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Guarding the Weyr

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 27th December 2020

Characters: N'vanik, J'ackt
Description: J'ackt brings Alyena's information to N'vanik
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 8, day 10 of Turn 10



The sun was just peaking over the horizon when Zith appeared over the
Weyr. J'ackt didn't wait for N'vanik to go to his office or for
drills; he knew that his news was too important for him to wait.
Directing Zith to N'vanik's weyr ledge, Zith called out to Loseth. }:
Mine needs to speak to Yours immediately, Loseth. Mine says to wake
him if he's still abed. :{

}:Wake up... wake up.:{ Loseth mentally nudged his rider. }:Zith's is
here and he says it's urgent.:{

N'vanik rolled over and tried to shake off the fog of sleep. J'ackt
wouldn't bother him like this unless it was important. He sat up and
glanced over to confirm that Tal still seemed to be asleep. Quickly
and quietly, he pulled on some clothes before hurrying out to the
ledge. "What's going on?"

The moment Zith landed, J'ackt slid down his side and landed hard on
his feet. Face taut, he didn't bother with pleasantries. "Trouble." He
ran his hand through his hair. "Real trouble. You know I've been
helping Grevan's mother from time to time, right? Bringing her meat
and such for her children. Usually, I just drop it off and she doesn't
approach, but she did this morning. She told me something really bad
and it's scared her to pieces. There's something going on that she's
heard about. She didn't say much, but she told me to stay away from
the Weyr at the Hatching, N'vanik. She had word that the watchdragon
at Emerald Falls will keen that day."

"At the Hatching?" N'vanik frowned. "You said she didn't say much. You
think she's hiding something?" Emerald Falls again. His old
acquaintance had just warned him about a plot against the Weyr from
the same area.

"I don't know," he admitted. "I think she told me all that she could.
She didn't have to say anything to me at all. Faranth knows she has
reason not to." J'ackt felt protective of the woman and didn't blame
her for the actions of her son. "I don't think she'll say anything
else and I didn't want to push her for more if she didn't know
anything else." He could have, easily enough, but the thought
disturbed him. "She was scared."

N'vanik trusted J'ackt's instincts. "All right." He sighed. "I got a
message a few days ago, a warning that some holders in Emerald Falls
territory were planning something for next month. That matches with
the timing of the Hatching." The _Hatching_! Faranth's first egg, how
could they possibly dare?

Loseth growled, his eyes whirling with a tinge of red. }:I won't let
anyone hurt my Weyr!:{

J'ackt ran his hands through his hair, gritting his teeth as he began
to pace. "It could be anything. So many people come to Hatchings and
all the riders will be there too." He stopped to slowly look at
N'vanik. "The watchdragon is going to keen. They've got to be planning
on killing someone important and make it public. You or Cyradis. Or
both of you. " His lips thinned with growing anger, his jaw flexing.
"I'm not leaving either of your sides that day. Not for a minute."

"I'd like to see them try." If they were planning something that
public, the would-be killer must be willing to forfeit their life.
N'vanik couldn't imagine they'd believe escape was likely after
committing such an act in the middle of a crowd and surrounded by
dragons. "Good thing you've been keeping me on my toes with sword

J'ackt's smile was grim. "You still need more practice, N'vanik. But
I'll be there to watch your back." His brow furrowed. "Cyradis hasn't
had anything like that. You might be able to take care of yourself,
but someone has to watch her if necessary." His gaze darkened as his
arms crossed over his chest. "And if you tell me no, I'm going to do
it anyway."

"I'll have you sit on her other side at the Hatching so we can watch
her from both ends." N'vanik had no intention of turning down someone
with J'ackt's level of experience. "And you can stick close to her at
the feast too."

J'ackt nodded, but lifted a hand. "Put me behind her. I can watch her
side and her back. And yours. Me right beside her might be too
obvious." He began to pace again. "I'm sorry, N'vanik. I started all
of this." He pulled at his hair as he paced. "Faranth... I totally
fecked everything up."

"That _guard_ started it when he pulled a knife on you in the middle
of the Weyr Bowl. This isn't on you."

"I should have walked away, N'vanik, like you and Sh'del and Cyradis
told me. I should have called for help. If I had..." He shook his
head. "It is on me. I could have walked away when he challenged me. I
didn't. Now you and Cyradis or someone else in the Weyr...if something
happens to anyone because of this...it'll be on me. Because of my
fecking temper."

"You can't change what happened. You can try to be better now, and
that's all any of us can do," N'vanik said. "But please don't take all
the guilt on yourself. Grevan, his father, now whoever these rotten
tunnelsnakes are, they could've walked away too." And N'vanik himself
had made some less than virtuous choices that might have made things

J'ackt's lips thinned; Faranth knew he was trying. He nodded slowly,
but privately could not push aside the notion that it had all been
caused by his own rashness, his own inability to control his temper.
"This has to stop, N'vanik." He spoke quietly now. "It has to."

"It does," N'vanik agreed firmly. "We'll figure out who's involved and
we'll make sure they can't hurt anyone."

"If you need to transfer me, I'll understand, N'vanik." J'ackt
offered. "I mean, I'd want to go with Alina, but if I'm just a problem
here, then..."

"You're not a problem," N'vanik said. "Well, you are, but you're the
kind of problem I like to have around. If you want to go somewhere
else, if you'd feel safer, I'll grant you a transfer. But I don't want
you to go." Besides his affection for the kid, N'vanik felt better
having J'ackt where he could keep an eye on him, in more ways than

"I don't want to leave. Faranth, N'vanik, this is my home. It took me
long enough to get to thinking about it that way. I just..." He ran
his hand through his hair. "I don't know what I'm trying to say."

"You don't want to cause us problems, or put us in danger."

"Yeah," J'ackt nodded. "I don't." He frowned. "So I'll just watch you
and Cyradis' back and make sure that you're not."

"And I'll watch yours," N'vanik said. J'ackt might well be the target
again, or one of the targets. "Speaking of that, I was going to ask
you to go over the Weyr, look for security issues and see what we can
do to make things safer."

"Me?" The surprise on J'ackt's face was evident. "The entire Weyr?"
For a moment he was lost for words; it was a huge responsibility to
take on and for a moment, he felt the weight of it on his shoulders.
For someone who'd tried his hardest to avoid responsibility for
others, there came a realization that he couldn't do that now. Not if
he wanted those he cared for safe. Slowly he nodded. "Alright. I'll
see what I can do."

"I don't want to put more pressure on you, but nobody else has got
your kind of experience." N'vanik patted J'ackt's shoulder. They
needed every advantage if they were going to foil this plot.

J'ackt slowly nodded, face grim. "I'll start right away."

"We should report this to Cyradis first. She already knows about the
note and she's started looking into things." N'vanik realized he
hadn't shared a key piece of information. "The holders already have
someone inside the Weyr, and we need to figure out who it is."

Confused, J'ackt stared at N'vanik. "What note? You already knew
something was going on?" At the mention of someone being in the Weyr
already, J'ackt went still, tension along his back tightening it.
"Faranth, N'vanik...why didn't you tell me? If they already have
someone you and Cyradis aren't safe _now_."

"The message I got a few days ago, it was a note warning about a plot
from Emerald Falls territory. I'll get it for you later so you can
read it yourself. It's locked in my desk." Shards, this wasn't how he
wanted to start his day. "I was planning to tell you soon, but I
wanted to go over things myself first and then bring you in to see
what I'd missed."

A stream of vicious curses spilled from J'ackt's mouth. He was tired
of the intrigue, tired of being on guard all the time. Then he nodded,
mind already working on how he was going to figure out exactly who was
in the Weyr that shouldn't be. He didn't have the first clue.
"Alright. We'll tell Cyradis. Maybe she has a few ideas too."

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