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What's Your Perspective?

Writers: Avery, Miriah
Date Posted: 8th November 2020

Characters: K'ran, J'ackt
Description: K'ran approaches J'ackt about the situation with Saidrene
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 3, day 4 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Saidrene, Alina, Cyradis
Back dated a bit.


It had been a few days since Saidrene mentioned what had happened on
her birthingday. Time enough for her to have had her flight, for him
to lose it, and for him and Saidrene to come to an accord after the
initial spark of confrontation between them. But still it weighed on
K’ran’s mind, the question of why J’ackt had said harsh things to
Saidrene and hurt her feelings, and what was going on.

So on a restday, he decided he’d take action. He rose at local dawn
and headed over to Dolphin Cove, planning to speak with J’ackt. And
then he could catch up with others he knew while he was there.

Rogueth reached out to Zith. }:Is your rider free to speak to mine?:{
the older bronze asked, in a curious but not pressuring tone.

Though there was certainly a feeling that Zith had heard the message
and relayed it, there was a considerable delay in the response. When
Zith spoke, his words were carefully measured, as though reluctant to
reveal his rider's true thoughts about speaking with the other rider.
Still, it was a respectful reply. }: Mine is free. He will speak to
you at the lake by the large boulder.:{

K'ran headed that way, rehearsing in his head what he wanted to say to
J'ackt. He'd gone over various forms of the discussion when he was
thinking about doing this. Some where he demanded J'ackt apologize for
making Saidrene cry. Some where he yelled at J'ackt for thinking only
of his own, selfish desires. He'd been furious on Saidrene's behalf by
seeing how hurt she was.

When he got there and waited for the younger man, though, he realized
the anger was fading and now he was just...curious. Saidrene had said
her side, but he hadn't been there, he didn't know what J'ackt had
said. Only J'ackt knew. Maybe if he understood, he could help them
both understand the other.

J'ackt approached, his face stoic and body coiled and tense. He could
well figure what the other bronzerider wanted to talk about; but with
the tension presently in his own weyr with Alina, he'd hoped it would
have taken a bit longer. He stood a bit away from K'ran and looked at
him for a moment before speaking, but even his voice was tense. "You
wanted to see me about something?"

K'ran nodded. They both knew why he was there. There was no real
official reason for the Weyrsecond of Barrier Lake to show up to chat
with a younger Dolphin Cove bronzerider. There was no point in beating
around the bushes pretending it was anything else.

"I do. Something happened between you and Saidrene, and she's upset
about it. Was crying for awhile. But I heard only her point of view,
and I wanted to know what happened. From your side." His voice was
surprisingly neutral as he spoke. He did want to know J'ackt's
perspective and why.

J'ackt stiffened as K'ran began to speak and he felt his temper rise
at the memory. He forced himself to calm as Zith sent a mental nudge
reminding him to control himself. He exhaled through his nose and
spoke slowly, forcing his words to be even. "Her point of view? I'd
like to know what that is. Mine? She betrayed me and humiliated my
weyrmate. Instead of telling me immediately about it, she waited until
Alina and I visited her to announce it. My weyrmate happens to be
_very_ holdbred. So I didn't get a chance to talk to her, to prepare
her. Alina was supposed to be her friend, but instead Saidrene was
jealous and possessive so she tried to hurt us. And she succeeded. I
nearly lost my weyrmate. Not only that, she was never even supposed to
risk having a child of mine; we're too closely related and she was
told not to by Cyradis. I don't want children and she knew why.
Saidrene knew it, but _she_ acted selfishly, then threw the reasons
why back in my face." He gestured to K'ran. "The babe's yours. I
won't have anything to do with it. Or her, again. "

K’ran felt a rise in ire that he tried to keep hold of as he heard
J’ackt talk. It sounded like all J’ackt had cared about was his point
of view, and he didn’t care about Saidrene at all… but, then again,
Saidrene only cared about her perspective, and K’ran still didn’t
entirely understand hers because she’d gotten upset he didn’t get it.

So he took a deep breath, and tried to listen, non-judgementally. He
really did want to hear J’ackt’s side of things. He wanted to know why
J’ackt had hurt Saidrene and understand his feelings. And hearing that
J'ackt seemed furious about Alina's feelings, not just about his own,
did a lot to explain things. He wasn't sure if the line about Saidrene
doing it on purpose was true, but he wasn't sure that J'ackt would
care if he protested that.

“Thank you for telling me your side of it. I understand more why
you’re upset.” And he was trying to project his sincerity at the other

"I want the child to be mine. I sincerely hope that it is mine,
because I care for her, and I am hoping that I am the sire. Even if
I'm not, I'll raise it to the best of my ability. I hope knowing I'll
step up for it, and that you won't have to be involved, helps you feel
somewhat better about it."

"Well, thank you, but as far as I'm concerned, it _is_ yours, no
matter who put the child there. And at this point, I honestly don't
care. I wouldn't have been involved even if you hadn't stepped
forward or there wasn't a chance you were the father. " He spoke
plainly, not mincing words. "Saidrene knew that I would have never
been involved, no matter what. So no, it doesn't make me feel any
better." His jaw twitched, but he managed to stay calm. "You seem like
a good enough person. Don't know what sort of Da you'll be but I hope
you're a good one, for the babe's sake at least. But I don't want any
news or contact. What Alina does is up to her, if she still wants
that friendship. I don't control that. "

He hesitated, thinking through how to phrase what he wanted to ask. He
wanted Alina's take too, but J'ackt said she was holdbred. Well, so
was K'ran himself, and he though just approaching her might spook her.
So he said, "Would you let Alina know I'm available for her to talk to
if she wishes? I don't want to impose on your weyrmate directly but if
there's anything I can do to help... I'm not going to try to force you
to talk to Saidrene again, if you were afraid of that. Alina, I mean, as
well. I just wanted to understand what's happening. Even if the
conversation was between the three of you, I suppose I'm involved

J'ackt's refusal was prompt. "No, I won't. It's over and done. We've
discussed the matter between ourselves already. She doesn't know you
and we don't want to talk about this any more. There's nothing you can
do to help." He paused and his lips twisted as he spoke again. "But
thanks for the offer. But honestly, I'd rather just be left alone
about it and I'm asking that you not approach my weyrmate about it. "

K'ran nodded, sensing it was the best he could hope for to get from
J'ackt at this time. Maybe his mind would change. Maybe not. "I wish
you and Alina the best, and I am sorry for all of the mess."

"You didn't cause it. Saidrene did. I have nothing against you
personally, K'ran. Seriously. Just don't push that. " J'ackt inclined
his head, turned and walked away. He was done with the situation and
wanted no further part in it.

Last updated on the November 11th 2020

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