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You're Family

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 8th November 2020

Characters: Briata, Urlene
Description: Briata and Urlene discuss their living arrangements
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 5, day 24 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Y'gel, Lorican


Laying down Lorgelen for the night, Urlene sighed and pressed a soft
kiss on the baby's head. Though still an infant, Urlene was beginning
to see signs of who the baby's father was, but hadn't mentioned it.
There was time and did it really matter anymore? Y'gel adored him and
so did Briata. That was enough.

Emerging out of her bedroom to get an evening cup of tea, then spotted
Briata standing near the kettle. "Oh, good evening. He's out like a
glow for the next few hours. I was just getting a cup of tea before I
went to bed."

Briata smiled when she looked up. "He's such a good little guy," Then
she grinned. "You know Brigel had him laughing today just making silly

Urlene smiled and nodded. "Brigel seems to really love him. All the
children do and he's such an easy baby. I was worried about him being
fussy like so many others I've heard, but he's really not.
Just...hungry. All the time." She chuckled, then looked down at her
bosom with a sigh. "Well, I've certainly got enough for him."

"Yes," Briata smiled at her. "We tend to supply what they need. Then
they move on and we have to find a way to deal with the oversupply,"
she chuckled. She poured a cup for Urlene and handed it to her. Then
poured one for herself. "How was your day?"

"Thank you." She sighed and took a sip "I rather miss not bursting out
of the bodice of my dresses. " Her lips curled just a little. "It was
just a regular day today. No emergencies, no traumas, thank Faranth.
It was quiet. The biggest problems were a weyrling with bad
constipation and a retired rider with arthritis. " She shrugged.
"Mostly just teaching today. "

"Well," she grinned. "Look on the bright side. Y'gel likes it."

Urlene choked a little bit on the sip she'd just taken, then snorted a
little laugh as her cheeks took on a pink flush. "Yes, well, he's not
exactly been um, partaking. I didn't want to be disrespectful to you
or your weyr and he's been the perfect gentleman. I didn't realize he
was looking. My mind's been elsewhere. " Despite her words, a little
smile played around the corners of her mouth. He liked it did he?
Well, well. Interesting.

Briata blushed slightly and cleared her throat. "I've thought a great
deal about this so please take it for what it's worth. Both of us were
in terrible marriages. Mine because of my husband's constant
infidelity. Thankfully, we both escaped and found a different life in
the Weyr." She set her cup down and rubbed her hands together. "I like
you Urlene, you're not like the women here who throw their legs open
the moment a man looks in their direction. You're a Lady. You're
smart, the Weyrhealer, and you care." She knew she didn't really have
to say any of this and she straightened her spine. "I am not quite
sure how to make this sound right, but I'm happy having you and your
son living here with us. I would like to be your friend and care for
both of you."

Urlene's brow rose and she carefully considered her next words. She
truly liked Briata; she had a good heart. She decided to show a little
trust. "I heard about yours. Though gossip, of course. My husband
had two mistresses, openly, while we were married. I was nothing
but a broodmare to him, and added wealth through the marriage. He
was never violent, but verbally, he wasn't pleasant and in the bed
chambers, he was...he was more concerned with his own pleasure. He
called his 'beautiful broodmare'. And when I didn't produce, but both
mistresses got with his child, he divorced me and I came here rather
than allowing my parents to arrange yet another match." Her smile was
thin. "I wanted more and, of course, once I got here, I was
disowned. Damaged goods."

She took a sip of her tea, then put it down. "I do like you, Briata.
And I recognize the enormity of your welcome and I greatly appreciate
it. The last thing I'd ever want to do is cause any conflict between
you and Y'gel. He loves you dearly. And I would welcome your
friendship." Her brow knit. "I've kept to myself and kept my focus on
my craft for so long that I don't have many friends. "

"Yes," Briata said. She'd come to much the same conclusion when she'd
also run away. "But now you have a family here. Here in this weyr you
are a part of us. Y'gel, the children including Lorgellan and I all
welcome you to feel as this is your home. We do not consider you to be
a guest. This is not what the Hold or the Hall do. We make our family
the way we want it." She felt her own heart expand with the knowledge
that she finally had the family she'd wanted all along. Even if it
wasn't what tradition said a family was.

Family. Her own experience with family had not been kind; her mother
and father distant, her relationship with her siblings cool. Urlene
sighed, still hesitant. "I thank you for that. I know Lorgellen needs
it; I don't want him raised how I was. I want there to be warmth for
him. Love and choices." She took a moment, running her finger around
the edge of her cup. "Give me time. It's still new to me, the concept
of a close family. Perhaps I'll adjust."

"Yes, I'm sorry," she turned and said to the ledge outside. "Aughasyth
also wants you to know he's a part of your family too but he won't try
to hug you. He's a big goof," she shook her head.

That brought a shudder, but also a soft chuckle. "Tell him I said
thank you and I appreciate the understanding. He's been a bit to get
used to." But he wasn't so bad, she decided. He respectfully kept his
distance. "So is he an uncle, aunt, or nosy older brother?"

Briata laughed. "Probably closest to that last one actually. Though
sometimes he's an old grouchy uncle." She laughed and rolled her eyes
when they heard a rude dragon noise from outside.

Last updated on the November 11th 2020

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