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FAQ / Life on Pern / Weyrlife: Mating Flights

Last updated 19th July 2013 by Suzee

How do I know when my gold dragon rises? What do I do about it?

Article by: Bree

You will be told by the council about the dates of your gold dragon's flight.

The Flight, Clutching and Hatching posts are the responsibility of the gold rider.

Junior Goldriders may choose any brown or bronze rider above the age of TWO Turns to win their Flight. Younger than two Turns is considered a botched Flight and a disaster for a Weyr. A Flight in which a younger brown or bronze wins must have the L1's and Council's approval.

The winner of Senior Gold Flights are determined by the L1 and L2 of the location. The Council will need to be notified if there will be a change of leadership. In which case, the Council will decide who the next Weyrleader will be.

Gold Riders should send the clutch numbers and composition to the council for approval.
An Impression list will also go to the council for approval

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