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A Place to Build Something

Writers: Devin, Suzee
Date Posted: 13th October 2020

Characters: D'ren, Jayzine
Description: D'ren arrives at Barrier Lake and the Headwoman shows him around.
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 1, day 8 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Kapera, Teseada, Bilpen
Notes: Super late, sorry! This one got lost.


From the air, the new Weyrhold was quite a sight. Surrounding the
round cove was the Weyrhold itself on one end, an opening to the wider
lake on the other, and several buildings on either side. D'ren asked
Menanth to take another turn, flying wide over their new home. The
whole area was a flurry of activity, even moreso than a typical Weyr's

There was still much work to be done with construction, and D'ren was
looking forward to it. Even drills, Fall, and caring for his dragon
weren't enough to keep him occupied and D'ren found himself drifting
into dark thoughts far too often.

}:This will be a good place for us.:{

D'ren didn't point out that Menanth had said that before, and it
hadn't worked out. **Well, lets get settled in. There are three golds
for you to flirt with.** Unlike many of the bronzeriders coming here,
D'ren had no designs on the Weyrleadership. He was here to build
something, to do more than just survive from day to day.

The bronze landed near the large building that served as dining hall
and staff quarters, and a helpful young woman pointed him toward the

"D'ren," Jayzine opened her arms to the bronzerider. "Good to see
you," she said with warm welcome in her voice. He'd been one of the
hardest workers during the disaster at Riverbluff and she'd been
impressed then. "Looks like you've grown," she said with a tilt of her

He embraced her, a little spark of warmth filling his chest. "Have I?"
He looked down at himself. "You look well, Jayzine. I'm glad you're

She patted his back then looked around his shoulder at Menanth.
"You're looking well too Menanth," she said with equal warmth. I have
a nice Weyr picked out for you with a nice afternoon sun on the

D'ren's eyes unfocused for a moment. "He says that sounds nice." He
chuckled. "He wants to know how close it is to the queens." A tiny
flutter of worry went through his stomach. There was a possibility he
could become Weyrleader when the first queen rose. Unlike most of the
bronzeriders transferring to the Weyrhold, D'ren didn't want it. He
was too young, too inexperienced. He comforted himself with the fact
that his chances were so small it was highly unlikely. Almost
impossible, really.

"You'll be able to see their ledges from your ledge," she nodded with
a chuckle. "We're expecting the first rise in the near future," she
added to D'ren but both Kapera and Teseada brought their own last
flight winners with them. So we have quite a few strong mature
bronzes." She twitched her head toward the weyr. "Would you like to
see your weyr?"

"I'd love to, thank you."

"This way," she said with a tilt of her head, They walked through
several corridors making small talk while she told him where to find
several things. like the crafters, wing offices and dragonhealers.
They finally stopped in front of a door with a clip holding a piece of
hide with his name on it. "Here you go," she said and handed him the

"Thank you." D'ren opened the door with a flutter of anticipation, his
mind turning to all the other weyrs he'd lived in. Would it be small?
Large? He knew the Weyrhold was in the midst of construction so he
didn't expect much.

She watched as he opened the door, It wasn't the fanciest of the weyrs
but it _was_ meant for a bronze rider with lovely plaster work and
warm hardwood floors. She'd decorated it in shades of teal and deep
plum with warm dark furs and matching throw rugs from the weavers.
Across the room there was a window out onto the cove with a view of
the dragon couch for D'ren's lifemate.

"It's beautiful!" D'ren looked around with wide eyes. Everything was
fresh and new, he'd be the first person to ever live in this space.
"Jayzine, this is wonderful."

"And you will be it's first occupant," she nodded. "If you want
anything specific just let me know. Here is your laundry basket," she
said pointing to a large bin with a lid. The caverns workers pick up
and drop off every other day."

"I thought a Weyr under construction would be... a little more rough."
He smiled. "I guess I picked the right time to arrive."

"You can thank Master Bilpen. That man can plan," she nodded with half
a smile in return. "We're happy to have you here Bronzrider," she
said. "You'll hear the bell when we're serving meals." She walked
toward the dragon ledge and pointed to the large building out the tall
window. "Please let me know if you need anything. We don't have large
stores yet but more things are coming in every day and the crafters
are working hard to make sure we are stocked up."

"Thank you. Barrier Lake is beautiful. You've all done a wonderful job
so far, and I'll do my best to contribute." He turned from the view to
look at the Headwoman. "I want to help build something."

This time her eyes crinkled. "I'm sure you will have your
opportunity," she said.

Last updated on the October 13th 2020

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