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Motherly Instruction (PG-17)

Writers: Miriah
Date Posted: 12th November 2020

Characters: Asaile, Romaile
Description: Asaile receives important information and instruction from her mother regarding her future duties.
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 5, day 17 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Bryvin
PG-17 for discussions about intimacy
Rating: PG-17


"Mother!" Asaile greeted her mother with an embrace as the finely
dressed woman stepped into the parlor where Asaile waited.

Romaile greeted her daughter with a kiss on the cheek, returning her
daughter's hug. "Hello, my flower. You're looking quite well. The
air here seems to have brought a flush to your cheeks." She stepped
back looking at her child's face, then smiled gently. "But perhaps
it's not just the air that brings such a glow."

Asaile immediately lifted her hand to display the ring Lord Bryvin had
gifted her. "Look, mother. Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've
ever seen?" Asaile's eyes gleamed with soft pleasure and delight. "I
will never take it off."

"Oh," her mother gently took Asaile's hand to examine the lovely
setting. "It is very lovely. Lord Bryvin certainly seems to favor
you. And why should he not?" She cupped her daughter's cheek fondly.
"Your father is quite proud of the match you've made. You should have
seen him when he received the request from Lord Bryvin. He's with him
now, finalizing negotiations. Your grandfather has offered Bryvin
quite the trade negotiation on your father's behalf as well as what
our own Hold can provide."

That was to be expected, Asaile knew. No marriage between Blood was
ever without some sort of trade negotiation. "Does my marriage benefit
our family?"

Her mother nodded approvingly. "Very much. Lord Bryvin prizes you
highly. You must have made an impression on him."

Asaile's eyes softened even more. "I love him. He's kind and gentle,
Mother. I want to make him happy."

"Good. It will make your married life far more fulfilling and easier
to bear as you get older. But," Romaile lifted a hand to still any
more words from her child. "I need to explain some things to you,
Asaile. Things that only a married woman ought know. Private things
that you will learn and your husband will expect of you on your
wedding night."

Asaile's face flushed and she looked down. "He will try to get me with
child. I know."

"Well, yes, of course he will. Here, let's sit, child." Romaile tugged
her hand towards a small couch and sat, settling her daughter beside
her. "Some things I have waited to explain until such a time as now.
Your father didn't want you to know until absolutely necessary. It was
also the way with my mother and your grandfather." She watched as
Asaile's brow furrowed. "I need you to listen carefully, alright?"

"Yes, of course, Mother."

"Good. You've always been a good, sweet, biddable child. That will
serve you quite well with what will happen. On your wedding night,
Lord Bryvin will come to you as a man and as a husband. He may expect
you to disrobe entirely for him, or he may wish to disrobe you
himself." Asaile's cheeks flamed red as her mother continued. "He may
also choose just to lay you down in your night dress and lift it only
to expose what he needs. It will depend on his mood and his desire.
Whatever he chooses, you must not protest." She took a breath, holding
on to her daughter's hand. " You must spread your thighs so that he
may touch you in your private places to prepare you for him. This may
feel pleasurable for you and that is acceptable."

Romaile continued, speaking calmly. "Your husband may also disrobe, or
he may simply open his sleeping trousers. I know you have changed
children's nappies, so you know the difference between a girl's
passage and a manhood." Asaile nodded. "Your husband will guide you in
making sure his manhood is ready. When it is, it will be firm. He will
mount you and he will pierce your maidenhead. It will be painful,
Asaile, but it is necessary. The evidence of the pain in taking your
maidenhead and the blood that results will let your husband know that
your virtue is intact and any child that may come from your wedding
night is most assuredly his."

"Mother, I would never..." Asaile immediately protested.

"I know, Asaile. I have complete faith that you're untouched. So does
your father. But husbands, especially Lords, need that assurance. They
need to know that their heirs are their blood and from their seed."

"I think I understand."

"Good. Now, " Romaile took another deep breath. "Your husband will
move himself to stoke his fire and will plant his seed. Then he will
remove himself from you. Sometimes he will sleep beside you after,
sometimes he may leave to go to his quarters, or after a rest, he may
wish to stoke his fire again with you."

Asaile stared at her mother, trying to visualize Lord Bryvin doing as
her mother described. She felt flustered, a little frightened, and
also a little warm. She swallowed hard and nodded.

"Your husband may allow you to wait for a night or two to recover. You
may be sore the next morning, but a long heated bath will help. But
most likely, he will come to your bed often, at least at first. You
must never refuse him your body and must always be willing, as he is
your Lord and your body is his to seed as he sees fit.. He will want
to get you with child and you must allow that. Sometimes, if your
husband is willing, you might even find some pleasure in providing him
your body, but it is always his pleasure and needs that must come
first. It may take some time before his seed takes root but after the
seed is rooted and you get with child, his intimate attentions will
probably stop until you give birth and heal. After, you must again be
willing. It is your duty to provide him with as many children as he

"I do want to give him babies, Mother. I do." Asaile nodded quickly.
"I would like nothing more."

Romaile laughed softly. "You may think differently after labor, my
flower. But it will be your duty nonetheless. When was your last moon

Asaile had to stop to think."A sevenday ago."

"Hm, then there is a possibility that his seed will take root in you
during your wedding night. You've been trained well and I think it
will serve you here. Outside of the bedchamber, you will be the Lady.
You will have status with those below you, but all you do must be for
Lord Bryvin's benefit. He is the Lord Holder and his will is law. You
must never raise your voice to him, argue or disagree with him,
especially in front of others. It is within his right to discipline
you as he sees fit. You would do well to never have that happen. Even
a kind, gentle man can lose his temper if pressed."

"Oh no, I won't." Asaile lifted her chin. "I will be a good wife to
him and I will make sure that he is always pleased with me."

"Then your marriage will be a pleasant one, Asaile. And you both will
be happy. I'm so very proud of you and the woman you will become. I
look forward to attending your union with Lord Bryvin and will leave
content in the knowledge that you know your duties and will be happy."

Asaile beamed and threw her arms around her mother's shoulders. "I
will be, Mother. Thank you. I will be very happy."

Last updated on the November 22nd 2020

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