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Last updated 1st April 2010 by Clancey

Triad Weyrs Club History

Over the turns, since the Ninth Pass ended, disputes between the Northern Holds and Halls with the Southern Holds and Halls led to a full split between the two. Each of the Halls of Pern has a northern craftmaster, who oversees all Halls on that continent, and a southern craftmaster, who oversees all Halls there. Crafters do not generally move between the continents, particularly since a serious of plagues hit the southern continent from turn 1100 onwards, devastating the population. The Southern Craftmasters and Lord Holders met to ban women from the crafts, needing the children they could produce more than they needed able crafters. While the occasional male from the north might be accepted for transfer into a southern position if he gained approval of both craftmasters, no women even made the attempt to go south.

The Weyrs were disbanded after the Ninth Pass ended. Taking modest portions of the vast southern lands, they settled there and in the island chain off of Cove Hold(tm) and began life in Weyrholds. No one paid a lot of attention as the dragonrider population began to dwindle. Weyrholds were abandoned to consolidate those riders who did not want to take homes among the general populace to do work such as transport and carrying cargo. At the time the first major plague swept the South, there were five remaining Weyrholds: River Bluff, Dragonsfall, Far Island, Vista Point, and Thayan Peak. The Weyrholds did not join in the agreement with the Halls and Holds regarding women, alienating them further from a society that had little regard for riders except as convenient transport when needed. They were denied Search rights in the South, and the North had long since discarded any use for dragonriders. The Weyrholds were limited to the children born either within the Weyrhold proper to riders or support staff, or to those few holdings of non-riders that were beholden to their Weyrhold.

In 1190, things began to change. Dragon population exploded, and slowly over the turns, Weyrholds became Weyrs, and by the end of 1200, eight Weyrs existed in the South, six in the North. Dragonriders prepared despite Hold and Hall derision that Thread was gone forever.

In month two of what should have been turn 1203, silver masses appeared in the skies above Emerald Falls Hold. Dolphin Cove, the nearest Weyr to the Hold, rose and met the menace with the assistance of Dragonsfall Weyr. Not one burrow made it to the ground between the amassed two Weyrs' efforts. The Dolphin Cove Weyrleader landed in the courtyard at Emerald Falls, his bronze's threadscored hide all the proof the shaken Lord Holder needed to sign the tithe agreement the Weyrwoman produced. Scored riders still able to fly were sent along with the Weyrwomen to each major Hold under each Weyr's territory. One by one, they all signed to support the Weyrs. Thread had indeed returned to Pern.

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