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You'll Be Back

Writers: Estelle, Heather
Date Posted: 19th February 2023

Characters: L'keri, Eyvia
Description: L'keri remembers his first meeting with mindhealer Eyvia
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 7, day 15 of Turn 11


When Rhalith reminded him that he was expected in the infirmary, L'keri
groaned and rolled his eyes. "Ugh, by the Star, I was getting ready for
a post-drill nap. Why can't she forget, once in a while? I can't tell
you how thoroughly sick I am of being healthy."

Despite his dramatic tone, both he and his dragon could tell that it was
all a show. Over the months since his injury, he'd got used to these
meetings, and even begun to look forward to them, if only as a
challenge. But that hadn't been the way at the beginning...

*** Flashback ***

"Afternoon!" Leaning on his cane, L'keri limped into the infirmary and
turned his most charming smile on the journeywoman who was on duty. He'd
seen her around the Weyr before, he thought, but they'd not had a chance
to get acquainted.

"L'keri, rider of Rhalith. I've got an appointment. Nothing of
importance, just some mindhealer wanting to make sure my brains didn't
get scrambled by my fall." He rolled his eyes, then gave her a
conspiratorial look. "I'm running a bit late, but once I've got the
touchy-feely stuff out the way, I can introduce myself properly."

Eyvia glanced up at the man, her icy blue eyes flicking over him before
she stood and picked up her cup of klah.

“I didn’t think you were going to show,” she said without preamble.
Picking up the medical folder on the table, she tucked it under her arm
and then gestured down the hallway. “Second door on the left.”

L'keri stood with his mouth hanging open for a few seconds, his planned
response sticking in his throat. **Oops. Just my luck...** Still, he'd
learned from his painful experience with the Weyrhealer of Dolphin Cove,
and recovered quickly.

"Of course, Journeywoman. I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting." He
followed her directions to the doorway and glanced over his shoulder
with a smile. "Had I known my healer would be such a fetching
greenrider, I would certainly have been on time."

"Somehow I doubt that," the sarcastic tilt of Eyvia's lips could hardly
be described as a smile. "Please, have a seat," she said as they entered
her office. It was modestly and simply furnished with rustic shelves
lined with books, her desk, and then two comfortable chairs facing each
other over a rug in the center.

Leaning on his crutch, L'keri carefully lowered himself into the chair
with a sigh. "Ah, that's better." He stretched out the injured leg and
clasped his hands behind his head, surveying the room with a grin. "Mmm.
This is cosy."

Eyvia picked up the clipboard on the table beside of her chair, took a
sheet from his medical chart, clipped it, and then picked the writing
utensil out from behind her ear.

“I’m glad you think so.” Her blue eyes surveyed him openly, from his
grin, to the way he adjusted his bad leg while he sat. “Let’s start at
the beginning, shall we? For what reasons do you believe you have been
assigned a mind healer?”

"I don't know. Perhaps you healers just can't get enough of me," he
suggested, his grin widening.

"Doubtful," she responded dryly, although the corners of her mouth
hinted at humor. "How did you injure your leg?" she asked, pointing at
it with the tip of her stylus.

"Ah! Now that is a thrilling tale." L'keri had rehearsed his story
several times with wingmates and admiring greenriders, and his manner
grew lively and animated as he leaned forward. "It's a story of courage,
of danger, of death-defying feats and innocence in peril. And of course,
it has a romance. Are you ready to hear it?"

“Chomping at the bit,” the mind healer replied, regarding him with an
arched eyebrow, her hand poised to make notes while he told his tale.

He needed no further encouragement and launched into the tale of his
daring rescue of an adorable, helpless little kitten from the roof of
the weyrling barracks. The story had grown in the telling, as had the
height of the roof, and now featured a dramatic thunderstorm complete
with bolts of forked lightning striking the tiles around him.

"And as I opened my eyes, I found myself gazing at a face of the most
astonishing beauty," he finished, placing a hand on his heart and gazing
dreamy-eyed into the distance. "The rain streamed down her face like
tears, but she was smiling. She placed a cool hand on my brow, and
whispered, 'You were so brave, Brownrider.' And then...I knew no more."

Eyvia lifted a paper on the clipboard, her blue eyes skimming the page,
before she looked back up at him. "Says here you were intoxicated and
fell off a roof? Or should I amend the record?" Her lips twisted a
little with humor.

"There was a loose tile!" L'keri protested. "I would never have fallen

"Ah, those loose tiles can be very tricky." Eyvia agreed, eyes flicking
back down to his chart. "It says here that you have a son?"

For a brief moment, the brownrider's easy grin froze. "Ah, yes. A son
and a daughter. Arten is living at Amber Hills at the moment. He works
in the tavern at the Vintner Hall."

"Is he hoping to apprentice at the Vintner Hall?" she inquired.

"I...don't think so." He didn't know, but could imagine his son wouldn't
want anything to do with the production of wine or spirits. "He used to
want to be a dragonrider. I expect he just wants to see a bit of the
world. Feel independent, you know?"

Eyvia did know. It was common for adolescents to want to escape from
underneath the shadow of their parental figures and explore their lives.
"And your daughter? What is that relationship like?"

"It's good," L'keri replied, relaxing a little. At least one of his
children was always happy to see him. "Eluri lives with her foster
mother, but I try to see her as much as I can."

The mindhealer made note of this as well before glancing at the little
sand timekeeper on her desk. "That will be all today. It was nice to
meet you, L'keri," she said, extending her hand.

"It's been an absolute pleasure," L'keri leaned forward and took her
hand. "If all appointments with mindhealers are like this, I might even
be persuaded to return."

"Oh, you'll be back," Eyvia said with the tiniest of smirks and a wink.

Last updated on the February 19th 2023

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