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On the Mend

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 25th September 2020

Characters: K'lvin, K'ran
Description: K'lvin visits K'ran while he is injured and recuperating at Dragonsfall.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 1 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Kapera, D'hol, Saidrene, Riveenata, Yanley, Jayzine
Notes: Follows "BLW: Unconditional Love"


Rogueth was still in a poor mental state due to his wounds. The dragonhealers had told him that as the infection drained out his mind would become more clear and he'd start speaking to other dragons again normally, but for now the bronze's mind was fuzzy and disoriented and he could only maintain the needed contact with his lifemate. Without being able to rely on his bronze for awareness, K'ran had trouble discovering who was coming to visit him in the recovery weyr until they actually arrived.

He set aside the piece of wood he was carving and said, "Hello?" when he heard a knock.

"K'ran," K'lvin said as he pushed open the door and entered. He came bearing gifts- fresh greasy food from the dining cavern and a fresh pitcher of klah. Of course, he couldn't have the greasy food, as much as he wanted it, because of his heart, so he had some greens and rivergrains on the side for himself. "Xmrenth would have cleared with Rogueth first but.... I hope you don't mind some company."

"He's not really communicating much, and it's lonely in here. Stay as long as you'd like," K'ran said, waving at the chair across the table.

“I brought greasy things for you,” K’lvin said, setting the food down and taking a seat. “How are you holding up?”

"You are a far finer friend than I deserve," K'ran said, going for a slice of hot sizzling meat. "I've missed the Dragonsfall kitchens, maybe I can sweet-talk Lady Yanley into some dish exchange with Jayzine..."

He shrugged when K'lvin asked how he was. "My head feels...strange, with Rogueth like this. I can understand why the inverse stresses out dragons so much. It feels hard to concentrate. I want to do something and contribute to the Weyr in some way, even though Dragonsfall isn't mine anymore."

"I know it's hard for you, the past few Turns you have been in leadership of some kind, and busy, and now to just sit and wait.... I can probably empathize with that better than anyone, but at least you can tell yourself it is temporary. Rogueth will mend and you'll both be in the air again and back at Barrier Lake, working yourselves silly."

"I hope you're right." The bronzerider took a breath and considered if he wanted to say the next words. "I have too much time to think. To keep thinking that this is _my_ fault that he's injured."

K'lvin understood those thoughts, his dragon was perfectly healthy, it was only his own problems that kept them out of the fighting Wings. "How could it be your fault? Bronzes see to queens, whether they're behaving or misbehaving. You did what we've all been trained to do."

"I wonder if Rogueth could have won Riyanth, if he'd chased her. If someone else had pulled Aglayath away instead. If I'd done that, maybe I'd be Weyrleader. Even if he lost, he'd be uninjured. Now he's sick, feverish, I didn't know dragons could _get_ like this, and it's because of us stepping in and doing the right thing. If it costs me everything..." K'ran pushed out the chair and paced in a circle around the small weyr, the thoughts that had been haunting him for nights spilling out now in the presence of an old friend.

K'lvin understood his friend's frustration. The thought of losing Xmrenth over someone else's foolishness was intolerable, and that had nearly been the case for K'ran and Rogueth. "W'ser seems confident that Rogueth is recovering. Ichor strengthens and replenishes faster than in humans, I'm sure he'll have the infection cleared out of his system in no time. Remember what you told me after my heart attack? You can't focus on the 'what ifs,' you can only play the hand you've been dealt."

"You're right, of course. It's just..." He huffed a sigh and continued to pace. "It's terrifying and hard to keep my mind off."

"Let's talk about other things then?" K'lvin suggested, tucking into the rivergrains and vegetables he had brought for himself. The meal was incredibly delicious, he thought, a compliment to Headwoman Yanley's influence as he did not remember things being so tasty Turns before at Dragonsfall.

K'ran huffed out a breath, then nodded. There was something on his mind...but he didn't want to ask it directly at first. "How go things with your greenrider?" he asked.

"No major hiccups," K'lvin reported. "Other than she's still living at Dolphin Cove. Now that the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman are all set and they'll be bringing in regular Wings and a Weyrdragonhealer, I don't suppose I'm really needed at Barrier Lake anymore. I'll probably give it another fortnight before going back to the cove."

K'ran said, "I'll miss having you around, though I can't blame you for wanting to go back and see her. Are you weyrmating?"

"Well, I would like to, but I haven't had the chance to talk to her about it yet. After the way I acted before I'm afraid she might be leery of any quick commitments to me." K'lvin admitted.

"I hope it goes well between you," he said, sincerely.

"Thanks.... What about your greenrider? The one whose weyr you've been seen leaving?" K'lvin's eyesbrows lifted a smidge.

"Seen leaving?" he queried in an oddly tight voice.

K'ran cleared his throat, and dropped into his seat. "She hasn't come to see me since the accident."

K'lvin studied his friend. "Ah... and you... would like her to?"

"Yes. I thought we were building to something. She was very patient with me that I told her I didn't know what I want or how to really...have relationships. All of my tries have collapsed. I thought she was going to let me work out how I feel and what I want but...she hasn't come to see me since."

He picked up a bottle of ink and fiddled with it. "Maybe she's decided she wants someone more decisive. Or interesting."

"Or maybe she hasn't had any time off? D'hol's not one to excuse a lot of social visits when we're short-staffed." K'lvin had not realized that K'ran and Saidrene had had such a serious conversation about their sort-of relationship, if one could call it that. The bronzerider tilted his head. "Actually, I think I saw her drilling with the Queen's Wing yesterday, when she arrived she was in D'hol's Wing. Maybe Kapera had need of her for something."

"That's true," K'ran said. He paused, and thought for a moment. "Well, D'hol will be leading the Weyrleader's Wing now and J'nus has the other wing. Perhaps he traded her to Kapera for someone else? She's a good flier and the queens do need stable coverage with how their wings change rapidly."

K'lvin's lifted his hands. "There you have it. I'm sure it's nothing more than that."

He nodded, a little pre-occupied. "I hope she's not upset with me, is all."

"She have a reason to be?" he asked.

"I don't think so? But not being able to see her will be rather a derailment."

"Well, if she's liked you ever since Rogueth flew her Ashareth back at Dolphin Cove, then I'm certain it won't just disappear in a fortnight." But even as he said it, K'lvin wasn't sure, sometimes young greenriders were hard to predict.

"I hope you're right. If you see her on shift at the dragon infirmary before I'm back, just...see if she's okay?"

“You bet,” K’lvin promised.

"Thank you," K'ran said. After a moment, he added, "Want to play a game of cards and you tell me the latest news during it?"

Last updated on the October 13th 2020

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