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The Triad Weyrs Council

What is the Council?

The Triad Weyrs Council is part administrative body and part democracy. The Council works together to solve problems and answer questions, as well as doing all that pesky admin work that comes along with a club of any size.

All Council members must adhere to the tenets of the scenario and have no canon violations with any persona. Any Council Member may resign his or her Seat at any time without losing his or her basic membership or ranking persona.

The number of Council Seats varies due to club needs, and can change if additional administrative help is required.

Council Members

Current Council: Emma, Suzee, Avery, Estelle, Miriah

Councilor Emeritus: Clancey, Bree (Quasi-Retired Webmonkey)

Council Duties

  1. Persona Approval: Triad Weyrs has always been very strict canon club, and has years of highly involved club canon to consider when creating new personas. Our Council makes sure all personas are being reviewed within a reasonable time span, and check up on persona edits to make sure everything runs smoothly. The Council also updates personas who are switching from being a candidate to a jr. weyrling, jr. weyrling to sr. weyrling, and sr. weyrlings into the wings.
  2. Lead Timeliners: Thanks to the skills of our database programmer, Triad Weyrs has a comprehensive database of past posts. The Council works with the Area Administrators to make sure posts get entered in a timely fashion. They also work on the backlog of posts from previous years.
  3. Web Monkey Duties: With a large and comprehensive website and database, it is our Web Monkey's duty to keep the website running and update with new features. They also take care of our database driven calendar which lists Threadfall, Mating Flights and Weather.
  4. FAQ and Graphic Updates: With a robust database and significant information contained there, the job of updating the site text and graphics to reflect the current status of the club is an ongoing job. The Council manages the information and adds to the ever expanding database.
  5. Forum Duties: Our forum is large and ever growing so our council is also in charge of keeping things friendly and fun on our expansive forums. Duties include pruning old posts, updating member information, managing groups and special areas.
  6. Crayon Awards: Nominations are run in our forums and then Voting follows via survey software. Finally, the awards are entered into member records. This is a quarterly task the Council performs on behalf of the membership.
  7. Welcome Wagon: The council also tries to make sure we take care of new members, including the ones who haven't found their way to us yet. Duties include organizing volunteers to advertise the club and welcome new members as well as assigning mentors and making sure all our newbies get the very best of care.
  8. Monitoring member submissions for rule violations and scenario consistency.

Area Managers

Current Area Managers: Avery, Heather F, Paula

Area Manager Duties

  1. The area managers are in charge of updating the website with the posts sent to the mailing lists on a timely basis.
  2. They also manage weather, flights (other than gold flights), threadfall for the calendars in their areas. If you have questions about the calendar in any area, contact the correct Area Manager.
  3. Welcome Wagon: The area managers also try to make sure we take care of new members, including the ones who haven't found their way to us yet. They welcome new members and make sure all our newbies get the very best of care.
  4. NOTE: AREA MANAGERS ARE NOT FULL COUNCIL MEMBERS. All member questions and concerns should be addressed to the council directly

Paula's Areas: DFW, AHH, AHH-VH, AHH-HMh

Avery's Areas: RBW, SSH, SSH-SCH, SWE

Heather's Areas: DCW, EFH, EFH-GVh, EFH-HH, & DCW-DH

What Needs Council Approval?

  1. Ranking persona deaths
  2. Storylines that involve the majority of members
  3. Storylines that don't follow usual canon
  4. Finding flit eggs
  5. Final list of candidates to Impress, excluding Gold

Council Responsibilities

  1. Warning, suspending, or expelling a member
  2. Setting the numbers and color distribution of dragon/flit clutches
  3. Choosing Hallmasters, Lord Holders, and Weyrleaders
  4. Manages gold flight schedules
  5. Changes to Club Rules

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