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FAQ / Life on Pern

Last updated 30th December 2006 by Bree

Female Crafters

Women over 65

Women who were already journeyranked in crafts when the massive plague swept the South (42 turns ago) were not demoted out of their rank, providing they did have families as well as continue the craft they'd learned. There were some exceptions who left, but some stayed, and any woman who already had her mastery would have retained it (she'd also be about 72 or older). A reminder - in Pern, the lifespan is _much_ longer than on Earth, spanning better than 100 turns. Paul Benden in Dragonsdawn was considered "middle-aged" and he was in his seventh decade (60s). He later married and produced children that he saw grow up. Granted women wouldn't be having babies in their 60s, but they are still young, healthy, contributing members - and if you want a female master aged 72+, odds are you'll get it just for braving to write something more than teen-land Pern we all know and love.

New Female Crafters

Female crafters are allowed in the Printer Hall and the Dolphin Hall. The Harper Hall has recently accepted their first female apprentice, but the result was the burning down of the Harper Hall. Time will tell if more females will be accepted soon.

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