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Last updated 23rd August 2005 by Bree

2004 Triad Tribune #1

Triad Weyrs Newsletter
August 2004 Edition
Welcome to the first edition of our new, monthly newsletter! Here, we'll post the monthly summaries of plots and posts in all of our active areas, as well as give info regarding member birthdays, persona birthdays and open ranker positions. If anyone has suggestions for improvements or has any questions regarding content, then please be sure to email me at nici@triadweyrs.org.

TRIAD NEWS (The Weyrs):

RBW News:

River Bluff has a new wingleader. Following the meeting of the Weyrleadership held at Dolphin Cove, Dream's End offered to send bronze riders for Tabarnith's up coming flight. After an unexpected sequence of events at DEW, K'sedel was no longer the leader there. It seems the flight was lost after the bronze ridden by River Bluff's Weyrlingmaster (who happened to be there on a visit) somehow got in his way. K'sedel then requested an immediate transfer to River Bluff, and is now in charge of Rapid's Wing. He was greeted by Tsaera. It seems that the two of them will certainly manage an amicable working relationship.

Weyrlingmaster J'an has also been busy. As well as being a participant in the above mentioned events, he has also assigned buddy riders to the current senior weyrling class, and had to discipline Candidate Kinear. The Headwoman sent her to him after finding out about her latest prank, mixing up the herbs and spices in the kitchens. Kinear claims she was not intending to be malicious with it, simply to raise a few smiles. She now has a rather long essay to write.

Another candidate seems to have problems. Vykor, an apprentice harper, seems to be the target of some rathe nasty pranks. He went to see dragonhealer M'van after discovering numbweed in the oil for his flit. After that, he spoke to the Headwoman, who addressed all the candidates. Later he came to the attention of the healers, who reccommended that he speak to bluerider U'val in his capacity as a mindhealer.

Vykor's situation was then discussed with J'an after he implicated one of the weyrlings in these pranks. J'an and U'val are now investigating the situation.

written by Emma (emma@triadweyrs.org)


DFW News:

There have been losses as well as new arrivals this month.

The Weyr offers its sincere condolences to Weyrharper Yanrik and his wife, Caellin after the loss of their son Riklin. Riklin died in the middle of the night m1 d4. Dayla helped the couple bury their son by providing transport as well as moral support.

The Weyr welcomes new weyrlings from Caylth's clutch on m1 d11. The new dragonpairs are Hanni and green Samdrath, A'drin and bronze Rith, and Laisian and green Mirauweth.

How will the newest weyrlings adjust to being weyrlings? Hanni had been informed by D'brek before the hatching about the relationship ban that is placed for the safety of the weyrlings until they are able to go /between/and are old enough to understand. The bronzerider assured her that he would be waiting for her first flight.

There are new riders in the wings from the latest graduating class of senior weyrlings. D'mari, Alti and Karaya have all graduated. D'mari is now a weyrlingstaff assistant, Alti has joined Cyan wing while Karaya is the newest member of Azure wing. The graduates were surrounded by family and friends which included R'vanil, D'brek, Dayla, Ch'lvias, I'zet, D'wrayt and Jaela.

The Weyrwoman had a visit from Kalina, Dolphin Cove's Weyrwoman. The two goldriders caught themselves up on the latests events in the other's life.

The Weyrleadership recieved news from Amethyst Cliff Hold that the man who had injured Dayla's Biranth during the kidnapping of Lady Lindria had been caught. Unsure of how to proceed, they turned to Dayla to see what she would like to do. The greenrider asked to see the man, so a meeting is to be arranged.

The Weyrleader is looking for several riders to fill some openings that the wings have. There is a great need for a Wingleader for Cyan wing. Both wings are in need of competant wingseconds to help out as well.

written by Roxanne (roxanne@triadweyrs.org)


DCW News:

Dolphin Cove hosted a meeting of the Southern Weyrleaders this month, attended by representatives from Dragonsfall, River Bluff and Dream's End. T'moran and Kalina managed to get through the meeting without arguing with one another (though there were some resentful looks) and the leaders discussed their efforts to deal with the bandit problem and irregular Threadfalls.

The Weyr has had a few transfers from Dream's End Weyr this month, including V'drare, who will now lead Earthquake Wing in place of K'shi (which appointment caused a heated argument between the Weyrleaders, though Kalina's first meeting with the new bronzerider went politely enough), Q'dan, who has become Weyrlingmaster, and Dyaera, a greenrider who didn't make such a good impression on the Weyrleader to begin with despite being shown there by a goldrider, Jyramikah...though she's been making up for it by practicing her flirting skills on some of the male riders! It wasn't all flirting for her, though...she met up with I'lan and the two discovered a shared enthusiasm for canines and puppies.

Also from Dream's End territory comes Fiat, a gardener who found the restrictions on female crafters at her home, the Farmcraft Hall, to be too much for her. Luckily, her sympathetic mother organised a trip for the girl to Dolphin Cove Weyr with a trader family so that she could pursue her own interests without having to worry about being expected to marry.

In Cyclone Wing, K'deren - the son of the (former) Dream's End Weyrleader -has been promoted to Wingsecond. Congratulations are due to the brownrider, whose hard work in the Wing has paid off! One of his first duties was to talk to Dyaera over a rather personal problem...her wish not to be a virgin for Tilarth's first mating flight. He suggested the embarrassed young woman speak to Xuxha, the Weyrlingmaster Third, and fortunately it turned out that J'darin was only too happy to oblige her in solving her problem! N'klos, however, tried to encourage the enthusiastic young woman to be more careful about who she chose for her bed partners.

Three young arrivals from Emerald Falls - the displaced daughters of the usurper Cazriel - were fostered to Efina and Cadenry. The eldest, Fenriela, is resentful of having to leave her home and grieving for her lost father, and the young girls look set to have problems adjusting to Weyrlife. Efina and Cadenry will need all the patience they can muster to deal with the lonely, frightened and defiant children.

T'moran has a new ally in J'darin, the new Weyrlingmaster Second, whose opinions coincide with his own. The other bronzerider is certainly sympathetic to his problems dealing with Kalina, and goes further even than the Weyrleader in his opinion of a woman's place.

Weyrling Dysali is growing more confident in her new life with her green Lillyth. She and her friend Elarie, Yalenth's rider, have been studying dragonhealing, and she was reassured by Weyrlingmaster Xuxha that she and her lifemate were doing fine and learned a little more about her future training. She accepted Mayla's congratulations on her Impression, and even encountered Weyrwoman Kalina whilst bathing her green. Meanwhile, her friend Doren met up with Z'al to help him to bathe his dragonet, and the two got along well. But maybe not quite as well as Doren gets along with Dysali...the two shyly admitted to one another that they 'liked' each other very much! All in all, it's been a good month for loving couples at the Weyr - G'larn and Savina enjoyed one another's company at Turnover, and shared a few quiet moments together talking about their baby to come, while K'deren was congratulated on his promotion by his weyrmate Vonalie and the two received a visit and presents from his bronzerider brother and niece.

Dolphin Cove has a major plot upcoming (which you'll find out about in a day or two) with lots of scope for characters' sub-plots. The Weyr welcomes new riders, crafters, Lower Caverns folk and Candidates, and there's a nice selection of adoptables to choose from too...do come and join us in our plotting and fun!

Written by Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)


EFH News:

There was welcome news for the Lord and Lady Holder of Emerald Falls this month, as Master Miranek confirmed that Lady Anaia was pregnant again and that he would remain at the Hold permanently as its resident Master Healer. Enrizial is naturally pleased at the news, but will this second child be the son and Heir he needs?

Another piece of good luck was the finding of a clutch of firelizard eggs, which were swiftly distributed to the most loyal of Enrizial's followers. Recipients included Holder Kohler (who intends to give the egg to his wife, Mirdra), the guardsmen Gilbek and Gawyan, Master Miranek, and Headwoman Arani.

Lord Enrizial was not quite so pleased about the announcement from Amethyst Cliff that his mother, Lady Enriline, is now betrothed to Lord Alalir. It seems the two became attached to one another during Enriline's exile there, but Enrizial was rather annoyed not to have been consulted...and dubious about his mother's intention to marry the son of a mere crafter!

The Hold welcomes several new residents this month. A new Steward, Artias, has been lured from Jade Harbour Hold, though it's rumoured his opinions are even more extreme that Enrizial's and Lord Ethris was not entirely sorry to see him go. Meanwhile, young Reilina almost immediately found herself in trouble when she accidentally Impressed a firelizard while cleaning the Lord Holder's quarters. Fortunately for her, Lady Anaia has defended her to a furious Enrizial. But will the Lord be so forgiving if he finds out that she has been helping out the Hold's newest healer, Dikero, in the Infirmary?

Journeyman Dikero is a new transfer from Dream's End Weyr. Arriving to take care of his sister, who had been badly injured in a feline attack, he was informed by Master Miranek that his sister was in fact pregnant - but though the unborn child had survived, her husband did not. Almost immediately, Dikero got on the wrong side of the Hold's oldest and most bitter healer, Keromal. This sly and spiteful man is determined to discredit his rival from the Weyr in the eyes of Lord Enrizial by any means he can.

This month has been a good one for babies in Emerald Falls - not only the Lady Holder and Dikero's sister Kerayn, but Ailyn, the widow of a journeyman weaver whose murderer still remains a mystery. Once outspoken against the strict regime of Lord Enrizial and desperate to be more than just a wife and mother, Ailyn's grief at her loss has all but overpowered her. Will she ever recover her old fire and determination?

Lady Anaia has been reassuring the residents of the Hold that all is well, paying a visit to Amethyst Cliff to visit her mother and sister-in-law there, finding out information about Cazriel's former supporters from a young guard, Gawyan (who also ended up in the Infirmary after not ducking quickly enough in drill this month!), helping Enrizial to entertain the Dolphin Cove Weyrleader, T'moran, when he paid the Hold a visit, and redecorating the Hold after the depredations of Cazriel and his wives, with the help of Headwoman Arani. She has been a very busy Lady! Much to her relief, Lord Enrizial has made arrangements to send the two widows of his half-brother, Ieshia and Girhla, from the Hold. Ieshia was packed off to the Weyr, but Girhla must remain until her child is born. If male, Enrizial intends to foster it in a secret place to prevent ambitious Holders from attempting to take over Emerald Falls in the name of Cazriel's son. But Girhla has plans of her own...

The usurper's children, meanwhile, are struggling to adjust to their new circumstances. His three daughters are causing many troubles for their new foster parents at the Weyr, while his son and Heir, Cazlik, remains troubled and misses his Papa despite the care and love given him by Holder Kohler and his wife Mirdra.

Emerald Falls is rife with plots in the aftermath of Cazriel's reign, and we have some wonderful new characters created by members new and old. With an important new storyline regarding the Harper Hall and its steps towards toleration of female crafters coming up next month, now is an exciting time to try out something different: writing a Holder character!

Written by Estelle (estelle@triadweyrs.org)


ACH News:

As usual, Amethyst Cliff Hold has been abuzz with action!

Vivvi took the time to discuss the Hold with Lady Enriline, who would be taking over duties as Lady Holder once she and Lord Alalir were wed. While Amethyst Cliff is much more relaxed, it is hoped that the soon to be Lady Holder will be comfortable once she steps in completely.

Lady Anaia visited the Hold. Her visit was prompted by her husband, Lord Enrizial's distress at finding out his mother, Lady Enriline was betrothed to Lord Alalir.

Anaia was relieved to find her mother-by-marriage to not only be healthier but also in good spirits and excited about her upcoming marriage. She took the time to show off her daughter Faraline and also to visit with Lord Alalir in private, who after a bit of teasing, vowed to make Enriline as happy as possible once they were wed.

Alalir hosted a private dinner for them all, which Jeralir, still in mourning for his wife Jasslara, did not attend. It was agreed by all that one wife or one husband was more than enough for them all! Wink

Vivvi visited Jeralir and surprisingly was able to offer some comfort to the young man, who finally decided to name his daughter and also to end his period of solitude and join his family once more.

Alalir had a serious talk with Enriline. He's decided to finally name his Heir at their wedding and wanted to know if she felt the same way about his choice, and the reasons. While Enriline felt rather oddly because her former husband rarely, if ever, asked her opinion, she was able to help him simply by listening.

Meanwhile, our rather busy Headwoman Vivvi decided to talk to Cyrek regarding a certain Harper. Cyrek conveyed his opinion regarding any possible 'infatuation' his daughter might have with said Harper. Vivvi then talked to Valand, who nervously stated his intentions to court Mariss. When he approached Cyrek however, he was giving a most unexpected and emphatic no, prompting a bit of ire in the otherwise easygoing young man. It remains to be seen how this bit of business will work itself out!

Aravel and Visalia traveled to the Hold so that Visalia could look for her grandfather. He ended up finding Alajeran in the fields and decided to 'free' Lindria by drawing his bow on the young Lord. Luckily there was a worker there who managed to restrain the huntsman and former guardsman. Once confronted by Alajeran and Alalir, it was clear that the young man had been a victim of Jerandra's machinations and misled into believing that Alajeran was abusing Lindria. Once Lindria spoke to him privately he was convinced...and embarrassed. Alalir, never one to be cruel, spoke to his son and Lindria and they determined he should not be punished but given a small, _remote_ holding and send on his way. They're still waiting on what the Weyr might say--Aravel did wound a dragon while trying to abscond with Lindria earlier that year after all!

Wow, and that's a small recap of all our comings and goings here. One thing is for certain--creating or adopting a persona at this Hold will guarantee you lots of coposts with eager rankers and non-rankers. You might even be dragged into one of our nefarious (or not so nefarious) plotlines.

We have a much needed adoptable, Targe (http://www.triadweyrs.org/dbpersona.php?ps_id=849) and a couple of other adoptables that might tickle your fancy. Check them out: http://www.triadweyrs.org/dblocation.php?loc_id=3&type=hold

We're also on the lookout for a cook. This would be a non-ranker persona. Preferences are for a female over 40 and writers are encouraged to work with any of the rankers at the hold to see what might be needed.

At the Vintner Hall there are also quite a few open spots. Specifically, we're looking for a Hallmaster or Second. Just think, run the Hall, create your own vintages and ply the Southern Continent with wine! Wink

Written by Nici (nici@triadweyrs.org)


GVH News

Lord Aswic is having some heart problems again. He's not been taking care of himself as he should and his heart it letting him know it. Hiding it has no longer become an option when Auren notices Aswic leaning up against the wall. The healer's have confined him to rest and no stress. Now, can they keep him to it? If his family has anything to say about it, they will!

To make things even more strained around there, Aswic asked Auren to tell his lover, Rand, that he is ill. Auren did as he was asked, but he's having a hard time consolidating the feelings he has for his cousin with how he feels for Kellwyn. Will he ever work it out?

To make matters even more interesting, the new harper and his wife are stirring things up at Garnet Valley! Nikanna, Lord Nikeves daughter at Sapphire Meadows Hold, has run away and married the harper of her dreams. And so far, neither Aswic nor Nikeves know what is going on. Because of Aswic's illness, Auren and his wife are doing their best to keep them away from the Lord Holder. The problem is news of this magnitude has a tendency to slip out. What will they do if Aswic does find out?

As you can see, Garnet Valley is jumping with activity and intrigue! We're always in need of more personas. A Head Cook and a few others that can give the Lady Holder problems would be great!

Don't forget, we also have the Smithhall that has a storyline waiting to be hatched. All we need is an active Hallmaster and someone to step in to help get that area jumping! Is that person you?

Written by Lexy (alexis@triadweyrs.org)


The first month of a new Turn, and life at the Printer Hall goes on, smoothly and peacefully.

Niils and Marana were handfasted at Turns End, much to the delight of everyone, except perhaps a certain greenrider from DCW. Niils received the gift of a flit egg from Chorelia at the Technicians Hall, which later hatched into a brown firelizard he has named Gizmo.

Donnigan, waking from visions of that Turns End feast, attempted to sneak out for a midnight snack, but was caught by Anamaria.

Donnigan offered Lorisalen a new commission from the Hold, for informal portraits of the Lord Holder's family.

Caelzair, a young apprentice who recently joined the Printer Hall staff, was discovered studying hard while the rest of the apprentices were taking a break. Hallmaster Donnigan spoke to the young man, suggesting he should take the time to relax as well as study.

When news of the sabatoge at Jade Harbour reached him Niils mourned the loss of his former Hallmaster, and vowed to dedicate the planned windpower generators in her memory.

Journeyman runner Zendal joined the staff of the Printer Hall the same day. He and Donnigan discussed plans for distribution of of newsletter throughout the area, and Donnigan introduced Zendal to Niils since they would be working closely together.

Yes, life at the Printer Hall is running smoothly... could it be "the calm before the storm"? We have several personas just begging for adoption, or create your own, and come join the fun!

Written by George (gdowns747@comcast.net)



The Harper Hall has had a quiet month, although the next month is not shaping up to be nearly as idyllic. Calenta's singing lessons with Master Vocalist Gridis have been progressing well, although Gridis did have to tell a white lie to make sure that Calenta is able to find an escort to the Hall. Being old and set in one's ways has its uses! The elderly Master and Hallsecond Ryndel have also been plotting ways to circumvent the Craft Ban and get Calenta singing with the other apprentices.

Journeyman Arvin indulges in a little flight of fantasy after receiving a less-than-stellar critique from Hallmaster Gilas. Let's hope that the young man can continue to keep fact and fancy apart.

Toward the end of the month Hallmaster Gilas received some rather disturbing news from a woman, now married, who once modeled for his art classes. It seems someone has developed a rather unhealthy interest in the young mother, and Gilas will have to decide what to do with him - once he figures out who is behind the not-so-benign prank. How will Ryndel react when he finds out about Fallya's stalker. especially since his own daughter is Gilas' new model?

The Harper Hall has a number of adoptables and more than enough room to accommodate a new personas. There are several Hall-specific plotlines in the works, and there is still time to get your persona in the mix. Best of all, a harper character is the best way to travel (quickly!) between locations. The Harper Hall has to get its information from somewhere, doesn't it?

Written by Yvonne (yvonne@triadweyrs.org)


There has been a lot going on at the Dolphin Hall of late. The most notable of those being the new arrival of the Hallmaster and Hallsecond's daughter, Tamry. She was born a bit early, but all seems to be well with her, even if she was born by an emergency surgical delivery.

Rystili is recovering slowly from the birth, but all seems to be well with her. THe problem is now there is a huge storm heading toward TSH and their going to have to evacuate up to the main Hold. Will she be able to handle it so soon after the delivery?

Keep watching to see what is going to happen!

Written by Lexy (alexis@triadweyrs.org)


These are the members with upcoming birthdays for the month of September. Please stop by the forums or email them to wish them well! Smile

15th: Tina (tina@triadweyrs.org)

Persona birthdays upcoming in Month 2. Like us, they do get older. And while we no longer have to worry about updating their ages (thanks to Estelle's wonderful programming!), please make sure to submit any other changes that occur to your persona(ie: marriage, Impression, giving birth, new pets) for updating.

1st: Efina (Lexy)
1st: Ariavin (Emma)
2nd: Ledan (Nici)
4th: Rekka (Yvonne)
6th: Shenae (Tina)
9th: T'moran (Estelle)
12th: Cazriel (Nici)
12th: Leralira (Nici)
14th: Gilas (Yvonne)
20th: Jozia (Gino)
22nd: N'solyn (Roxanne)

Gino (June 2004)
Yoake (June 2004)
Athena (July 2004)
Beth (July 2004)
Blair (July 2004)
Megan (July 2004)
Rae (July 2004)
Steppen (July 2004)
Betsy (August 2004

Wow! Welcome aboard all! Let's all try to make them feel welcome and offer them lots and lots of coposts! Smile

These are the ranking positions which have not been filled. Triad prides itself on making rank available to any member who's completed membership and mentored members may be eligible for Level Two, Three, and Four ranks with their mentor's approval. Level Three and Four ranks _can_ be gained by a brand-new member, if they submit a persona sheet that does not require corrections and a writing sample at least 5K long. Email the Conclave at Conclave@triadweyrs.org if interested in any of these ranks:

Rank Reqs by level:
Level One (2 coposts per month, one assignment/report)
Level Two (2 posts per month, one must be copost)
Level Three (1 post per month)
Level Four (1 post per month)

Dragonsfall Weyr
Wingleader (level 2 - Cyan Wing)
Weyrlingmaster (level 2 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Wingsecond (level 3 - Cyan Wing)
Wingthird (level 3 - Azure Wing (Weyrleader's))
Weyrlingmaster 2nd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrlingmaster 3rd (level 3 - Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrwoman Second (level 3 - Sienna Wing (Queens))
Weyrdragonhealer (level 4 - Slate Wing (retirees))

Amethyst Cliff Hold
Hallmaster (level 1 - Vintner Hall)
Lady Holder (level 2 - Holders)

Dolphin Cove Weyr
Weyrhealer (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)

River Bluff Weyr
Wingsecond (level 3 - Rapids Wing (Weyrleader's))
Wingleader (level 2 - Torrent Wing)
Weyrlingmaster Second (level 3 - Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings))
Weyrharper (level 3 - Weyr Crafters)

Garnet Valley Hold
Hallmaster (level 1 - Smith Hall)

Caravan Leader (level 4 - Trader Caravan One)


Not everyone's filled out a member profile for the website, and some folks' data may be outdated. Please visit the website's member's section (http://www.triadweyrs.org/dblistmembers.php) and check over everything to make sure it is current.

For _everyone_ we need a date of birth. We can set it *not* to display your age on the website, but for admin purposes, we need to know birthdates (more information to come on that issue later).

So... either fill out a Member Profile Form here -http://www.triadweyrs.org/phpmemberform1.php - or if you already have one, send any updates WITH date of birth to html@triadweyrs.org


LOA/LIA Forum:

Members posting LOA's or LIA's in the forum are reminded to _also_ post when they've returned. That way, we know when you're really back or not! Wink

So, you want answers? We'll we've got them--or at least most of them. For those seeking quick answers to common questions, please visit the new 'Knowledge Base' forum that's been set up at : http://www.triadweyrs.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=41

Just one more thing we're doing to make finding answers easier!

Well, perhaps you'd better do that yourselves! Stop by our 'Introductions' forum and introduce yourself. You'll get to know other members and maybe even get a few coposts out of it!


Thank you to those that have recently filled these out! Members, both old and new: Help out our advertising committee by filling out a member survey. While this is optional, if your survey is used as part of advertising for the club, it counts as YOU advertising, so you'll be given marks in the member reward system anytime your survey is quoted in a club advertisement.

For more information, go to:

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