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Not a Fluke

Writers: Devin, Suzee
Date Posted: 30th December 2020

Characters: N'vanik, Cyradis
Description: After the Senior Gold flight
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 7, day 8 of Turn 10


She couldn't help the smile that curved her lips as she slowly
regained consciousness. The arm draped over her was familiar as was
Panitath's smug satisfaction in her romp through the clouds.

Cyradis threaded her fingers through his and pulled his arm closer around her.

N'vanik had the briefest moment of confusion as he drifted to
consciousness. But he knew the woman next to him, the feel of her
small body against his. The smell of her. He also knew the deep
satisfaction radiating from Loseth. "Hi," he said in a low voice,
almost a purr.

"Hi," she replied without opening her eyes. She wriggled closer until
his big frame warmed her entire backside. "That was a good flight,"
she purred back at him.

"Glad to know Panitath isn't tired of Loseth yet." The dragonlust was
already stirring, but for the moment he kept holding her. It was nice
to enjoy the languid post-Flight feeling just a little longer.

"I can't tell what it is she finds but she does stay loyal to one mate
for turns. Loseth must have whatever that is." Cyradis shifted her
hips and turned to nestle her head under his chin almost in imitation
of the way their life mates were entwined. "I'm glad."

Every time he could lose his position to someone else, and N'vanik was
realistic enough to acknowledge that. But after Turns of being
Weyrleader, with three different Queens choosing Loseth, he had
finally gained a sense of confidence and security. "I never expected
to be here, and definitely not for this long. The first time I thought
it was a fluke."

"Not a fluke," she looked up. "You're one of the best Weyrleaders I've
seen. The dragons decide who should lead and you're that man."

His face heated with embarrassment. "Thanks. You got a little taste of
how awful I can be when you first became Weyrwoman, but I.... Well, I
used to be a lot worse."

She snorted at that. "Yes you did," she couldn't help but remember
their first conversation with the then headwoman. "You took the
completely wrong tack with me that day. But I'm glad we've gotten to
know each other better. We've become a team and I'm very proud of that

"Just took me a while to realize how amazing you are. You really care,
and you're good at runnin' this place. I'm happy you're my Weyrwoman."
His arm tightened around her.

She squeezed him back with genuine affection. "Thanks," she said,
taking the compliment. She lifted a hand to caress the side of his
face and give him a soft kiss.

He responded with equal softness at first, but soon the kiss began to
deepen. "I like this too. Getting to enjoy how sexy you are."

She gave a deep throated chuckle and responded appropriately. These
times with N'vanik weren't frequent but they were very enjoyable. "Fly
me Weyrleader," she almost growled.

That brought his dragonlust up to a full blaze and his lips and hands
began to roam her body, alternating soft and hard. He made sure their
time together was very, very memorable.

She met him lust for lust and they flew again into the clouds above
their Weyr. Oh, and she would remember with a very large smile.

Last updated on the January 13th 2021

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