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Night Shift

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 3rd September 2019

Characters: Thayde, Finlon
Description: Thayde isn't enjoying his night duties and hears something he doesn't approve of.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 12, day 28 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Endarin, Enamra



Finlon was bored with the evening lecture, uninterested in night time
navigation and certainly uninterested and annoyed at who was giving
the lecture. Before, he'd been intimidated by the older Master
Dolphineer, but after his brother had told him about the incident at
the family area parlor, it was much harder to be intimidated or
impressed by Thayde. He felt bad for the pretty Enamra, a girl her
age being wedded to a man who wouldn't (or if Fingaron had laughingly
implied) couldn't do his duty for her.

And Faranth, she was pretty, he remembered. He really wished she
hadn't been wearing that ratty old shirt when he'd met her or that
Thayde hadn't interrupted them. Even worse, now his elder brother had
his eye on her too and had let slip that not only was she unsatisfied,
but unlike the rumors he'd later heard, largely innocent about such
things. He wouldn't mind teaching her, especially if her husband
couldn't be bothered.

He sighed at the thought, imagination drawing intricate and elaborate
details of how he'd could do just that. He rested his chin on his
hand, gaze far away as he thought of how grateful she might be.

"Am I wasting your time, Finlon?" Thayde said, stopping in the midst
of his lecture to point out the apprentice. Other heads in the group
turned to look at Finlon. The last thing Thayde wanted to be doing was
talking to apprentices about navigating by the stars or working with
them on what the different lantern signals on ships meant, but that
was the punishment that Endarin had assigned him after the tavern
fight. Thayde would much rather have been back in his quarters,
coaxing his wife into discovering more about her sexuality, that
sounded much more appearing than staring at a bunch of pimple-faced

"Not _mine_..." he muttered softly, receiving a tittering giggle from
the girl next to him. He smirked at the girl knowingly, but sat up
straight, moving his eyes to look at the board. He pasted a
half-apologetic smile on his face. "Sorry, Master Thayde. I'm just
tired. Had a hard time getting up this evening before class." He
managed to keep an almost straight face as a snort sounded from beside

Thayde spared him a glance. "Yes, I'm sure you did." There were a few
snickers, and a boy behind Finlon reached forward to nudge his
shoulder. "Now, all of you need to copy the constellation patterns you
see on the board."

There were a few grumbles, but Finlon dutifully copied the
constellations even as he struggled to keep the grin off of his face.
Encouraged by the snickers, he suddenly stretched. The girl beside
him pushed his arm out of her eyeline and Finlon spoke up. "Sorry, I
got a little stiff."

Thayde ignored his comment as he walked around, helping some of the
apprentices correct mistakes on their constellations. "Missing a star
here in this constellation," he told one girl.

As Thayde's attentioned was elsewhere, Finlon felt another nudge at
his shoulder. "Hey... do you think it's true?"

Finlon nodded and answered in a whisper. "My brother heard it from his
own wife. "

"What's her name, Remama or something? The girl that goes clam
digging? The one that wears the shirt over her suit?"

"Enamra, yeah. "

"Damn. Not very fair for her."

Finlon half-turned. "No, it's not. My brother's going to invite her
to swim with us tomorrow after lunch. Girl's gotta have needs, you
know? Fingoran says lots of the wives who are married to older Masters
do it, then take the teas."

Thayde's face suddenly appeared between the two boys. "Did your
brother also tell you that you're going to be washing the windows of
the observatory every night for the next week?"

Jumping back in surprise, Finlon bit back a curse and stared at
Thayde, feeling a sudden sense of dread as his face paled. What all
had he heard? The other boy quickly looked down and hurriedly began
copying the stars again. "Sorry, Master Thayde, I was just talking.
Sorry." He quickly turned to face the board, bending over his hides
and quickly writing.

The Master Dolphineer turned away from Finlon as the boy began copying
notes again. **Fingoran is going to invite Enamra to swim, is he?**
Thayde thought darkly. He was sure that Enamra would not accept the
invitation... well, he was mostly sure, unless she thought that
Fingoran was being genuinely friendly....He would just have to ask her
to say no if she was invited to go out with that same group from the
parlor, he thought. And what was Fingoran's problem? Enamra was very
clearly a married woman, no matter what else was happening between him
and her in the bedroom..

Finlon glanced up and scowled at Thayde's back. It wasn't fair. He
was just talking. That wasn't enough to spend a whole sevenday of
nights washing windows. He muttered softly. "Limp dicked wherspawn."

Endarin could not have possibly known what actual torture this
punishment was going to be, Thayde thought as he returned to the desk
at the front of the room. He still had another candlemark left before
the little snots went back to their dormitory. Thayde could feel
Finlon looking up at him every now and then, l but he felt that he'd
already made his point with that one. The woman in the parlor had said
that Fingoran was only drunk, but Thayde was beginning to think he
might need to have a word with the man while he was sober.

Last updated on the September 11th 2019

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