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As If It Never Happened

Writers: Heather, Avery
Date Posted: 9th December 2020

Characters: Erivana, K'yne
Description: Erivana moves out
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 28 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: L'val


Drills had not gone very well, but at least L'val had been there to point out one of his wingmates who had obviously needed extra help but wouldn't admit to it. It had taken a few minutes to sort that out and once that was done he'd needed a trip to the bathing pools.

The brownrider's blonde hair was still combed back and damp when he arrived at his weyr. It took him a moment to realize why things felt weird - some of Erivana's personal things were missing from the main chamber of the weyr. Going to the door of the small room that she had been occupying since she had moved in with him months ago, K'yne leaned against the entryway as he looked at the bags and boxed up items.

"Going somewhere?" he asked as she moved about her room.

She jumped, her runner’s tail of hair swaying, and turned her head to look over her shoulder. “K’yne, hello, I didn’t expect you back. How are you?”

**Yikes, she's using her formal tone,** K'yne thought, and then also wondering if he should be worried about her calling him 'sir' again. After everything they had gone through together with Keriv he had hoped things would be more casual between them, but that had been far from the case.

"I'm fine. Drills were long. You're packing?" he asked again, since she had avoided his question.

“I noticed you were out awhile,” she said. **And was counting on it,** she thought, but didn’t say.

Realizing she couldn’t just dodge out of it, she turned around to face him. “I talked to one of the headwoman’s assistants after we gave Keriv to the creche about moving back into my own weyr. After lunch today, Zaeri told me there is a couple freed up.”

"Ah," K'yne said noncommittally. "You could stay," he offered.

“I don’t want to put you out,” she said, shaking her head, which caused her hair to bob again. “I really did appreciate it, you know. I mean that. Being all alone in my own little weyr when pregnant, with my stomach sick and feeling heavy and tired all the time, it wouldn’t have been the best thing, and you were so good to me.”

**But you're not putting me out,** the brownrider thought. "I was glad to help."

She looked at the bags and boxes, thinking there wasn’t really that much. She’d thought the same thing when she moved into K’yne’s weyr, as well. If it was because of never rebuilding much of a collection of personal items of her own after the loss of River Bluff, or if it was because she just had never been much of a packrat either before then or after, she didn’t know. But everything she had at Dragonsfall was contained in these.

“I can get these while you work in your office, I don’t want to cut into your time for wing duties.”

K'yne felt like a snowball caught up in an avalanche. He didn't want Erivana to go but he could think of nothing to say to get her to stay. "I'm done working for the evening. I can help you."

“Oh, if it’s not trouble then thank you. Between Arinoth and Seryth I think we could get it in a single trip then,” she said, picking up two bags.

He could see his hands reaching out and taking one of the boxes, he could feel his feet walking him out to the ledge, but the entire time his brain seemed to be somewhere else.

}:Just ask her to stay.:{ Arinoth advised.

**I mean, I already told her she could....**

}:That's not the same as asking,:{ the brown pointed out as if K'yne was a simpleton.

K'yne exhaled a breath as he returned to where Erivana was. "Are you positive you don't want to stay?"

"I'm positive. It'll be nice to have that space back for you, won't it?" she asked.

"I mean, I wasn't really using it," he said as he picked up and carried another box out.

She fell quiet, not really knowing what to say to him in answering. **I'm just a girl you got pregnant by accident, and our son is in the creche, now. There's no reason to keep me around now, and I don't know why you're asking.**

Instead she just fell into sync moving things, and when the bags were all on the dragons, she said, "Here's the one it is," pointing at the ledge. It wasn't actually terribly far and could be seen from his - up high, a narrow one only for greens.

It made him feel better, although he wasn’t sure why, to know that she would be close.

Once they got up to her ledge, he set about helping unpack the dragons. The weyr was small and reminded him of the one she had lived in before; it was as if her time living with him had never happened.

It was furnished with only the basics. In the living area, there wasn't even space for a couch, instead there was a low table and two stuffed chairs for people to sit across from each other at, as well as a narrow basin sink for water. A curtain separated it from the sleeping area, which held a single bed, a wardrobe for clothes, a small nightstand.

"You can just drop these off if you don't want to help unpack."

Were they going to go back to being strangers, he wondered? Strangers that sometimes bumped into one another when they happened to show up at the creche at the same time to visit their son?

"Okay, well, if you need anything, I'm just a hop away." K'yne said, since he couldn't figure out an excuse to stay longer.

"I appreciate the offer. Thank you," Erivana said. Impulsively, she stepped over and gave him a hug.

The brownrider's arms closed around her. She felt right and fit perfectly against him, K'yne thought, and he wondered if she noticed it too. "Your welcome. I mean it. Anything, anytime."

Erivana didn't feel the perfect way they fit together - not till they stepped apart and she felt a sharp pang of loss, like she'd felt when Keriv went to the creche. She smiled up at him. "Okay. I'll see you around. Goodnight, K'yne."

Last updated on the January 13th 2021

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