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Another Private Dinner

Writers: Estelle, Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 29th May 2020

Characters: Bryvin, Brina, Asaile
Description: The Lord has a chaperoned dinner with one of the young Ladies
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 3, day 9 of Turn 10


Asaile seated herself beside Lady Brina, a flush of nervous excitement
on her cheeks as she folded her hands in her lap. Despite her
nervousness, she looked demure, eyes cast down even as she flicked her
eyes up to wait on Lord Bryvin's arrival. Since their dance at the
Turn's End Ball, she'd been waiting for this time with him and felt
her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She couldn't stop the nervous
twitches of her fingers; Tarani had told her about her own dinner and
it had seemed to go well for her. Would she do as well? Taranni was
so...energetic Was that what Lord Bryvin liked? Even if he did, it
wouldn't do to try to pretend to be something she wasn't. She would
have to be herself and hope that the Lord Holder approved and was
interested. Faranth and all Her Eggs, she hoped he was!

"My brother has promised me he'll come early to dinner today, Lady
Asaile, and not work late in his office." Brina spoke with warm
reassurance, knowing that the young lady at her side was no doubt a
little apprehensive, and not as confident as some of the others. "I'm
sure he was looking forward to meeting you again."

"Good evening Ladies," Bryvin smiled as he came into the room. He'd
tried very hard to be on time but his valet had taken too long
dressing him and he had been put out with the man. But no matter, he
was here now and looking forward to this particular dinner. He bent
toward his sister and kissed her cheek then he turned a kind smile on
lady Asaile and lifted her fingers to his lips. "A pleasure to see you
again Asaile," he said before taking his seat.

The moment that Bryvin took her hand, Asaile looked up with large,
soft eyes, an expression of adoration in the gaze. "Thank you my
Lord." Her voice was soft, but there was a hint of real joy at his
arrival. "I am very pleased to see you as well. I hope you have had a
pleasant day."

"Not as pleasant as this dinner will be, I'm sure," he said with a
smile. "I thought we might have some music after dinner if you would

Asaile blushed lightly and looked down, quietly pleased by the
compliment. At his suggestion, she looked up at him and glanced at
Lady Brina. "I would like that very much, my Lord, provided that Lady
Brina will allow me past my curfew."

"I think that can be allowed, just for one evening," Brina replied,
hiding an amused expression as she poured the wine for her brother.
"Lady Asaile has a lovely singing voice, Bryvin. Perhaps you can
persuade her to sing for us later."

Bryvin's brows lifted and his lips turned up. "I would like it
immensely if you would sing for us later Lady Asaile." He turned his
smile on his sister. "And how was your day today Brina?"

"It went very well. The young ladies and I practiced reading the tithe
records and planning what we'd need to send to the Weyr. Then, as a
reward for hard work, some of us went out for a ride through the
orchards and along the coast path. The Hold looks so lovely at this time
of the Turn, doesn't it, Lady Asaile?"

"Oh yes. I think the Hold is so beautiful. Especially in the morning
with the sun glinting on the water." Asaile's eyes were soft. "And the
orchards, they smell lovely and feel so cool when you're riding under
the leaves." She delicately sipped the wine, not taking too much. "I
would be pleased to sing for you, my Lord. It would be an honor."

"That would be a lovely way to spend the rest of the evening," Brina
said, thinking with relief that she could rely on Lady Asaile not to say
or do anything improper. She remembered how she'd had to gently insist
that young Tarani got an early night. At least she wouldn't have to
resort to that tonight.

"Did you have a busy day today, brother?" she asked. "I heard there were
several trading vessels newly arrived at the docks." Ever since the ball
at Turn's End, she'd been taking a secret interest in the comings and
goings of the ships that visited the Hold.

"Thank you Asaile," he smiled into her eyes. "I look forward to it,"
he said Then he turned to his sister. "Yes," he nodded with a bit of a
smirk and sat back in his chair. "I hear the Sun's Glory was one of
the ships. Her Captain Tryger was here at Turn Over. I think I saw you
dancing with him."

"Oh, yes. Of course, I remember the Captain." Brina did her best to keep
her expression calm and dignified, given that she was in the presence of
one of her charges, but she couldn't quite hide the sudden light in her
eyes. "Perhaps you could invite him up to visit. If he feels welcome
here, then he may return, and bring trade to the Hold."

Eating with delicate, small bites, Asaile fell silent as the two
spoke, content to watch the Lord Holder as he moved and spoke.

The corners of his eyes crinkled slightly as he nodded at his sister.
"Excellent idea," he agreed then returned his attention to the young

Last updated on the May 31st 2020

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