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An Ominous Note

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 28th December 2020

Characters: N'vanik, Cyradis
Description: N'vanik brings the note he "received" warning about a plot against the Weyr to Cyradis.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 8, day 8 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: K'sedel, J'ackt
Follows "A Warning of Danger"


N'vanik headed for Cyradis's office, the note held tight in his hand.
He didn't like the idea of lying to her, but he couldn't very well
explain the real source of the information and she needed to know
there was something brewing.

Well, better get this over with. He knocked on the door. "Cyradis? It's me."

"Come in," she called. She lay on her sofa with her forearm over her
eyes as she battled a headache. But she lifted the arm to look at
N'vanik as he came in. "What's up?"

"Sorry to bother you but. . . this is serious." There was nothing
false about his worry, the gnawing anger and fear in his belly. "This
was on my desk." Because he wrote it, but still. He offered the thin
piece of hide to the Weyrwoman.

"To the Weyrleader of Dolphin Cove,

"I must warn you of danger. There are whispers in Emerald Falls, some
men, at least four, planning action against the Weyr. Next month. I
don't know their names or what it is exactly but I fear this is
serious. They have an accomplice in the Weyr already, a young woman
with a grudge who has been in place two months, maybe more. There may
be others as well.

"I am sorry I don't have more information. I will try to learn more.
But you must be on your guard."

The note was unsigned.

Cyradis took the hide and sat up tucking her feet under her patting
the sofa for N'vanik to sit. She read and then reread the note. "This
isn't good," she said.

He sat next to her. "No, it's not. I don't know if they're coming
after J'ackt again, or maybe targeting us this time. Or the whole
Weyr." What could the holders be planning? A direct assault would be
nearly impossible as any large force would be spotted miles away.

"Three months?' She shook her head. "And that's just an estimate
right?" I could get a list of names together but that would hit our
candidates pretty hard. I just don't understand why they'd want to
hurt us. Do they think they can defend themselves from Thread?"

"I'd like to see them try." N'vanik clenched his fist. "If we can get
a list of young women who've arrived within the last two months or so,
we can try to figure out who this tunnelsnake might be. I'd like to
say we could discount Candidates, but I can't be sure these people
wouldn't use that as an opportunity." Having the honor of being
Searched and then turning that against the Weyr. . .

Loseth scraped his talons against the stone of the Heights and flared
his wings. }:Who wishes to hurt us?:{

**We'll find them and I'll make them pay.**

"We need all the leadership in the loop on this one N'vanik. Maybe
K'sedel will have some ideas. It wouldn't hurt to pick his brain." She
stopped for a moment and then put a hand on his forearm. "We'll figure
this out."

N'vanik took a breath and nodded. "I know." He didn't want to imagine
all the terrible things that could happen. He could still vividly
remember J'ackt lying pale and bloody on a stretcher after he was

"I'll put that list together for you of any arrivals in the last three
months." She handed the hide back to him. "How much do you trust this

He stared down at the note with a guilty flutter in his stomach. "I
know I shouldn't give too much credence to an anonymous note, but. . .
I think this person believes what they're saying. Why else go to the
trouble? Just to scare me?"

"Why would they care about scaring you? Isn't Threadfall scary
enough," she chuckled. "We don't know what they have planned. May be
nothing, but we need to be ready in any case." She thought for a
moment. "Next month could be the Hatching or the Feast."

He grimaced. "Lots of people coming in and out, tons of witnesses if
they want some kind of spectacle. I hate to say it, or even think it,
but that does seem to be the most likely time for them to strike."

"Right, so put your brain to work, maybe pull in J'ackt. Thinking like
holdless or angy holders trying to hit the Weyr, where do you strike?"

"Yeah, I'll think about what they could do, where we might be
vulnerable. Then I'll talk to him, see what I might've missed." He
didn't want to put more stress on J'ackt, but the young man was their
best resource in this case. "You can bring in whichever Headwoman's
Assistant you think is most capable and discrete to look at who this
inside woman might be. But I think we should keep this quiet, at least
for now. We don't want to tip them off and give them a chance to alter
their plans."

"Right," she nodded. "Only people who have been here more than a
turn," she nodded. "If this person is on the up and up. We at least
have a timeframe."

"I _hope_ this is some misunderstanding. Or a lie even." N'vanik ran a
hand through his hair. "But we have to treat it as real."

"Yes," she nodded again. "Agreed."

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