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Welcome Rider

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 4th September 2019

Characters: H'riv, Lusilk
Description: H’riv arrives at BLW and is shown around by Lusilk
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 12, day 15 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Jayzine, K'ran, D'hol

H'riv stared with interest down at Barrier Lake as Uuketh came out of
/between/ above the fledgling Weyrhold. His eyes took in with interest
the close proximity to the water and the different buildings that were
in various states of construction. It was odd seeing the foundation of
what would one day be a full Weyr, with so few dragons around, but the
change was exciting and what had been the main motivator behind the
brownrider's decision to join the project.

**The bowl is off to the side there,** H'riv said, directing Uuketh's
attention to it. **Let's land.**

The brown directed a greeting to the dragon on watch as he flew down
and landed. Yanking off his helmet, H'riv clipped it to one of
Uuketh's straps as he shoved his goggles into the pocket of his riding
jacket and pulled off his gloves.

"Hello there," H'riv said as he noted that a dark haired woman was
watching him, waiting for him to dismount. The brownrider leaped
nimbly to the ground and went toward her with a hand extended in

Her eyes flicked to the knots on his shoulder before taking the
offered hand. One benefit of meeting new arrivals was that she could
gauge where they came from, if they were a threat to herself; by his
knots, this one was from the North. He was safe. "Welcome to Barrier
Lake Weyrhold..." She looked down at the hide in her other hand.
"H'riv, of Brown Uuketh, correct?"

"That's correct," he said, the dimple on his left cheek turning into a
slash as he grinned. "And you are?"

"I'm Lusilk. I assist the Headwoman when she asks." She gave a brief
smile. "She's busy, so I'll be the one showing you around and showing
your your temporary quarters until your new weyr becomes available."

“Excellent, lead the way,” he said. H’riv had packed incredibly light,
as he had been informed that space was very limited while they worked
on building weyrs for the riders, so he left his two bags strapped to
Uuketh as he followed Lusilk.

She nodded, leading him away from the bowl area. She pointed to what
was clearly a new building, still under construction for the upper
floors. "That's the Dining Hall. They're still building the upper
floors, but the main floor is finished. The bell is tolled for each
meal time, but the Headwoman and her staff keep it stocked with drinks
and fruits for snacks during the day if you want anything. It's nearly
dinner, so it should be ringing in about a candlemark. " She walked
him towards the building, then gestured past it. "The Weyrhold is that
way. They're still tunneling and clearing old mineshafts." She glanced
down at her notes. "You're a technician too, correct? You'll be
wanting to meet with K'ran and D'hol when you get settled so they can
assign you to your work duties. They're not in weyrs either yet. "

H’riv looked at each piece of construction from the lens of a
technician. There was certainly going to be no shortage of work with
so many places needing electricity, which happened to be his craft
speciality. “What are they using for offices?” he asked.

"They have small buildings right now that double as living areas and
offices. I can take you there. Right now there's some problem with
technicians and fans in the hatching grounds that has our resident
Master Smith rather annoyed, so they'll probably have immediate work
for you. There's also some sort of dam that they're building in the
river." She gestured the other direction. "I think they're going to
use it for power, but it's beyond anything I know about." She
shrugged, content to play stupid about the matter. She'd already snuck
over to have a good look at it. "There's going to be a hospital over
there, past that bend in the road. They're starting the foundation
right now."

That was quite a list of projects, H’riv thought as he contemplated
the river dam project. He would want to see that as soon as he met
K’ran and D’hol, he thought. Knowing how much power they would be
harnessing through the dam was important in knowing the proper wiring
that would be used throughout the surrounding buildings.

“It sounds like they’ve bitten off quite a piece,” he said, marveling
at how orderly things were going despite the multitude of projects.

Lusilk shrugged. "It keeps everyone busy." She was grateful for the
constant activity; it meant more safety for her and Silgan if the folk
around her were too busy to ask questions. "And it gives work to those
who need it." She gestured for him to continue following. "You'll have
a small building over here near D'hol's dwelling. It's not much, just
a room with space for your dragon beside it, but we've made sure
they're comfortable enough."

“I am sure it will be fine, I’m not picky,” H’riv said as they
approached the tiny but finely built structure. He sent Uuketh a
picture of the area so the brown could fly over and inspect his

"Good. Cause even if you were, you're stuck with it for now. You'll
need to report to K'ran. His is right there. " She gestured to a
slightly larger small building. "I'll report your arrival to the
Headwoman. Dinner at the bell."

“Thank you, Lusilk. It was a pleasure meeting you,” H’riv said as
Uuketh landed, snaking his head around to survey the place.

}:This is a strange weyr.:{ he said with confusion.

**It’s a temporary building until the real weyrs are ready. I like it.**

She nodded. "I'm sure you'll see me again." She inclined her head.
"Have a good night."

Last updated on the September 9th 2019

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