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The Price of Flying

Writers: Devin, Yvonne
Date Posted: 3rd September 2020

Characters: H'run, K'mai
Description: H'run needs help.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 6, day 1 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Yanley (in passing)

H'run sat in front of his mirror and turned his face one way, then the other. There was no escaping it: his skin was _dull_. He cast a dirty look at the little jar of cream in his hand. **Traitor.** Between the altitude and the cooler mountain air, Dragonsfall Weyr was turning out to be murder on his skin.

The bluerider sighed and debated wrapping his entire face in a scarf to hide his dull, ugly skin, but instead opted to wrap a gauzy green scarf around his neck in the hopes that it would bring out the colour of his eyes and K'mai wouldn't notice how cruel the mountain air had been to the rest of his face. It bothered him that K'mai might not see him at his very best, but K'mai would know what to do.

Moments later he was knocking at the other bluerider's door, the jar in one hand and the scarf firmly wrapped around himself. Perhaps it had crept a little higher as he'd walked.

The door opened and K'mai greeted his visitor with a smile. "H'run, good to see you."

H'run sighed dramatically. "I knew it."

"What?" K'mai wondered if something had gone wrong.

"You look absolutely luscious, and it's not fair. You _have_ to let me know what your secret is."

K'mai barked a laugh. "The luck of good genes?"

"If that's your answer, you're going to break my heart. How can I possibly live up to the impossible?!" H'run stuck his lower lip out in a pout. "Please, _please_ give me some hope."

K'mai finally looked down at the jar of cream. "Having some difficulty with the ravages of Dragonsfall's climate?" Ah, that would explain the scarf. And yes, H'run's face did look a bit pale and dry, but that wasn't exactly uncommon around here. "Come in."

_Finally._ H'run slunk inside and sprawled dramatically on the nearest chair. He took a moment to tuck the scarf up a little higher around his chin. "The ancients had all of the Southern Continent to choose from and they chose here to build a Weyr. They obviously knew something that I do not because I simply cannot fathom it." He turned his green-eyed gaze on K'mai. "Tell me your secrets, K'mai. I beg you."

"First of all, there's no need to hide. You're still gorgeous enough to make most men -- and quite a few women -- jealous. Second, someone was kind enough to give me some skincare advice when I moved here, so I'm happy to pass on the knowledge. Wait right there." K'mai went to fetch a few things.

The complements slid over H'run like water, and, somewhat mollified, he turned his attention to K'mai's weyr as he waited. The furniture was basic with a well-worn sofa, a table, and a few chairs in the center of the living space. A few extra chairs were
stacked against the wall near the dragon couch. The walls had a scattering of artwork in different mediums, from charcoal sketches to small tapestries. The mantle above the fireplace had an eclectic collection of knicknacks, some of which seemed to show signs of damage.

**Comfortable and social,** H'run thought. Much like K'mai himself. There was also no overflowing closet or a giant mirror similar to the one that dominated H'run's own too-small weyr, which was probably a good thing. There was only room for one clothes-hoarder in a relationship.

The bluerider's eyes lit up when K'mai returned. "I like your weyr. Have I ever told you that before?"

"I don't think so." K'mai smiled as he took a seat near H'run. "Thanks." He set two small jars on the table, keeping a large bottle
in his hand. "Your first defense is lotion. This one is mixed especially for the cold and altitude."

"Oh sweet Faranth, yes." H'run picked up the bottle and smelled it, then made a face. "I can't quite place this...what's in it? And more importantly, who do I need to sleep with to get some for myself?"

"It's got a bit of lavender in it to help soothe the skin. As for how to get it, a woman sells it at Amber Hills on market and Gather days. She makes a fair few marks from Dragonsfall riders," K'mai said. "If you have an empty jar or bottle lying around I can give you some of mine to tide you over."

H'run held up the little jar of lotion he'd brought. "We could scrape this junk out. It's utterly useless. Do you have a rag?"

K'mai chuckled as he got up to fetch a rag. "I'm sure that lotion was perfectly fine in a different climate."

"And now it has betrayed me." H'run sighed piteously. "Alas. Why is it whenever I put my trust in something, it must let me down?" In the back of his mind he could feel Calcifeth snort in amusement.

}:I have never let you down,:{ the blue dragon murmured. }:But perhaps I will drop you the next time we do catching drills.:{

**Oh hush,** H'run said. He sighed again, for effect. "What sort of miracles are in the other bottles? Are these from your lovely lady in Amber Hills as well?"

"This one is. It's a facial cleanser," K'mai said as he pointed to one of the jars. He picked up the second, smaller one. "But this, you'll be pleased to know, comes from right here in our own infirmary. You only have to ask. It's a salve for your lips or any extra-dry spots on your skin. Absolutely essential after flying Fall in the cold, dry wind." Even with goggles, a scarf, and the protection of his riding gear, K'mai's skin had still suffered.

"You'd think the Headwoman would include the salve in the welcome package for new transfers." H'run eyed the jar greedily before turning his attention back to K'mai. "You've saved me. However can I repay your generosity?"

"I did this out of kindness, with no expectation of payment." K'mai leaned a little closer. "However, if you would _enjoy_ expressing your gratitude, I certainly wouldn't say no."

H'run was a Harper who could read between the lines. He closed the gap between them and kissed K'mai firmly and thoroughly, indicating that yes, he would enjoy thanking the bluerider very, very much. Even if he did look atrocious-- for now.

Last updated on the October 13th 2020

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