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The Golden Arrow, part 1

Writers: Yvonne, Suzee, Paula, Miriah, Heather, Emma, Devin
Date Posted: 18th October 2019

Characters: Z'ku, K'deren, L'cor, Y'gel, J'ackt, R'nar, F'lin, G'ran, Dessa
Description: Santhiath Rises for the first time.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 12, day 15 of Turn 9


Santhiath had been more handful than usual for past few days and her
hide was turning notably brighter. As a gold, she was still young to
Rise for a first time, although pretty much all her green clutchmates
had already Mated. But there was no mistaking with the warning sights.
Something was pushing her to mature faster. She was also getting lot
of attention from the Weyr's bronzes.

So, Dessa had warned her fellow goldriders and was as prepared as she
could be when Santhiath woke up, feeling ravenous. Still, the power of
her emotions nearly knocked Dessa off her feet.

Mareloth bugled his challenge when he spotted the Weyr's youngest gold
heading for the feeding pens. Mareloth always chased but had never won
the gold flights. She was so lovely!

Dessa was stumbling almost blindly after her dragon. She felt a hand
touch to support her and shook it off. She did not want to be touched,
not yet. With a shake, she tried to distangle her mind from
Santhiath's. **Blood only!**, she _felt_ Santhiath's claws struck in
to a herdbeast and rip it open. "Blood only!" she enforced her will
with verbal command.

The Gold snarled and roared.

}:Santhiath rises!:{ Seneth followed the young gold to the feeding
pens and pounced on his own herdbeast, dragging it a ways away to lap
at the carcass and avoid getting too close to the queen, too soon.
F'lin hurried to where Dessa battled with her dragon and stood at a
respectful distance. He couldn't take his eyes off her. In his mind
she glowed as fiercely as her dragon did, and he suddenly wanted her
as much as his dragon wanted hers.

As R'nar came abreast of F'lin, Iorath blooded a kill, hissing at the
other males present. The young bronze eyed Santhiath possessively as
R'nar studied Dessa thinking that in that moment he had never seen a
more beautiful woman.

Zith bugled as Santhiath landed in the feeding pens, furling his wings
to their full length before diving to fetch his own herdbeast,
latching on to drain the beast as quickly as he could. His eyes never
left the glowing gold as he swallowed the mouthfuls of the needed
blood. She was lovely, a lure beckoning to his every instinct.

J'ackt slipped into the steadily growing ring of men, eyes following
Dessa as she moved. Like the others, he was entranced by the young
woman, his eyes sliding over her with growing lust and intense

Aughashyth had already blooded his kill and watched the young gold
intently. }:I have won gold many times,:{ he proclaimed.

R'enh rolled his eyes before he gathered close with the others. **You
can't have them all**

"What are you gonna do?" L'cor smiled as he strode up next to the
big Dragonhealer.

Tonuth watched from the top of the Weyr where he wait for the gold
to test her wings. He was big and fast. He was as certain as the
others he could win

Dessa snarled back at Santhiath. "Blood only!" she put all her will
power in to it.

There was a reason why she was Santhiath's rider and no one else. With
final growl, Santhiath relented and went for veins instead of gorging
the soft, delicious guts. After draining the first herdbeast, two more
followed in quick succession. Glowing brightly, she stopped to survey
the males around her.

}: You want me? Well, first you have to catch me! :{ she challenged
them with her most imperious tone and launced to the air. Her wings
were strong and she rose up like a golden arrow.

With a small sigh of relief, Dessa allowed herself to relax. She had
succeeded in her most important duty: not letting her Rising gold eat
instead of blooding. Now, she allowed her mind to fully merge with

Tonuth snapped into the air right behind the gold as she swept past
his perch. L'cor knew his lifemate was still young but he was strong
and confident as they merged. His mighty wings kept him close to the
lovely gold and he warbled his admiration.

Donneth had stared at the young golden queen as she made her kills. There
was something hypnotically mesmerising about the sight, even as Santhiath
drained the blood. His rider joined the group of riders watching as they
became one with their dragons, feeling Donneth rise into the air and gain
height, ready to chase, and catch this prize.

Xemroth joined the flurry of bronze wings following the young Queen.
Her glowing hide was a beacon, and he chased her with desire coursing
hotly through him. Another young bronze came too close and Xemroth
hissed as he maneuvered in to a better position. Santhiath belonged to
him! He would show her how young and strong he was.

Santhiath headed out to the sea, gaining altitude. Then she suddenly
turned to follow the coastline, dropping altitude fast.

The gold's wily turn caused some of the dragons to bank hard and overly
their mark, but Iorath curled his wings tightly against his body and
followed her downward.

Mareloth followed patiently, expressing his admiration and declaring
how _he_ was the best possible mate for her.

Santhiath replied by taunting and challenging them some more. She also
put out a burst of speed. She was now too low to be caught. The gold
saw what she was looking for, a bank of clouds rolling from the sea.
She barrelled into the clouds.

Last updated on the November 1st 2019

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