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The Gift of a Wet Nose

Writers: Heather
Date Posted: 17th February 2020

Characters: T'kev, R'axe
Description: T'kev surprises R'axe with a gift.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 16 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Ninaine


"I come bearing a gift," T'kev said, announcing his arrival to R'axe.

R'axe was sitting on his couch, a set of reedpipes lying in his lap. T'kev knew that R'axe had dressed himself that day because the buttons of his shirt weren't exactly aligned. He didn't have the heart to tell him.

As a harper, R'axe had been more involved in the drawing and painting side of his craft, but the basics of the reedpipes were a general skill taught to all young harpers. It was at least something that did not require his sight and since reading was out of the question, R'axe had been desperately trying to find ways to fill the immeasurable time on his hands.

"A gift?" R'axe asked dubiously.

"Don't trust me?" T'kev laughed at the suspicion in R'axe's tone.

"No. You're always trying to push me into things I'm not ready to do."

T'kev cocked an eyebrow. "Such as?"

"Oh, I don't know, getting horny over women in the bathing pools." R'axe pointed out, recalling the bathing incident with Ninaine.

"Ah, yes, well. It's nothing like that.... Although, if you've been thinking about sex and are ready to revisit the topic..."

R'axe interrupted. "So what is the gift?"

"Hold your hand out," T'kev instructed.

There was hesitation on R'axe's behalf, but slowly he set his reedpipes aside and held out his left hand. When something cold and wet brushed it, he instinctively withdrew.

"What is that?"

T'kev laughed. "Just trust me."

R'axe held his hand out again and was this time awarded with a warm lick and then another touch of a wet nose. Flipping his hand over, R'axe's palm came into contact with the silky fur of a canine's head.

"It's a... a canine?" he asked with confusion, not understanding how this was a gift.


"Uh... Why?"

"To help you get around the Weyr better," T'kev explained, still holding the animal's leash. "If canine's can be trained to guard and attack, why can't they guard you from walking into the Weyrlake, or nudge you away from a set of stairs?"

R'axe tilted his head a little. "They can do that?"

"Yes. This one is already trained in several commands- sit, stay, fetch, and so on. We're going to work with him on the rest." T'kev was beginning to feel a bit nervous, wondering if R'axe was not going to take well to the gift. He had paid quite a few marks for the very well-trained canine, one that he had finally found by way of another healer from the Healer Hall.

"Does he have a name?" R'axe finally asked, sitting forward now to put both hands on the hound's head to try and determine what the canine looked like.

"Ward is his name. Rather fitting, don't you think?"

R'axe could feel a long rounded nose with extra soft lips that felt like velvet. The animal's ears were not too long, he determined, nor were they short, but medium length and slightly floppy. Running his hands down Ward's neck and chest, he ran his fingers through the canine's slightly shaggy but silky hair. The animal had a muscular, solid build beneath the soft fur.


"He's solid black. Black nose, black eyes, he's even got some black spots on his tongue."

The canine nudged his nose forward into R'axe's hand, demanding some more scritches behind the ear.

"So you... like him, then?" T'kev asked, running a hand over the stubble on his jaw.

R'axe felt an immediate bond with the animal, and as if sensing that, Ward hopped up onto the couch and laid his head in the bluerider's lap. Ward's presence and the weight of his body against R'axe's hip was oddly comforting, and it was as if all of the tension flooded from his body.

}:He is not sharing my weyrcouch.:{ Jayth said with a huff.

**Oh, come on now,** R'axe chuckled out loud. **He can never replace you.**

"Jayth is jealous, so I guess that answers your question."

T'kev smiled, although he had not considered what a dragon would think about the pet. Ward would be able to help R'axe in a way that Jayth could not, mostly because Ward could go places with R'axe that the blue dragon could not go.

"Well, I suppose as long as he doesn't eat him..." T'kev joked.

R'axe barked out a laugh, leaving T'kev to surmise that Jayth had responded to the comment. "Jayth says that he prefers his meals much fatter."

T'kev smiled, noting the way the laughter transformed R'axe's face. For a brief moment, he looked exactly like the hotshot, weyrhopping bluerider that he had been before the incident, save for the blindfold covering his eyes.

"Well, I'm glad you are pleased. I'll go get the rest of Ward's things. I have a bed, food and water bowl, and a blanket for him. I'll swing by the kitchen's for a juicy bone and some food for him as well." T'kev said while watching R'axe's fingers exploring Ward's large paws.

R'axe nodded, looking up in T'kev's general direction. "Thank you. This is one of your better moments, healer."

"Why, I'll take that as a serious compliment, bluerider." T'kev said with a chuckle as he turned and strode from the weyr.

Last updated on the May 31st 2020

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