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The First Dance

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 16th January 2020

Characters: Asaile, Bryvin
Description: Asaile shares a first dance with Bryvin at the Turn's End Ball
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 1, day 1 of Turn 10


As the first dance ended, Asaile stepped away from her partner and
stepped back to the milling crowd who lined the dance floor waiting
for the Harpers to prepare for the next song. With a quickly beating
heart that seemed ready to pound out of her chest, she quietly hoped
that it wouldn't be a fast one, but almost feared a romantic ballad.
One would most likely make her trip nervously over her own feet and
possibly fall flat on her face while the other...would she even be
able to breathe if she danced like that with Lord Bryvin?

Her eyes scanned the crowd, saw him step away from Lady Brina, and
then look up. It was like his gaze immediately found hers and she
flushed, feeling her heart suddenly in her throat with a mixture of
excitement and nervous jitters. Asaile lowered her eyes, but dared to
peek at him through her lashes; he was so handsome and dashing!
**Please oh, please, don't let me make an absolute fool of myself!**

"Good evening Lady Asaile," Bryvin smiled as he bowed over her hand.
"I believe this dance is mine." His smiled was warm and gentle. After
talking about this one with his sister he realized she'd probably be
petrified so he held out his arm for her to take so he could lead her
to the floor.

"Y..yes, my Lord." Her heart now pounding, she slipped her hand into
his arm, allowing him to lead her on to the dance floor. His arm was
warm and as they walked, she was certain every single eye in the room
was on them. But, when she turned to face him and that same warm arm
was slipped behind her, all she could see was him and all that she
wanted to do was completely melt into a puddle in his arms.

He smiled into the upturned face and began to sweep her around the
floor with practiced ease. She was well trained and followed him
flawlessly. "Tell me something about you My Lady," he said in his warm

Her eyes were soft, liquid pools of adoration as she moved in his arms
without thought. Her cheeks pink, first she stumbled shyly over her
words before finding the right ones. "Uhm, I like runners." She
flushed at the innane comment, wishing that she had the ability to
speak smoothly and with confidence like Noriya. "I mean, I like being
around them. I had a sweet little brown mare that I had to leave
behind. My father was going to sell her because she had hurt feet,
but I nursed her back to health myself and he let me keep her. I hope
she doesn't miss me. " She swallowed. "It sounds so silly, I suppose.
" She looked down, trying to find a topic that he might like to talk
about. It was important, she knew from long conversations with her
mother, to find something men liked to talk about. "What do you like
to do?"

"I enjoy riding very much," he smiled down. She was a petite little
thing and light as a feather in his arms. "I'm sure we could find you
a very nice mount here." His smile was gentle and kind. "Would you
like to ride with me tomorrow?"

"Oh, yes." She breathed, delight in her eyes as she gazed up at him.
"I would like that very much, my Lord." She blushed, looked down, but
couldn't help but look back up at him again to gaze into his eyes. The
gentleness of his smile melted whatever reservations she might have
had about her conversation skills. Instead, she offered a guileless,
sweet smile of her own. "I would very much like to get to know you
better, if you'll let me."

How sweet and trusting those eyes were, he thought. So different from
many of the women he'd met. And her coloring was nothing like his
first wife. Nothing to remind him of that failed marriage. He could be
kind to her as his sister had suggested. Charm her and cherish her and
keep her completely in the dark about his other activities. "I believe
I would like that Lady Asaile," he smiled a genuine smile as the dance
came to an end and he escorted her back to his sister to pick up the
next young lady.

As he left he bowed over hand. "A very great pleasure," he said and
brushed the back of her hand with his lips.

The brush of his lips made her skin tingle and her heart gave a little
flutter at the gesture. **Would it feel the same if he gave me a real
kiss?** There was no hiding the adoration in her eyes now; it shone
brightly as he straightened. She sighed as he turned away, pulling her
hand to her chest as if to cherish the light brush of lips. Asaile
knew at that moment that what she wanted most of all was for Lord
Bryvin to court her, choose her as his wife, and spend the rest of her
life staring into those kind, gentle eyes.

Last updated on the February 1st 2020

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