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A Wild Night of Freedom

Writers: Miriah
Date Posted: 4th October 2020

Characters: Ninaine, N'var
Description: Ninaine has a bit of a wild night and morning
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 6, day 1 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned; N'call, Teseada, J'lor


Ninaine groaned softly and rubbed her eyes before stretching out with
a deep yawn. She felt the warmth beside her and at first snuggled up
to it with a sleepy smile. Then she blinked slowly and turned her
head. Her eyes widened when she saw the sleeping man beside her. Her
lips parted in surprise and realization.

It was the bluerider from last night. She'd worn another one of her
new dresses. She'd worn the heels and feeling far more confident than
she had the first time, she'd had a more than a few glasses of wine.
He'd been so nice, and funny, and he'd drank just as much as she had.
She remembered laughing so hard that her sides had been hurting.

Then there was a vague memory of them both stumbling up the hallway
and hot, deep kisses. And then hands. And more kisses. And tearing of
fabric. And then...so much pleasure that her cheeks pinkened at the
memory of it. She'd been completely unrestrained. What had she done??

Before she could start breathing fast and going into a fit of panic, a
warm, heavy arm stretched over her bare middle and blue eyes opened to
look at her. A half-smile curled a masculine mouth. "Hey there,

"Uh...hi...Uh.." Ninaine swallowed hard. "N'var. Right?"

"Yeah. N'var. And you're Ninaine." There was a deep chuckle.
"Hey...don't freak out on me. Last night was amazing." He bent to kiss
her neck, nuzzling it. "Fantastic."

She shivered and swallowed again, liking the sensation, but sure that
she shouldn't. "I've..I've never done that before. I mean...just
brought someone back here...or...I'm weyrmated!"

"Hm...so you said last night. I get it." He propped his head up on his
hand, but kept his other hand over her hip, slowly stroking it. He
knew and had heard of her reputation and her history. "But you also
said that he wasn't here and you were trying to find yourself." He
offered the same crooked smile that had managed to charm her the night
before. "And sweetheart, if he left you when you can do what you did
last night, well..." His voice trailed off as he bent once again, this
time brushing his lips over hers before trailing his lips down her
jaw. "I'm the lucky one."

She shivered again, taking a quick gasp. She shouldn't be doing this.
She shouldn't have done this. She was weyrmated...but...wasn't N'call?
He was doing this! Didn't J'lor say that she should explore and if
N'call was doing this with Teseada and who knew who else, she could
too! Why shouldn't she? A warm, callused hand found her thigh and she
responded, pressing herself against his warmth. It felt
wonderful...And Faranth, she'd missed being caressed like this.

She allowed herself to relax, melting into the increasingly heated
embrace of the man beside her and found herself responding to the
skill of his hands and body. And when it was over, she remained in his
arms for a bit longer, snuggled up next to him. Only when he lifted
his head and patted her hip, did she stir.

"I have to get up, pretty lady. I have drills in a couple of
candlemarks and as much as I want to stay, I have to eat and bathe."
He paused and looked down at her. "Care to come with me? We can get a
decent bath and have breakfast. What do you say?"

Ninaine turned in his arms and flushed. "But...people will know..."

His brows raised and he laughed, eyes sparkling. "Oh, pretty...they
knew what we were gonna be doing when we left last night. We weren't
exactly secret about it." He shrugged. "Besides, who cares what they
think? We enjoyed ourselves, didn't we?"

Ninaine gave a little giggle and nodded. "Well, yeah. We did." She
grinned. "A lot."

He patted her bottom. "Come on then. Bath and breakfast."

She nibbled her lower lip and then nodded. "Okay. I'm honestly really hungry."

N'var waggled his brows and winked. "I'd be offended if you weren't."

Last updated on the October 13th 2020

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