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Friends are Needed

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 8th November 2020

Characters: N'vanik, Urlene
Description: An offer of friendship is made.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 6, day 17 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Y'gel, Briata


Urlene pulled on her over tunic as she stepped out of the door and
came face to chest to a warm male body. "OOF!" She stumbled back and
caught herself on the door frame. She rubbed her nose and she looked
up to see N'vanik standing right in front of her "Weyrleader! Excuse
me. Apparently I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Weyrhealer," N'vanik said as he reached out a hand to steady her.
"Sorry, I was just about to knock. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised
to find you here."

"No, " she said, accepting his offered hands as a support while
straightening. "You shouldn't I suppose. I'm staying here for a
while. For help with my son. Briata and Y'gel have been kind enough
to offer." She brushed her hand down her tunic to smooth it. "Did I
hurt you?"

He snorted a little laugh. "I should be asking you that. It must be
kinda like running into a wall. You okay Urlene?" Thankfully she
hadn't been holding the baby when she bumped into him.

She rubbed her nose again. "It was, actually. Faranth, are all you
bronzeriders that solid?" She peered up at him. "I think the only
injury was to my dignity, to be perfectly honest. I think that will
heal in time, if I can learn to look before I open the door and not
run into chests with my nose. " Her lips quirked upwards, evidently
amused by the situation. "I think Nisheyl's asleep right for a nap,
though. She may have forgotten about your visit. I think new babies
tend to scramble the minds of everyone around them. "

"How have you been sleeping?" His slightly upturned mouth said he
could guess the answer.

Her brows rose and her lips lifted a bit more in wry response. "Sleep?
What's that? I get naps." She chuckled. "At least your daughter sleeps
through the night. Lorgellen isn't exactly a quiet cryer when he's
hungry." She paused, considering who she was speaking to. "But I get
enough rest to be able to meet my duties."

"My Weyrhealer _and_ my Weyrdragonhealer being kept up all night with
a new baby is a bit concerning." But his voice was not unkind as he
said it. "Remember that your duties include delegation."

She nodded. "Of course. I've had to learn that duty rather quickly,
actually." She assured him, "And I'm sure Y'gel does what he needs to
do. I think Briata is actually more tired, and we take turns, but I
do have to feed him. A few more months and he'll be sleeping through
the night." She paused. "I hope."

He chuckled. "I love my daughter, but I'm glad I didn't have to deal
with that." It was hard at first when Nisha was at River Bluff and he
had such limited time to see her with the time difference and he'd
felt like he was missing out. Now he got to see her more often, and
she was old enough to truly remember him and be excited for his

She offered a smile. "I'd heard about it from other mothers, but
hadn't realized it would be so exhausting until I did it myself. Right
now, I'm thankful for the help, but it does seem like I have no free
time anymore." Her lips curled in mild humor. "I don't want to keep
you from your visit though. I'm expected in the infirmary."

"Sorry for delaying you, Weyrhealer. It was good to see you though."
N'vanik stepped out of her way. She had a reputation for being
prickly, but maybe his rank insulated him from that.

"You didn't delay me. It was actually a bit of a relief. I don't see
many people outside of the infirmary anymore, besides Briata and
Y'gel. But I try to keep to myself, " She admitted. "They're
weyrmated, so,I'm trying not to intrude overly much. "

"Urlene, are you in need of some friends?"

Her brow knit, surprised by the question. She'd honestly never been
asked that so directly. She'd had a close friend besides Y'gel, but
Chaysea had left and she thought that Briata could also be considered
a friend as well. But she didn't really socialize with anyone outside
of their weyr. She worked and she came back to their weyr. Now that
she had reached the pinnacle of her craft, she recognized that all the
obsessive work towards it had left her a little bit lonely as far as
those she could be close to. "I..." She paused." I guess I don't have
many, that's true."

"Well we could try things out and see how we get along. At the least,
I can give you a reason to socialize with someone else for a bit,"
N'vanik said. "And despite my reputation with the ladies, I promise I
can be friends with a woman without expecting something else."

Urlene looked up at N'vanik. He'd always been polite, had never made
advances, and had never treated her with anything but respect. It was
something she could appreciate. Slowly, she nodded. "Yes, I think I'd
like to try that."

"We could start with dinner next sevenday, how's that sound?"

"Alright. That sounds nice, actually. " It wasn't just polite words
towards someone in a leadership role. It did sound nice to actually
get out of her rooms to do something other than work or childcare,
if only for a candlemark or two. "I'd enjoy that, thank you. "

"I'll see you then."

Last updated on the November 11th 2020

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