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A Double Promotion

Writers: Estelle, Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 30th December 2020

Characters: Saibra, Ashela, Lanniya
Description: Ashela and Lanniya are promoted
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 5, day 2 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: K'far


}:They are on their way,:{ Chioneth reported back to her rider, who sat
in her wing meeting room with two different pairs of rank knots sitting
in front of her on the table. On the left, the rank knots of a
Wingthird, and on the right, the rank knots of the Weyrwoman's Second.
The choice between Ashela and Lanniya had been difficult, but Saibra
finally had peace about the decision.

Lanniya was heard before she appeared, a soft, out of tune and badly
pitched song echoing down the corridors. Feet moved in a skipping sound
as she danced to the little ditty; she ignored a titter of amusement
from a passing drudge. As she approached Saibra's door, she slowed and
affected a more sedate walk, but the song didn't cease until she sang
the last chorus. When she stopped, she waited a moment then knocked on
the door.

"Come in, Lanniya," Saibra said with a chuckle, recognizing the off-key
singing of the younger goldrider.

Ashela appeared only moments later, immaculately groomed, and glided
into the room with her customary dignity and a sidelong glance for
Lanniya. Her gaze was immediately drawn to the knots on the table, and
she felt a thrill at the thought of the rank and authority they
promised. So she'd finally decided. "Weyrwoman. Aglayath said you wanted
to see us?"

The difference between Ashela and Lanniya was stark. While Ashela
appeared with dignity and grace, Lanniya's appearance and walk was far
more casual. She greeted Saibra with a smile, looked down at the knots
and then tilted her head. "Oh, so this is an official meeting.
Chioneth just said to come and visit your office" She nodded and then
stood a little straighter, but the grin never left her cheeks for a

"I apologize that I haven't done this sooner, ladies." Saibra said up
front. "But I think it's time that you both received your rank knots."
Without further preamble, Saibra took the Weyrwoman's Second's knots and
slid them in front of Ashela and then she took the Wingthird knots and
pushed them over to Lanniya's side of the table.

Ashela's eyes gleamed with satisfaction as she picked up the knots,
running her finger over the elaborate pattern of the cords. At last! If
she couldn't be Weyrwoman, then at least she'd have a taste of it
sometimes. And she'd be one step closer... "Thank you, Weyrwoman. I'll
do my best to be worthy of them." She turned to Lanniya with her most
charming smile. "Congratulations. I look forward to flying with you as

"Oh." Lanniya picked up the knots. She hadn't really been expecting a
promotion, but she was aware of the extra duties attached to the
wingthird position. Faranth, she'd be in charge of discipline and more
hidework. She'd never disciplined anyone and she avoided hidework as
much as possible. She wouldn't be able to now. "Thank you, Saibra."
She glanced at Ashela and nodded as amicably as she could. "Yes, thank
you. Congratulations to you as well."

"Ashela, I would like for you to be in charge of the records
pertaining to births, deaths, weyrmating, craft specialties, and
retirements. As well as, signing off on and recording the Weyr's
tithes, it will also be your duty to attend any marriage ceremonies
for those of the Blood, to represent the Weyr at those functions.
Lanniya, you will be in charge of recording weather and natural events
that affect the Weyr. You will also coordinate with Candidates who do
not Impress to find them jobs within the Weyr or coordinate their
return home if they wish." There were other duties that would possibly
be delegated in the future, after a trial period. "I've promoted K'far
to my Wingsecond for Threadfall, so if you'd both like to speak with
him and get acquainted, that would be wonderful."

That didn't sound so bad, Lanniya decided; it was less hidework that
she expected, which brought definite relief. Her smile brightened.
"I'll do that immediately and get with G'nir as well about the
Candidates after the Hatchings."

Ashela inclined her head, looking pleased enough with her share of the
duties, though she'd rather have been the one handing them out. The
thought of attending on the ceremonies of Lords and Ladies was
appealing, as was the thought of all the knowledge she'd glean from
those records. "And I will speak with the Headwoman to find out where we
are with the tithes and stores. I'm glad to be of assistance."

"Excellent. We'll revisit everything in about six months and see how you
both feel then. If things are well, there will be a few more duties I
will delegate in your directions." Saibra said.

That meant she'd better prove herself, Ashela thought, in order to pick
up the duties that she'd like and avoid those that would be thankless or
dull. "Thank you, Weyrwoman. I hope now you'll be able to have a little
more time for yourself and your lovely children. It must have been so
difficult, these last few months without Teseada to help you."

Lanniya gave a quick glance at Ashela, who happened to be the only
woman there without a child. It stung a bit; she still missed her
daughter desperately when she was with her foster mother, but Anaeryth
and her duties simply didn't allow for much time with her baby.
Besides that, she had been there the whole time, helping Saibra after
Teseada had left. "I did my best to step in to assist.." Lanniya
pointed out, feeling suddenly irritated with the other woman.

"We managed," Saibra said to smooth over any ruffled feathers. "Having
the three of us, plus K'far, will certainly help things run smoother and
now it won't put us in too much of a bind when someone is pregnant or
their dragon is on the Sands."

"Of course." Ashela turned a charming smile on the younger goldrider.
"Although we now have our assignments, if you ever need help or advice,
don't hesitate to ask. Especially if you have family commitments to
attend to." Although she'd no intention of ever getting pregnant herself
and condemning herself to being grounded in a bloated body, it was
certainly useful that other women did.

Ruffled feathers were smoothed, if only a little. "Of course. If I
need anything, I'll ask."

"Excellent," Saibra said tentatively, hopeful that the three of them
would find a way to work together as a cohesive team. "That's all I
have, ladies, you are free to go."

"Thank you, Saibra. Lunch again tomorrow?" Lanniya affixed her new
knots carefully, her smile not as bright as it had been.

Ashela beamed at both of them and glided out of the room before she
could be included in the lunch invitation. There was a bronzerider she'd
been hoping to snag...

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