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Wing Responsibilities

Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Date Posted: 27th November 2020

Characters: D'hol, F'lin
Description: D'hol and F'lin discuss issues in the wing
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 7, day 20 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: K'lvin, Timassa, K'ran, J'nus, Kapera, D'ren


D'hol yanked off his helmet after Yumath settled and strode to meet
his Wingsecond as he slid down his own bronze. His face was tight as
he waited, drumming his fingers over his helmet. "F'lin after you're
done debriefing your nine, I need to see you in my office. Bathe and
scrub later."

**Aw, crap,** F'lin thought. He didn't let his anxiety show, though,
and instead took the time he needed with his nine to give them his
review and feedback for the next day's drill. Only then he went to
D'hol's office, and if he hurried at that point, he didn't feel bad
about it. When he arrived he knocked at D'hol's door. "Weyrleader?"

"Sit down, please." D'hol still wore his riding leathers, though he
had tossed his jacket to the side, letting it fall haphazardly over
the side of a chair. "F'lin, I rely on my Wingsecond for many things,
in the air and on the ground. If I falter, you lead the wing, not the
Weyrsecond. I have to keep my eye on all of the wings, not just mine.
I rely on _you_ to pay closer attention to ours." He moved to pour two
cups of klah and handed one to F'lin. "Two riders today broke ranks
several times. They're young. They were showing off and one of them,
S'jin, is a bluerider in your nine. Seneth _has_ to keep him in line.
I don't care that he's young or that he's from Riverbluff. He'll get
himself killed doing the idiocy he was pulling today."

It was on the tip of his tongue to defend S'jin-- the bluerider been
blowing off steam after a frustrating part of the drill, and F'lin
_knew_ that he knew his flight patterns. But then he realized that it
wasn't about S'jin at all. It was about _him_. "Seneth and I will keep
a closer eye on S'jin and E'tara," he said. "I already spoke with
S'jin when I was debriefing my nine."

"If he does it in the drills, he'll do it in Fall. Don't wait until
debriefing to correct it next time. Young riders will _always_ test
boundaries, especially with someone new. S'jin was testing you to see
what he could get away with. He and E'tara are still at that age where
they still think they're untouchable and they won't ever get hurt."
D'hol sat on the edge of his desk. "Rein them in quickly. You don't
want to know how it feels to have a death on your hands because you
didn't act when you should have."

He already had a list of names. From River Bluff Weyr, from Topaz
Seahold. From Dolphin Cove. D'hol did things differently than K'ran
and K'sedel, though, and if he was going to keep his knots, he had to
be mindful of it. F'lin nodded. "I'll handle them."

D'hol nodded briskly. "Good. " He took a drink of his klah. "I gave
you the position because I knew you could do it and you adjust quickly
enough. Let Timassa handle the discipline if it needs to be meted out;
she's an old hand at it. Get to know her, F'lin. She's steadier than
most greenriders and she's got a sharp mind." The wing still had a few
hiccups from integrating riders from every Weyr, but it was molding
together into one cohesive unit. "I'd also like you to look over this
new batch of upcoming Weyrlings. You've gotten to know our wing, so
you'll have a good idea of what I'm looking for. Make me a list of
anyone that stands out to you."

F'lin blinked, a bit surprised. "I... ah, I have been watching them
already," he admitted. He'd done the same back at River Bluff,
although he hadn't found the time at Dolphin Cove. A part of him
hadn't wanted new riders with Rapids Wing that weren't from River
Bluff. It was different now that F'lin was back where he felt he
needed to be. "I have a few that look promising already, but I'll make
you a proper list. When do you want it?"

D'hol nodded in approval. F'lin did stay alert and seemed to naturally
know what was needed for a wing; he just needed fine tuning. D'hol
waved a hand. "By the time they're seniors. Right now, they're still
getting used to their dragons and being riders. There's going to be an
adjustment phase. But we need more greens and blues in the wings right
now. Concentrate on them and give me regular reports. K'lvin sends
them too, but I want your perspective as a younger man."

"All right." F'lin wasn't sure what he could offer that was different,
but he didn't mind the task. "Anything else you need from me?"

"Yeah, I do." D'hol gave a slight smile. "Find some friends here,
F'lin. If I have my way, you'll be here a long time. Friends and
relationships in other Weyrs are all fine and good, but you need some
grounding here too."

The younger bronzerider smiled, a bit sheepishly. "When I interviewed
with you, I told you that I feel a connection to River Bluff. And I
do. This is my home, sir. And while Seneth is unlikely to catch the
senior queen in the next turn or two, he will eventually. This is my
home and it's going to be my Weyr, whether it's soon or in the next

"Well, honestly, I'd rather you not catch the senior queen for a long
time yet." D'hol's lips lifted in a quick grin. Most bronzeriders
actively sought the senior queen and her rider's favor with
determination; he didn't think F'lin was any different. It was his job
to fend them off to keep Kapera's favor and keep his own position, but
instead of being irritable about it, he viewed it now with good humor.
"But what I will say is that you need to forge some friendships here
too, not just with Kapera."

"D'ren and I go back a ways," F'lin admitted, although he was thinking
more about the time he'd taken Kapera looking for spiderclaws than
about his friend.

D'hol nodded. "Good. Just settle as you can. That's all I ask."

F'lin smiled. "I can promise you, that won't be a problem."

Nodding, D'hol stood straight and stretched his back. "Very well. Then
you won't object to dinner in my weyr next restday? It will likely be
Kapera, K'ran, J'nus, Timassa and I, unless they have have other plans."

"I-- yes! Yes, of course." The younger bronzerider tried to moderate
his grin a bit to not seem too eager.

"I'll see you then. Go get yourself and Seneth scrubbed up." Yumath
was already mentally nudging his rider to do the same.

"Of course." F'lin set his untouched mug of klah aside and stood.
"Thank you , D'hol. I know you know this already, but whatever you
need, I can help."

"Unless you have an unlimited supply of spicy meatrolls for a pregnant
woman who gets cranky when there aren't any, I think that's all for
today." Timassa had begun having cravings and if there wasn't a steady
supply of the meatrolls she favored, his evenings got interesting.
Amusing, but interesting. "No, I think that's all for today. Thank you, F'lin."

"Weyrleader." F'lin nodded crisply, then left. He'd speak with S'jin again before drills tomorrow, and E'tara too. He started making plans in his head as he headed down to the weyrlake and finish his afternoon duties.

Last updated on the December 2nd 2020

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