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Is One Night Too Much to Ask?

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 26th December 2020

Characters: N'vanik, Daturna
Description: Daturna tries her luck repeatedly with N'vanik
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 8, day 10 of Turn 10


Daturna peered around the other moths, eyes locked on the flight room
as she prepared once again to make her attempt. She would succeed this
time, she just had to. She shouldered her way between the other women,
and a few men, grimacing as one woman pushed her back. _He_ was in
there and this time, she'd snatch him up first thing. She'd wanted
him from the first moment she saw him...

The buxom blonde woman stood, nearly bouncing on her toes with
anticipation, ignoring the smaller woman beside her. Her first flight
at Dolphin Cove and the Weyrleader himself was in there. Eagerly, she
waited, then the door opened and she lunged forward.

But the first rider out was a bluerider and he shrugged past her to
reach for one of the men. N'vanik was behind him, burning with
frustrated desire. In the jostling, the smaller woman came forward,
reaching for the tall bronzerider.

Shoved back by the bluerider, Daturna found herself watching as the
smaller moth reached up, wrapped her arms around the Weyrleader's neck
and sealed her mouth to his. "Oh, come on..." Her breath exploded out
of her, disappointment flaring as she watched N'vanik pull the other
woman towards a flight room. Stomping her foot with frustration, she
turned and was grabbed by another man, strong arms wrapping around her
and pulling her into a feverish embrace. She didn't know who he was,
but her disappointment was soon forgotten.

This flight would be her chance! She'd catch him right as he came out
and he'd carry her off. She was ready this time! If she could just get
her hands on him, she'd give him a mothing that he'd never forget! No
man could be the Weyrleader forever and with all those bronzeriders in
there, chasing the senior gold, there was a chance that he'd have to
burn off some much needed frustration; who would handle that better
than she? She glanced up at the chasing dragons and with a frown and a
groan of disappointment, saw his Loseth twine with Panitath. Not
again, shaffit! The disappointed bronzeriders stumbled out and she
caught a glance of her quarry tugging Cyradis into a hungry embrace.
Shaffit! Before she could show any further irritation, a younger
bronzerider with blonde hair pulled her into a flightroom. Well, youth
had its advantages too...

Alright...she was the first one who'd arrived. Daturna watched the
door avidly. No one else was in her way and she knew that this
greenflight might be just the thing. There were plenty of blues and
browns involved, so the likelihood of Loseth catching was far less.
Daturna rubbed her hands together, then adjusted her neckline.

Green flights weren't long, but by the time N'vanik stumbled out,
there were other hopefuls gathered outside the flight room.

**Got you!** Gleeful, Daturna caught the bronzerider around the waist
and slid her arms up his back. "This way, N'vanik...** She began to
tug him to a flightroom with an audible purr. "I'll take care of you."

"No." He pushed the woman away, though not roughly. N'vanik barely
remembered his manners. "No... thank you." He'd been spending time
with Talryne when the flight interrupted them and he wanted _her_, not
some random woman.

"But..." As she was pushed away, her jaw dropped open in shock. He'd
refused? Before she could try to draw him back, he was gone,
hurrying towards the inner caverns. No, shaffit!! She stomped her
foot in pure frustration. The bluerider that scooped her up in his
arms bore the evidence of her frustration a few hours later, his back

This time, Daturna thought ferociously, he wouldn't get away! At
least ten times she'd been foiled in her attempts. The last time a
new young drudge, Enali, had literally yanked her away from her
prize. She'd been pleased to see that N'vanik had refused her as
well, at least. The girl had been snatched by J'ackt before she could
wiggle away, but Daturna had been left utterly wanting that day. This
time would be different!

She waited, eyes never wavering from the door and her intended
target. This time, she wouldn't be denied and she'd get to him first!

A man stepped out, face flushed and eyes hazy. When Daturna lunged he
eagerly wrapped his arms around the well-endowed woman and carried her
toward an empty flight cot. But it was not N'vanik.

Daturna watched N'vanik as he left the dining hall and adjusted her
low cut top. It revealed just what she wanted it to, enough to entice
any red-blooded bronzerider with a healthy libido. Each and every time
she tried to moth the man, something happened, so this time, she'd
try something different. She ducked back behind a corner and as he
walked around, purposefully ran into him and feigned a fall right at
his feet. "Oh!"

"Shards, sorry." N'vanik bent down to help her up. She was familiar in
a vague sort of way, but then so were most drudges at the Weyr. There
was _something_ though...

**Yes!** Daturna looked up as he bent, inhaling quickly to fill out
the neckline of her bodice. She took his hand, thrilling at the touch
of her hand in his. They were warm, callused and strong, just like
she'd imagined them to be. "It's alright. I feel so silly about not
looking where I was going."

"I know how it is. Sometimes I'm a million miles away, or in a rush,
and I run into some poor unsuspecting person." And given his size, if
one of them ended up on the floor it wasn't going to be him. Except
for that one time he ran into an enormous smith.

He was finally speaking to her! Now was her chance. Daturna preened
under his attention. "Perhaps I can walk with you to wherever you're
going, Weyrleader?"

That line might well be innocent, but... and _where_ did he know her
from? Maybe it wasn't her, it was someone who looked like her, because
his mind turned up features that looked similar to hers, but fuzzy.
Like someone from a dream, or someone he met when he was drunk. "I was
just heading back to my weyr."

Without waiting, she slid her arm into his and beamed up at him. "Oh,
I'll walk you there, then." Thick eyelashes batted at him and she
purposefully inhaled once again, trying to draw his gaze downward.
"I'm not doing anything for a while, anyway."

The way she was looking at him made it click. Flights. He'd seen her
among the people gathered outside, hoping to be snatched up by
frustrated riders. He vaguely remembered saying no to her a few times.
Being Weyrleader, he had no shortage of women throwing themselves at
him, which sounded nice but could actually be fairly annoying. He took
a breath and reminded himself to be good. This might be the highlight
of her entire Turn. "I suppose a walk won't hurt, as long as you're
not expecting anything. I've already got company."

That brought an immediately pout of dismay even as she began walking
with him along the corridors. "Already? Well, perhaps you'd like to
try different company for the evening." She looked up at him through
her lashes. "I promise you that I can be very entertaining."

"Afraid I'm not interested, sorry." Bold of her though, to think he
might change his plans and boot someone out of his weyr for her sake.
For all this woman knew, it could be the Weyrwoman waiting for him.

"I understand." Daturns inwardly cursed at her luck. Why was it so
difficult to pin this man down? Was just an evening with him too much?
It wasn't as though she wasn't attractive; she knew she was! So,
instead, she peered up at him and offered a bright smile, full of open
promise. "Well, Weyrleader, if you've ever got an inkling for company
in the evening, I'll be more than happy to provide you with a night's

He held back a sigh. "Thank you, I'll think about it." Meaning he'd
probably forget all about it as soon as he closed the door.

"I could come to you tomorrow perhaps." Daturna kept her smile, but
frustration grew as they walked closer to his quarters. Just one
night? Maybe, if she pleased him enough, more than one? She took a
chance and slid her fingers along his arm. "You'd enjoy it very much.
I'd make sure of it."

He was beginning to feel like a spiderclaw had latched onto him.
"Really, no thank you. I know there's only one Weyrleader, but I'm
sure there are plenty of other riders who would appreciate your

"They do." She answered, as if that would sway him. They neared his
door and she pulled a stop, still holding on to his arm. "Are you
sure?" Batting her lashes, she hugged his arm against her breasts, her
head tilted back as she leaned towards him.

"Yes, I'm sure." An edge of irritation crept into his voice. How many
times did he have to say no? "I hope you find someone to enjoy your
evening with." **But it _won't_ be me.**

She heard the irritation and wanted to stamp her own foot in sulky
frustration. **Faranth take it all, do I _have_ to wait for a mating
flight?** She'd watch him then, make sure that she would be there at
_every_ single mating flight he was involved in. By the First Egg, all
she wanted was to have him _once_. Was that too much to ask? "I will."
She let go of his arm, not wanting to press him too much. "I hope your
night is enjoyable too, Weyrleader." **But I'd make it better than
whatever you're getting.**

He opened the door and stepped inside, barely glancing back to mutter,
"Night", before closing the door behind him. Good thing that was over.

Last updated on the January 13th 2021

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