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Last updated 14th January 2021 by Suzee

HTML E-mail Ban

Article by: Suzee

With so many members in Triad Weyrs, we encounter many different e-mail servers and mail programs. Some of our members have very sophisticated setups, some check webmail as they can. Keeping this in mind, we need to be aware of the effect our own settings and response habits can have on others. Due to some problems with use of rich text, we've tried to set up a guide for our members when sending within the club.

First of all, fonts. Many mail programs are not set up to accept styled (HTML) text. They will either reject the post, or display it in an unreadable form. Try to keep HTML for webpages, instead of mail. Also keep in mind that some programs (notably Outlook) attach lengthy .rtf files to the end of emails if set to html/rich text mode, and this adds bulk to already over-full mailboxes. To avoid this set to send plain text only:

In Outlook Online:

* At the top click "+New"
* Then when the Screen shows the email on the right, at the top click the ellipsis (...)
* In the drop down click "Switch to Plain Text"

In Outlook Express:

* On the menu, select Tools, then Options
* Select the Send tab
* Check the "Plain Text" boxes in both Mail and News
* Click OK.

In Google Chrome (gmail)

* Launch a new email (Compose button)
* Look for the small dropdown arrow or three dots at the bottom right
* Check "Plain Text"
* If you receive a 'rich text' email, convert it to plain text before reply.

In Yahoo Webmail: When composing an email from Yahoo, the default setting is "Color And Graphics" (next to the word Compose on the entry screen). Please click on "Plain Text" before sending your email. Also, go to Mail Options ---> General Preferences, and set your "Screen Width: (composing)" to at least 76, as it makes your emails too narrow to read properly otherwise.

Second problem, size. Often our members are limited by both the speed of their servers and the programs they use to read mail. Posts should be split into parts after they reach the length of 14 to 16k. We want all of our fellow club members to be able to receive what we've spent so long to write, so keep it manageable. Then again, you want to send posts that are worth the time they take to open and read, so aim for a minimum of 5k.

Third, annoying markings. Few things make a post more unreadable than the lines or >> that indicate replies back and forth between members. Send only clear copies to the lists and to your coposters. If your program cannot be set to eliminate indicators, then copy and paste text to a new message. Yes, this sometimes messes up spacing, but either re-establish spacing manually, or save master copies of coposts to a separate file and copy and paste only new portions. In gmail you can Forward the email then take out the forwarding heading and return to reply or reply all and this will remove all the carats {>>}

Finally, spelling. Just because you have sounded a word out to the best of your ability doesn't mean someone else will be able to identify it. Most mail programs include a spellchecker. It's there for a reason -- use it. Along with spelling please check your grammar. A good guide to grammar can be found at Big Dog.

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