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Interviewing for Wingsecond

Writers: Aaron, Heather
Date Posted: 19th February 2020

Characters: K'far, Saibra
Description: Saibra interviews K'far for her Wingsecond position
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 6 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: K'reyel


After her conversation with K'reyel, Saibra had sat down and made a serious list of candidates that she would like to speak with regarding her open Wingsecond position and the open Wingthird. As it was, it felt as if the Queen's Wing was running a skeleton crew and Saibra was feeling the effects and strain of it. She needed a Wingsecond who did not ride a gold dragon, someone who did not have to worry about being grounded while their lifemate clutched or while they had a baby.

That narrowed her options to a few bronze and brown dragonriders that she felt had enough experience to interview for the Wingsecond position. Hopefully, once her 'second was decided, they could set about finding a proper Wingthird to take care of some of the tedious, miscellaneous hidework as well.

}:Torth's rider is here.:{ Chioneth relayed to her rider.

"Come in," Saibra said when the knock came at the door.

K'far entered and offered a formal salute. It was not every day one got a summons from a weyrwoman, let alone THE Weyrwoman.

"K'far of brown Torth," he reported. "You called, ma'am?"

"Yes, have a seat, please." Saibra gestured to the chair across from her desk as the tall brownrider entered. "Thank you for your time, I hope I'm not interrupting your leisure time too much."

"What better interruption could I have hoped for?" K'far smiled and took the seat. He could not imagine any reason this would be a disciplinary meeting. His wingleader would have handled that, if he had done anything worth disciplining.

Saibra laughed at the pleasantry. "Oh, I don't know, an invitation for dragonpoker and drinks with your friends? A trip to the Dolphin Cove beaches?" She could think of many other things she would have hoped for when she was a wingrider. Shells, she still wished for those things even now. She took a little breath, and decided the best thing to do was just come straight out with it.

"Well, I asked you to come by because I have been considering the openings within Sienna Wing. I have you on a short list of dragonriders that I am considering for my Wingsecond position. Before we go any further, I just need to know if a promotion and more responsibility are something that you are looking for?"

"That's quite the honor," said K'far. He sat forward and stroked his chin as he pondered. If he passed up such an honor, it may be quite a long while yet before he had another such opportunity. If ever.

"Yes, ma'am. I do believe that is something I'm looking for. It's no trip to the beach, but I think I'll enjoy the long term results a bit better than those of a tropical drink in each hand."

"Good," Saibra said, glad to have the first hurdle out of the way. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions today, or would you like time to think about the position first?"

"Ask away," said K'far. No need to beat about the bush, as it were. "If you think I'm right for the job, then I'll be doing it."

Saibra looked down at the list of questions that she reserved for interviews. "Tell me what you believe to be the best way to promote unity within a Wing."

K'far tilted his head to the side and thought for a moment.

"Hm. When it comes down to it, the most important thing is, each wingrider has to trust that every other wingrider has their back. And that the rest of the wing is counting on them to have theirs, too. Building and maintaining that trust has to be on a leader's mind for every – or nearly every decision they make. ‘How will this affect unity in the wing?’

"We should make sure to welcome and swiftly integrate new transfers into the wing. Teach them the way we do things and make them feel like an important part of the team. I'd say it does the team good to have officially sanctioned social functions outside of training, too."

"Maybe that's all the textbook answer," K'far chuckled a bit. "But the best leaders probably know when to do things by the book, eh?"

Saibra smiled, giving nothing away as she jotted a few things down. "How comfortable are you with creating and implementing new flight patterns for the Wing for Threadfalls? We have a lot of rotating members in Sienna, injured, sick, pregnant, besides our regulars."

"That's the real challenge for a Queen's Wing, isn't it?" It would be the same sort of challenge as would be making newcomers feel like a part of something more than a holding tank, a stop on a journey back where they came from. "It's not an intimidating thought. If we can make our riders part of the team, we can learn where they fit into our flight. Every rider has to learn how to fill gaps in Fall. Adapting to new patterns on the regular would be a lot like that."

The Weyrwoman's stylus made soft scratching sounds as she wrote. "Do you have a weyrmate, family, or children that would require more of your time?" It was not meant to be a discouragement, Saibra had a weyrmate and children herself, but it was helpful in knowing what sort of time limitations the individual interviewing would have.

"None yet," said K'far. "I haven't been avoiding it, but I'm not one of those fortunate folk who have stumbled upon it by chance." He did not sound discouraged.

"I have a few other people to speak with that are also on the short list, but I will get back to you by the end of the sevenday regarding the position." Saibra said, setting aside her notes. "Thank you for coming in K'far, I appreciate your time and your consideration of the position."

"I appreciate your consideration of me," K'far answered. He stood and held out his hand to shake.

Saibra rose and shook his head, thinking that her search for a Wingsecond was off to a good start.

Last updated on the May 31st 2020

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