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Last updated 23rd August 2005 by Bree

2005 Triad Tribune #2

Triad Weyrs Newsletter
February 2005
It's that time again and our brand spanking new issue of the newsletter is here for you!

Here, we post the monthly summaries of plots and posts in all of our active areas, as well as give info regarding member birthdays, persona birthdays and open ranker positions. If anyone has suggestions for improvements or has any questions or requests regarding content, then please be sure to email me at nici@triadweyrs.org.


DCW News

There's been quite a bit of chaos at Dolphin Cove Weyr, much of it due to the unexpected victor of Moriath's most recent flight. With T'moran, J'darin and N'klos all anxious to have control of the Weyr, no one expected laid back O'dan to end up the new Weyrleader--least of all O'dan, who reacted rather poorly to the shock. Before the flight, J'darin brought flowers to Kalina and they shared a pleasant evening--it will be interesting to see how their relationship progresses with this new development!

Kalina's promises to help O'dan with his unwanted duties have done more harm than good, and after a rather uncomfortable confrontation with N'klos, O'dan might actually have gotten his pride injured enough to try and run the Weyr on his own. Everyone agrees that this should be interesting to see. The big question is what he's going to do with T'moran... and how N'klos' wing is going to fare now that O'dan isn't there to smooth over N'klos' temper.

Candidate Dacraslar has made quite an entrance at Dolphin Cover. Along with making friends with A'rand and Doren, he's gotten himself into quite a chaotic relationship with the young greenrider Dyaera--only time will tell if their friendship and feelings will survive their difference and his Impression--or lack thereof. Dacraslar and Dyaera also had a confrontation with Pystra after Dacraslar got in her way and kept her from finding food to fill her empty stomach.

Dacraslar has also been talking to Doren about a particular girl on Doren's mind, though Doren and Dysali certainly seem to be doing better than Dacraslar and Dyaera. After Dysali gifted Doren with a songbook, he used it to write down his gift for her--a song he wrote and performed for her. Both seemed very pleased by their respective gifts.

Written by Bree - bree@triadweyrs.org
RBW News:

A big welcome goes out to River Bluff's new Weyrwoman Second, Lenala! On her first day at the Weyr she managed to cut herself rearranging furniture, and while getting the wound cleaned by Ariadne expressed her wish for a man to take care of her. She tried recruiting R'han for that job when she went to introduce herself to him and discuss post-Fall help for Threadscored dragons. It remains to be seen how Tsaera will respond to Lenala's flirtatious ways - so far, she seems less than impressed with it.

R'han and Abrei managed to stay mad at each other for a few sevendays, during which they both took the time to complain to L'keri about each other.
While Abrei renewed an old friendship with Z'mias, R'han managed to talk Tsaera into a rather interesting backgammon bet in which they both turned out winners. Eventually Abrei attempted a rather half-hearted apology, which R'han eventually accepted in spite of a brief interruption by Jynrek, who asked the two to make up in a slightly more private place than Abrei's office.

Tyia and Shayla finally make time to have lunch together, and Shayla manages to turn to the head of visiting brownrider T'voal, who laments the fact that she might soon Impress. Shayla also had a chat with Sereenia about Impressing while helping the weyrling bathe Rynath.

Headwoman Solieira managed to pin down Tyia for a chat and a little gossip, while Ariadne discussed pregnancy with the girl and continued her lessons with herbs. Tyia was also approached by a man named Marric, who unbeknownst to her is a guardsman from Emerald Falls and not her mother's kin. Marric spun a story about her younger sister being married off in runaway Tyia's place, and the young girl was persuaded to leave the Weyr to rescue her.

P'veas and Tacialorah went for klah after drills and discussed their respective Crafts, and whether or not they'll ever earn the next set of knots.

An'dr lead his first question-and-answer session with the new weyrlings, and managed to not only field their questions but put them at ease, too. J'an, who was walking by at the time, stopped to eavesdrop, and thought that the new Weyrling assistant was settling into his new job nicely.

Jyramikah paid River Bluff a visit in order to see her mother while Moriath rose back at Dolphin Cove Weyr, and ended up talking to weyrling Kinear instead.

Written by Yvonne (yvonne@triadweyrs.org) ===== DFW News

The Weyr suffered the loss of Cyan's Wingleader and the wingsecond U'kaiah has been asked to take over the wing as its new leader. Sarian helped him celebrate with a bottle of wine and the pleasure of her company. He was also congratulated by the Weyrwoman and even found an ancient copy of the minutes from the Conclave where the Topaz Sea Lord Holder was named that he thought she would like to see. They discussed Jaryd's condition. He is not improving and the healers have seen to it that he has all that he needs. U'kaiah asked for advice on being a Wingleader and Jaela advised him to listen to his riders.

There has been a recent rise in the number of expectant mothers. Yanrik and Caellin are expecting another child and both of them are concerned about losing this child as well. Dayla and R'vanil have found out that she is expecting again. Caellin put her on bedrest to try and prevent miscarriage this time. R'vanil found time to let D'mari know about his mother and asked him to stop by to see her. Karaya and Ch'lvias are also expecting a child, it will be their first. Ch'lvias is quite excited about the prospect of becoming a father that he didn't know who to tell first or what to do.

D'brek and Jaela make up for the fight that they had earlier about her spending so much time with her brother and he points out that she's not taking time for herself. She makes time for him to spend with her that night.

H'tori and N'klar have dinner at the same table and introduce themselves to one another. They decided to meet up later to get to know one another better.

Arilanna discussed her training progression with Master Optham. She felt she was ready to start the last phase of her training to become a Senior Journeywoman.

Caellin stops in to see Myiva and they talk about Caellin's pregancy. Myiva wanted to know if she would be able to go back to the harper classes as she missed being around other children. Caellin told her she would see what she could do and made a note to talk to Master Optham.

written by Roxanne (roxanne@triadweyrs.org) =====


ACH News:

The Hold, never short on controversy, welcomed even more. A caravan from Opal Cove arrived with the rest of Calanna's belongings...and a letter of explanation to Alalir and papers dissolving the Heirs marriage to Calanna.
Needless to say, Alalir was _not_ pleased and demanded to know who the father of Calanna's child was. Rather than implicate the very guilty Jeralir, she demurred from doing so and found herself banished to her rooms.
She later visited the hold healer, Targe, to reassure herself that her pregnancy was going well--and was surprised by her rather maternal feelings regarding the child she carried.

Alalir later commiserated with his wife, Enriline and they determined that this was simply one more storm to weather at their Hold.

Calanna found her manipulation skills sadly lacking when she tried to blackmail her cousin Jeralir into marrying her. He'd already come to the decision to approach his father regarding just that subject--and the usually 'paperwork lazy' young man had even found the precedents to back up the idea.

Calanna was later called to appear before the Lord Holder and his two sons where the 'suggestion' was put to her. Acting shocked, she demuring accepted the offer. Later, she and Jeralir celebrated their cunning in their own usual way. This left Alalir approaching the reserved Enriline regarding his decision. While she thought that the girl didn't deserve such a 'good'
husband, Enriline reluctantly agreed that perhaps this was the best thing to quiet the hold gossips and squash the scandal.

In other news, Lindria visited Anaia and tried to cheer up the young woman, who was saddened by the very short and terse message she'd received from Lord Enrizial after he was told about the birth of his daughter--and the name that she'd been given. Enriline also later visited her daughter by marriage. She brought Faraline with her in hopes of cheering up the sad young woman. Anaia expressed her doubts about burdening the Hold and was told quite emphatically that she most certainly was _not_ a burden and was welcome at the Hold as long as she wished to stay.

Settling into her duties as Lady of the Hold, Enriline too the time to discuss the running of the Hold with the Headwoman, Vivvi, who reassured her that she was doing just fine thus far.

In a surprising move, Alajeran visited Emerald Falls, and despite his less than warm welcome there, discussed Enrizial's estrangement from his wife and how it was affecting them both. While is suggestions for making up might have been taken grudgingly, he managed to get Enrizial to admit just how much he cared for Lady Anaia and the visited ended with both men being civil to each other. They might not like each other, but it gives hope to future discussion regarding repair of the fracture alliance between the Holds.

Alajeran's words might have struck a chord with the stubborn Lord of Emerald Falls. He later took the time to write to his wife and this time, managed to _not_ be his usual self. This started an exchange of correspondence that might be the start of a reconsciliation.

Meanwhile, Harper Valand returned from his visit to Emerald Falls and the memorial for Master Gridis. He was warmly greeted by Mariss and indicated that he'd always return if his welcomes were so warm!

Mariss and her father came to a tentative peace over a game of chess and what this means for Valand's desire to court her only remains to be seen.

Mariss met vintner Jio on one of the Hold paths and two had a small conversation regarding duties, the rules of society and hoped to meet each other at the upcoming Vintner Hall party later that month.

Harper Valand was called on the preside over the hurried and small wedding of Calanna to Jeralir. While Alalir wasn't exactly happy about the entire affair, he did request that Vivvi prepare a small private meal for them as he refused to _celebrate_ the wedding too much lest Calanna think her actions acceptable.

With the upcoming affair at Vintner Hall in Lady Enriline's honour, one can only wonder what new relationships and plots are brewing. With a once again active Hall to join the always active Hold, one can only wonder!

Now's the time to create a Hold persona today!

Written by Nici (nici@triadweyrs.org)
EFH News

This month has been a nervous one for Holder Otone, whose daughter Tiya escaped to River Bluff Weyr after learning she was to be married off to a much older man in exchange for marks. Her would-be husband, Holder Fyzone, threatened to turn Otone out of his hold unless he produces either the bride or the marks. Unable to repay his debt, he appealed to Lord Enrizial for help. Unaware that Tiya is only fourteen Turns old, Enrizial has sent a man, Marric, to the Weyr in order to trick her into returning home.

Master Miranek left the Hold for a quick visit to the Healer Hall, and was transported by a young brownrider, A'rand, who was very enthusiastic about the importance of his passenger. An unluckier occupant of the Infirmary is Journeyman Dikero (or perhaps that should be luckier!) - he was dismissed from his post for attempting to teach a young girl his craft. Though Lord Enrizial would have allowed him to stay under strict conditions for the sake of his sister, he refused. His rival Journeyman Keromal is reported to be delighted with the turn of events.

Enrizial cannot say the same, however - his wife, Lady Anaia, still remains at Amethyst Cliff and the only contact between them has been a cold letter sent by Enrizial when he received word of the birth of another daughter.
Perhaps next month will be brighter for the young family, however - Enrizial was persuaded to contact his wife again by the visit of his brother-in-law, Alajeran, from Amethyst Cliff. If he can overcome the barrier of his own pride and bring himself to travel to that Hold, they may yet be reunited...

Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)
Enrizial, Lord Holder, EFH
GVH News:

Things are a little tense at Garnet Valley Hold. Aswic's continuing quest to understand his wife doesn't seem to be making much progress. Although she managed to convince him she was happy enough as his Lady Holder, their conversations haven't gotten any easier--even though Auren has gone out of his way to encourage his cousin to talk to his wife.

While taking Auren's advice and discussing names for their child, Aswic managed to upset Thalia, and has come to the realization that Lady Thalia is a mystery. In spite of that, he's trying to find ways to please her, going so far as to ask Verora to search the stores for the cradle he used as a child so that he could give it to Thalia as a gift. Verora seemed less than pleased by the request--or maybe it was the fact that Aswic still doesn't seem to notice her.

Aswic's wife may be a mystery, but he has no problems understanding his old friend Rand. Kelvarand and Aswic had a chance to spend some time together, though their intentions to play a game of chess didn't last very long.

Aswic's meeting with the new Hallmaster of Smith Hall went fairly well--the new Smith Hallmaster has fairly strong beliefs on a woman's ability--or lack thereof--to craft, and though Aswic might not agree in the detail, they both were happy to agree that women have an important place in the home--a place they need to keep to for the good of all.

Sirela recovered enough from Donela's birth to invite Ledan and his children to dinner. Though her father and her brother seemed pleased, Ledan's daughter Tilla was far from impressed by Sirela, and didn't like the idea of a woman trying to take care of her family when she already does such a good job. After dinner Ledan talked to Tilla and assured her that Sirela was just a friend. How long they'll remain 'just friends' is questionable... after coming to Sirela's cot to tend to a cut, Ledan might have admitted to feeling a little more strongly about Sirela than he thought was proper. When they discussed the incident a few days later, Sirela told him she needed time to recover from her husband's death before she could think about anything deeper.

Last but certainly not least, Ryalane wasn't as careful as she thought when she brought the records to show to Auren. Verora noticed them missing, and has come to the correct conclusion about her suspicious assistant. A late night visit to her father followed, and Verora and Edevor seem all too willing to injure Ryalane's husband, Briton, if it means Ryalane will keep out of the Headwoman's business. Edevor agreed to make sure Briton was taken care of, but isn't entirely sure that his daughter isn't setting him up.

Written by Bree - bree@triadweyrs.org (As Level 3) =====


Master Gridis' memorial ended on Calenta's high note - but not everyone was happy to hear it. The memorial was attended by Lord Enrizial and afterward in a conversation with Hallmaster Gilas and Amethyst Cliff's Journeyman Valand, he found himself in an uncomfortable situation trying not to praise either the soprano or the song she'd sung - which was written by the deceased Master Petara, Gridis' wife. After the Lord had returned to his Hold, Hallsecond Ryndel conveyed a message from Calenta: she wished to meet with Hallmaster Gilas in a few days time.

The next day found Valand summoned unceremoniously to Gilas' studio, where the Journeyman was given a stern warning to watch his tongue. The things he says have consequences that he - and others - might not want to pay.

A Hall in a state of flux saddled with the liberal Printers and within walking distance of the most hidebound Hold in all of the South - there's lots to do, and many to adopt! The Printer Hallmaster is up for adoption and ready to be written, or adopt a harper and try to find a balance between the old and the new.

Written by Yvonne (yvonne@triadweyrs.org) ===== ACH-VH News

The Hallmaster's daughters, Jielta and Fieayz, are settling back into the Hall slowly--though they don't seem to be getting along with each other very well, showing more than a little rivalry. While Fieayz is making friends with some of the apprentices, including Aelin, Jielta is spending time in the kitchens and with Miryene, trying to learn the skills she'll need to become a wife.

Jielta has also resumed her friendship with Symion, who is doing his best to make her fall in love with him. Although he's very charming, some might question if his affection is for the girl, or for the connection to the Hallmaster she brings with her. Jio, for one, is less than impressed by Symion's charm, and has informed him he'll be doing extra work to make up for the assignment's he's 'forgotten' to turn in.

Jio met Miryene after one of her charges found their way into the hallway, and the two seem to have struck up a friendship.

Miryene's relationship with Jhonnel seems to be changing as well, and even after Fielton reassigned Jhonnel's children to a different foster mother to free up her time to teach his daughters, they still manage to find time to spend with each other. Though they're both very fond of one another, they've decided to move slowly for the time being.

Fielton is starting to get prepared for the big party at the end of the month, and has assigned Jio the task of luring a Healer to the Hall. If Jio manages to accomplish this, Fielton has agreed to give him more time for his own studies--the study of medicinal wines.

Written by Bree - bree@triadweyrs.org
GVH-Smithhall News:

Daynar has been busy in the Smith Hall this month. First a visit with the Lord Holder, Aswic, to find out they really don't see eye to eye on everything, and then went back to his Hall to re-organize.

A hatching upcoming was making him grumpy, so Apprentices were ducking out of the Mastersmith's way these days.

Early in month 4, Daynar sent off a letter to Fielton, the Vintner Hallmaster, to discover if he had any interest in marrying Daynar's own daughter - nearly ready to wed at 14 turns - Otrina.

He is waiting eagerly for a response, and looks forward to showing her off at the Vintner Hall Party.

--- We need more action here! Does anyone want to come and play any of Daynar's children, or make an Apprentice? Hurry and come play!! -----

Written by Clancey (clancey@triadweyrs.org) =====

19th: Bree (bree@tapfer.org)
22nd: Beth (the_glowpoint@yahoo.com)
31st: Stevie (foreverlasting4@yahoo.com)
31st: Em (Shetana1@triadweyrs.org)

Stop by the forums or email to wish our March babies a happy birthday!
Persona birthdays upcoming in Month 5. Like us, they do get older. And while we no longer have to worry about updating their ages (thanks to Estelle's wonderful programming!), please make sure to submit any other changes that occur to your persona(ie: marriage, Impression, giving birth, new pets) for updating.

2nd: Ryalane (Bree)
3rd: F'lix (Kat)
4th: C'lor (Roxanne)
4th: Chiarina (Joshua)
5th: Anamaria (Trilby)
5th: Zendal (Tina)
6th: M'van (Emma)
6th: Caelzair (Roxanne)
9th: J'an (Emma)
10th: Hanni (Emma)
11th: J'darin (Clancey)
12th: Therricka (Roxanne)
13th: Dabryn (Estelle)
14th: R'han (Nici)
15th: Corbela (Roxanne)
15th: Reilina (Beth)
16th: Tsaera (Yvonne)
16th: Thalia (Yvonne)
16th: Harki (Yvonne)
16th: Leora (Shelly)
18th: Enrizial (Estelle)
19th: Knara (Roxanne)
21st: A'drien (Beth)
25th: N'ki (Stevie)
27th: Elonrak (Roxanne)
27th: Carlan (Emma)
February 2005 and March 2005:

Jim (February 2005)
Joshua (February 2005)
Kat (February 2005)
Michelle (February 2005)

Welcome aboard all! Let's all try to make them feel welcome and offer them lots and lots of coposts! :-)

These are the ranking positions which have not been filled. Triad prides itself on making rank available to any member who's completed membership and mentored members may be eligible for Level Two, Three, and Four ranks with their mentor's approval. Level Three and Four ranks _can_ be gained by a brand-new member, if they submit a persona sheet that does not require corrections and a writing sample at least 5K long. Email the Conclave at Conclave@triadweyrs.org if interested in any of these ranks:

Rank Reqs by level:
Level One (2 coposts per month, one assignment/report) Level Two (2 posts per month, one must be copost) Level Three (1 post per month) Level Four (1 post per month)

Dragonsfall Weyr
Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings)) Wingsecond (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's)) Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyan Wing) Wingthird (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's)) Weyrlingmaster 2nd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings)) Weyrlingmaster 3rd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings)) Weyrwoman Second (level 3 - Sienna Wing (Queens)) Weyrdragonhealer (level 4 - Slate Wing (retirees))

Dolphin Cove Weyr
Weyrhealer (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)
Hallmaster (level 1 - Dolphin Hall)
Hallsecond (level 2 - Dolphin Hall)

River Bluff Weyr
Wingleader (level 2 - Torrent Wing)
Weyrlingmaster Second (level 3 - Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings)) Weyrharper (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)

Caravan Leader (level 4 - Trader Caravan One) ===== MEMBER PROFILES ===== Reminder!

Not everyone's filled out a member profile for the website, and some folks'
data may be outdated. Please visit the website's member's section
(http://www.triadweyrs.org/dblistmembers.php) and check over everything to make sure it is current.

For _everyone_ we need a date of birth. We can set it *not* to display your age on the website, but for admin purposes, we need to know birthdates (more information to come on that issue later).

So... either fill out a Member Profile Form here - http://www.triadweyrs.org/phpmemberform1.php - or if you already have one, send any updates WITH date of birth to html@triadweyrs.org



Members are reminded to let senior members IE: Level 1's, Council Comms, or mentors answer the questions any newbies or members might have in this forum.

Those who've attained the positions listed above have taken the time to realize the differences in Triad canon and the often contradictory and confusing book canon (and some of the DLG errors).

We appreciate the helpfulness of ALL members, but please let the more senior staff answer questions of canon and rules.

Estelle has taken the time to prepare a wonderful primer for new mentees (and even those members who have been here a while!). Please feel free to visit this area of the forum. It's a good reference for answering many of the questions you might have.

Go to: http://www.triadweyrs.org/forum/viewthread.php?tid=2092 to review.

Note: Please remember to _always_ check to make sure a post has been reviewed by the mentor for each of the mentored members in your coposts.
If you are an L1 or ranking member, there are no excuses for not checking!

If unsure ever regarding a mentees status, or whether a post has been reviewed, please check with the noted mentor (info provided on the site) or Nici, as Mentor Master at nici@triadweyrs.org)


Please remember that Triad Weyrs is very strict regarding Pern canon--and especially of those rules set down by AM herself. Please remember to be careful when preparing posts to check for canon errors. This is for newbies and older members as well!

Please go to the following links to review the canon rules for Triad Weyrs.
Rankers and oldbies too--we can all use a refresher from time to time! :-)




So, you want answers? We'll we've got them--or at least most of them. For those seeking quick answers to common questions, please visit the new 'Knowledge Base' forum that's been set up at :

Just one more thing we're doing to make finding answers easier!

Well, perhaps you'd better do that yourselves! Stop by our 'Introductions' forum and introduce yourself. You'll get to know other members and maybe even get a few coposts out of it!


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