age on the website, but for admin purposes, we need to know birthdates
(more information to come on that issue later).

So... either fill out a Member Profile Form here -
http://www.triadweyrs.org/phpmemberform1.php - or if you already have one,
send any updates WITH date of birth to html@triadweyrs.org



Do you know about the wonderful (personalized) weyrling pages? If you have
a weyrling, you should! Visit http://www.triadweyrs.org/weyrlings.php to
find out what your weyrlings can and can not do at any given time!


Members are reminded to let senior members IE: Level 1's, Council Comms, or
mentors answer the questions any newbies or members might have in this

Those who've attained the positions listed above have taken the time to
realize the differences in Triad canon and the often contradictory and
confusing book canon (and some of the DLG errors).

We appreciate the helpfulness of ALL members, but please let the more
senior staff answer questions of canon and rules.


Estelle has taken the time to prepare a wonderful primer for new mentees
(and even those members who have been here a while!). Please feel free to
visit this area of the forum. It's a good reference for answering many of
the questions you might have.

Go to: http://www.triadweyrs.org/forum/viewthread.php?tid=2092 to review.

Note: Please remember to _always_ check to make sure a post has been
reviewed by the mentor for each of the mentored members in your coposts.
If you are an L1 or ranking member, there are no excuses for not checking!

If unsure ever regarding a mentees status, or whether a post has been
reviewed, please check with the noted mentor (info provided on the site) or
Nici, as Mentor Master at nici@triadweyrs.org)


Please remember that Triad Weyrs is very strict regarding Pern canon--and
especially of those rules set down by AM herself. Please remember to be
careful when preparing posts to check for canon errors. This is for newbies
and older members as well!

Please go to the following links to review the canon rules for Triad Weyrs.
Rankers and oldbies too--we can all use a refresher from time to time! :-)





So, you want answers? We'll we've got them--or at least most of them. For
those seeking quick answers to common questions, please visit the new
'Knowledge Base' forum that's been set up at :

Just one more thing we're doing to make finding answers easier!

Newly added: Triad's Candidate FAQ. To view it, go to:

Well, perhaps you'd better do that yourselves! Stop by our 'Introductions'
forum and introduce yourself. You'll get to know other members and maybe
even get a few coposts out of it!



Email triadcouncil@triadweyrs.org with any of your questions!

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