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Writers: Miriah
Date Posted: 1st December 2020

Characters: Jalodwyn, Mertin
Description: Jalodwyn bears the brunt of further consequences
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 7, day 19 of Turn 10
Notes: Takes place at Jade Harbor Hold
Mentioned: Thayde

Jalodwyn faced the Master Dolphineer with an attempt at calm reason,
even though frustration coiled deep in her belly. "I've been given
dormitory duty for the last 12 days, Master Mentin. It's usually only
six at a time. Since I was cleared for Fleet and Shore duty, I haven't
been put on the roster. I'm able to do my duties."

Master Mentin looked over at Jalodwyn, his face carefully neutral.
"I'm not prepared to put you on those duties at this time."

"Why not? My specialty is _salvage_. It's what I've been doing. I
don't understand why you're keeping me on land. I could do float
guard, work in diagnosis or on Away Pod duty. I'm capable." Her hands
behind her as she stood straight, she flexed her fingers in and out of

"I'd rather have you on dormitory duty at this time." His expression
didn't change, even at Jalodwyn's growing pleas.

"Can you at least tell me why? If it's something I'm not doing wrong
in my duties at least tell me what it is so I can work to fix it. I'm
doing everything I'm asked to do!"

Master Mentin looked down at his hides and exhaled slowly through his
nose. "Look, Jalodwyn, no one is questioning your dedication or your

"Then what are they questioning? Isn't that what's supposed to be important?"

"You're not partnered yet."

"Not every dolphineer _is_. But I haven't gotten a chance to get to
know the pod well enough yet and I've been here for months."

"I wasn't finished." Mentin's voice sharpened and Jalodwyn fell
silent, biting the inside of her cheek. Mentin continued slowly. "As I
was saying, there's no one questioning your abilities, Jalodwyn. I
know Yasha is helping you with your child; I'm aware of the
limitations. I just can't schedule you and her away at the same time
due to your....situation and need of child care. When she is doing
Away Pod duties and Diagnosis duties, I can't schedule your for other

"We have the creche." Jalodwyn protested.

"For days only. Not evenings. Every single child at the creche,
excepting yours has two available parents and I work to make sure at
least one of them is home But you aren't married, Jalodwyn. I'm
trying to make it easy on you, but..."

Jalodwyn's eyes stung and she quickly blinked back tears as every
muscle in her body stiffened. **There's always a _but_. What now?**

Mertin sighed, then his voice firmed. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to
be very frank with you, Jalodwyn. No other dolphineer is willing to
work with you. Especially on Fleet and Away Pod duty." When Jalodwyn
looked down, Mentin didn't gentle his voice. "Your reputation, despite
the work you've put in since giving birth, is sullied, Jalodwyn. It's
going to take a long time before anyone forgets, if they ever do.
Thayde is well liked here. And I'm not transferring you."

Jalodwyn closed her eyes. "Can I at least work with the pod? Get to
know them? I'd like to try to partner again, at least."

Mentin shifted the hides on his desk, taking his time before
answering. He cleared his throat. "Perhaps in a few months, I'll allow
it. Fleet, Away Pod, and Shore Duty are out of the question at this
time. For now, I'll rotate you on Dormitory, Diagnosis, Float Guard,
and Healer Hall Duty."

Jalodwyn's shoulders slumped. There was little she could do and she
was able to read the underlying message. No one wanted her, no one
trusted that she could be partnered with another dolphin, and no one,
including the Hallmaster, was willing to give her a chance to prove
herself or to repair what she'd so badly damaged. Consequences once
again. Slowly she nodded, swallowing hard. "I understand."

"Good." Mentin looked relieved. "You'll have the next two days as
restdays, then you'll start on your sevenday of Float Guard. Report to
Gudata on the docks."

"Yes, Master Mentin." Once excused, Jalodwyn quietly left, feeling
utterly defeated. There was nothing she could do; she'd been sent here
as a punishment and by Faranth, she felt it keenly.

Last updated on the December 2nd 2020

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