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Formal Courting

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 8th November 2020

Characters: Dunrik, Jayzine
Description: After a wedding, Dunrik makes a proposal
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 6, day 5 of Turn 10
Notes: Occurs right after "A Convenient Marriage"
Mentioned: Lorican, Lusilk


Dunrik watched the newly married couple walk away and at a nod, Rikol
took Silgan's hand and led him to the forge. The small wedding had
brought back memories of his own ceremony, a bit sad, but he felt more
of the joy than the grief he'd once felt. He was happy for them and
wished well for the couple. As the staff began clearing the away, he
looked to the woman who had stood for Lusilk and quietly approached to
stand by her side.

He looked down at Jayzine and offered a smile for the Headwoman. She'd
been his chess partner for the past few months, but they'd not
progressed past their evening matches. He'd enjoyed her company and
found her to be both intelligent, witty, and a pleasant companion for
lonely evenings. It had been enough to make him wonder if there could
be more or if she felt the same, but had never pushed. The wedding and
seeing the apparent happiness made him think that maybe he should, if
only a little. "I'm happy for them."

"As am I," she answered but turned a smile on the big smith that she
rarely displayed for anyone. It somehow made the formal reply seem
slightly less... formal. "I think they'll make a go and I am very
happy for Silgan. It's clear the boy loves Lorican." Her eyes grew
just a tiny bit misty at the thought of her own son barely 3 turns
older than that little guy.

"Aye. He's often at the forge with us. He might just follow in
Lorican's path." He cleared his throat. "Haven't been to a wedding in
some time. Makes me think just a bit, about the future and the past."
Dunrik reached and gently clasped Jayzine's hand, holding it lightly.
"We've become friends, I think, haven't we?"

Her eyes widened and she looked reflexively down at her hand joined
with his. "Yes," she said as her fingers curled around his much larger

Dunrik looked down at their hands, joined together. His calloused
thumb swept over the top of her hand. "I enjoy your company. I like
your wit and your intelligence. Your strength." His brow furrowed as
he took a deep breath. "I know I can't offer much. I'm a simple
working man. But I'm asking...requesting to formally court you,
Jayzine. You're the first woman since my wife passed that I could see
myself with. Would you let me court you? To see if we could have

Her eyes turned dark and her brows came together at his admission.
Then she slowly smiled again. "I never thought I would say this Master
Dunrik," she started. "My marriage was not... pleasant. I was given as
a prize. I never had a choice and when I did, I made a bad one." She
was fairly certain he'd heard the scandal around her. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. Your marriage and what happened," he took a breath. "I
can't say I understand it. But it helped forge the strong woman right
in front of me. " He lifted their shared hands and pressed a kiss to
her fingers. "It's marriage I'm seeking, eventually. If we're fit.
But it'll be from your choice. I'd like to be your choice. And I can
promise, if you decide I'm for you, that you'll always be treated
with the respect and care that you deserve." He took a breath,
standing straighter. "I'm a good father and I'd help raise your
youngun, treat him as if he was my own."

Looking down rather than up into his earnest face, she nodded and
pressed her lips together. "In that case yes Dunrik. for all those
reasons, I would be honored by your attention." She lifted her eyes to
his then lifted a hand to the side of his face. "Honored," she

A wide smile creased his face and his fingers squeezed hers. "Perhaps
a dinner together? Tomorrow night?" He stepped closer and lightly laid
a hand on her waist. "And, if I might ask, may I kiss you? I've been
hankering to for months. "

As an answer she swayed closer and lifted her face to his.

Dunrik gently placed his lips on hers. It was a sweet, light kiss, not
pressing for more, but he didn't resist slipping his free hand around
her waist to pull her just a little closer. He paused, lifted his head
only a moment, then placed his lips on hers again, tasting her lips
with a little more firmness before he cleared his throat and forced
himself to pull away. His throat worked for a moment as he looked down
at her. "Thank you, Jayzine."

She nodded. "Dinner tomorrow night. In my quarters?"

He immediately thought of the propriety of the situation. Alone? In
her quarters? Then he remembered that she'd also been in his, playing
chess. It was well known that they spend that time together. And he
would attempt nothing on her person, she would know that as well. It
wouldn't have been right or proper. "Yes. I would like that." He let
her go with a soft sigh. "Would you like me to bring anything?"

"How about the wine and your chess set," She smiled.

That brought a soft chuckle. He'd find flowers too. Somehow, despite
the changing weather, he'd find something pretty for her. She deserved
to have beauty every single day. "I can do that." His eyes crinkled at
the corner. "But don't expect me to let you win."

She raised an eyebrow and gave him a 'look' "_Let_ me win? Comfort
yourself with that thought smith."

Dunrik's smile widened. "Oh, I do. It's the excuse I give myself every
time I lose. It comforts me a great deal and provides a sop to my

They were very well matched in the Chess arena which is why their
sessions had been so stimulating to begin with. They challenged one
another and who would win was by no means a foregone conclusion. "Are
you hungry now? There is a nice spread already set out in the dining

"That sounds wonderful." He kissed her hand again. "Even more so, if
you'll take the time to take a few bites with me before you return to
your duties. I have a young child to look after this evening, else I
might linger there with you." His lips lifted. "And I'll look forward
to our dinner and game tomorrow, Jayzine. All all those after."

"I would enjoy that," she said, taking his arm.

Last updated on the November 11th 2020

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