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The Weather

Writers: Yvonne
Date Posted: 7th November 2020

Characters: Alina, Rehaan
Description: Alina returns to the lighthouse to collect the weather
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr, Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 5, day 18 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: J'ackt


Alina and Imarith came from /between/ into bright sunshine and a cloudless sky. Beneath them was a sea of green trees that drew into a narrow pinch in a blue sea. On the spit of land stood a white tower, topped with glass: their destination. Imairth winged toward it, then they descended in lazy circles to land in the clearing by the tower.

Unlike last time, Alina wasn't kept waiting. The Starsmith Rehaan stood on the step, one hand shading his eyes as he watched her land. He had cleaned up since the last time she'd saw him. His hair was clean and trimmed and his beard shaven, and his clothing was clean but still ill-fitting. His right hand and arm was tightly wrapped in white bandages.

The starsmith descended the steps and walked toward her as Alina pulled off her riding helmet. "Well met, Imarith and greenrider Alina," he said, bowing to her dragon. "I take it that you are here for the weather report?"

"I am," Alina said. She smiled nervously at him. "Thank you, Starsmith Rehaan."

"I'll just be a moment." He turned and disappeared into the tower. Alina and Imarith waited, the latter spreading her wings slightly to catch the sun's rays. It was hot here, and Alina was beginning to sweat in her riding leathers. When Rehaan came back, he passed a rolled up hide to Alina. "Please apologize for me. I fell down the stairs and hurt my wrist, so the writing isn't as clear as it ought to be."

"I'm sure that it will be just fine," Alina said, tucking the hide into her messenger tube. "And I know that my Weyrleader and the Starsmiths will be grateful for the weather report. They weren't as confident in yesterday's Threadfall's forecast, so having an extra weather station's worth of reporting will be appreciated."

Rehaan smiled nervously. "I hope so. I am sorry. Two accidents in a row..."

"It happens." The greenrider paused. "You are all right, though? Would you like me to take you to the Weyr to see a Healer? Falling down the stairs can be pretty serious."

He shook his head. "I'm fine. Just a sprained wrist. Thank you, though."

"The offer stands. I'll be back in a sevenday for the next report, and to bring you supplies." Alina hesitated. "Should I come back tomorrow? To check in on you? If you hit your head... and you're all alone out here."

"No! No. I'm perfectly fine." The Starsmith smiled nervously. "I'm just... I prefer being out here by myself. That's why I took this position. Out here. Alone."

He was a strange man, Alina decided. The view of the ocean was nice but being all alone out here... perhaps it would be something her weyrmate would enjoy, but Alina thought the solitude would drive her crazy. "If you're sure, Starsmith."

Rehaan nodded. "I am, greenrider."

"All right. I will be back in a sevenday, then." Alina pulled on her helmet. "Clear skies."

"And to you," Rehaan said. He retreated back to the entrance of the lighthouse as Imairth flapped her wings and launched into the sky. The last glimpse of him Alina had, the Starsmith was standing on the front steps, his hand to his forehead and his eyes in shadow as he watched them blink /between/.

Last updated on the November 11th 2020

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