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I Didn't Know!

Writers: Miriah
Date Posted: 30th November 2020

Characters: Enamra, Elonwa (NPC), S'pel (NPC)
Description: Enamra meets two riders from Dolphins Cove. What she is told shocks her.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 7, day 1 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Thayde, H'riv


Enamra watched as the dragons landed, but stayed back as her siblings
began to bounce with excitement. It never failed, her little sisters
were absolutely fascinated by the big beasts and every rider that had
allowed them to approach had been kind to them. Embly declared that
the pretty blues were her favorite, while Roblyna seemed to favor the
smaller greens; both thought that the bronzes and the occasional gold
were far too intimidating and Enamra couldn't blame them. They were

There was never a day without dragons, especially living so close to
the Weyr. But mindful now of her position, Enamra had to rein in her
own impulses in wanting to spend time with them, except with H'riv's
brown. She had a distinct fondness for the sweet dragon that always
seemed to crave eyeridge scratches. But she sometimes envied her young
sisters for their freedom to approach any dragon that they were
allowed. Even so, she held back as they approached a greenrider who
stood between the blue and green dragon.

She heard excited voices and soft squeals as they were allowed to pet
the green. Content that they wouldn't be harmed and that the
greenrider didn't seem to mind, she bent to dig through the soaked
sand, looking for another hidden clam or oyster.
It wasn't until she heard the tread of footfalls on the sand getting
close that she looked up to see a man approaching her.

"Hello there." Dark haired and with a wide smile, S'pel approached the
young woman that had caught Tagiorth's keen interest and attention.
She was pretty and the swimsuit she wore was fetching enough that she
would have caught his own attention had he been looking at her before
his blue had pointed her out.

"Oh, hello." Enamra brushed off the sand in her hands and quickly
straightened. She glanced over his shoulder knots and then her eyes
went past him to her young sisters, who apparently were still
chattering with the greenrider. "My sisters aren't bothering you and
your friend, are they?"

S'pel grinned at the light flush on the tanned cheeks. "Not at all.
I'm S'pel, rider of blue Tagiorth." he gestured with his thumb over
his shoulder at the blue dragon who was watching Enamra with an almost
piercing intensity.

"It's nice to meet you, S'pel." Enamra gave a quick smile but was a
little unnerved by his dragon's unfaltering gaze. "I'm Enamra. Can I
help you with something? Is something wrong with your dragon that you
need help with? I can summon someone..."

"Oh, no no. He's perfectly fine." S'pel's grin was unabashed. "He
likes you, that's all."

"Oh. Okay then." Enamra glanced at the blue and then back at the
rider. "He's a very handsome dragon."

"Don't tell him that." There was a chuckle. "It'll go right to his
head. He's almost got the ego of a bronze." He tilted his head to
study her. She was indeed a pretty little thing and with Tagiorth's
sudden interest, it was certainly possible that he'd be seeing more of
her. "He thinks you're pretty interesting too."

Enamra blinked, surprised. "He does? I'm really not. I'm just
gathering some things for my husband's dinner."

Husband? She was young enough to be married? **Well, Faranth, that
does put a wrinkle in things.** S'pel tugged at his ear. "Well, you
are to him. He's a Searchdragon for the Weyr and he thinks you could
Stand for Impression."

Enamra's eyes widened as her gaze flicked from him, to the dragon and
back to him, her jaw dropping open. "No...no I'm sorry, I can't do
that. I...I appreciate the thought, but I'm really quiet happy where
I'm at. I'm the Hallmaster's wife and I really don't think that I can
do anything like that."

**Oh shardit.** S'pel grimaced at the realization of what he'd done.
She hadn't been wearing any knots or any insignia of rank. She was in
a swimsuit, by the First Egg. He hadn't a clue that she was a person
of rank! She looked so young! "Ah. Well, how old are you?"

"Uhm...I'm sixteen." Enamra felt her heart pound. Searched. She'd been
Searched. For the Weyr. Her stomach lurched in a sudden anxiety. What
would Thayde say if she told him? It couldn't even be considered!

"Oh." Wasn't the Hallmaster nearly fifty? Faranth, he'd married a
woman young enough to be his daughter. "Well, look...if you want to go
to the Weyr to Stand, you can. You'll be welcome there. Tagiorth
thinks there's going to be an egg on the Sands for you."

"I uh...I can't." Enamra swallowed hard. "Roblyna! Embly! It's time to
come home!" She waved at the girls, beckoning them away. "I'm sorry, I
have to go."

S'pel held himself back from stopping her but stood back as the
children ran towards them. As they hurried away, his weyrmate
approached. "What was that all about? Tagiorth just about went on
point and Wisuth said he was really excited. A Search?"

S'pel grimaced. "Yeah...Uhm...that girl that Tagiorth Searched? That
was the Hallmaster's wife."

There was an immediate smack on the back of his head. "Are you crazy?
You Searched the Hallmaster's wife?"

"I didn't know who she was! Tagiorth Searched her. Besides, she said
no." S'pel rubbed the back of his head. "Faranth, Elonwa, it's not
like I planned this."

"Hmph. Well, there's no eggs on the Sands right now, so count yourself
lucky. I'd hate to have issues between the Weyr and the Hall."

Last updated on the December 1st 2020

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