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Writers: Heather
Date Posted: 2nd September 2019

Characters: Endarin, Thayde
Description: Endarin gives Thayde his punishment for starting the tavern brawl.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 12, day 20 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Enamra
takes place directly after "Best She Can Do"


As Thayde had anticipated, word came to him around lunch time of the next day that the Hallmaster wished to speak with him. The last person he wanted to talk to about what had happened at the tavern was Endarin. The self-righteous Hallmaster was shardin' perfect and never made any mistakes, or at least, that was how he portrayed himself, Thayde thought.

He had not gone in to the infirmary that day, mostly because his left eye was still swollen shut and he ached all over. No one ever told glory stories about this side of being in a fight, he thought. His older brothers had always made it sound like great fun.

The walk to the Hallmaster's office was a stiff one and Thayde received more than one startled glance by other dolphineers as they passed him in the hallway. Word would spread soon enough, he thought, and then everyone would know. At least he had not come out on the losing end of the fight, he thought, his pride as a man still intact.

He raised his right hand to knock on Endarin's office door but thought better of it when his good eye landed on his scuffed up knuckles. Knocking with his left hand, Thayde entered when he heard Endarin's voice.

Endarin did not say anything but watched as the former Hallsecond of the Dolphin Hall gingerly lowered himself into a chair. To say that he had been surprised when the tavern owner had contacted him about the rowdy behavior of one of his masters was an understatement.

"Care to tell me what happened?" he said, thinking that Thayde looked slightly rebellious with the way he was slumped in the chair, his head lolled back against the headrest. **Probably that killer headache and hangover he's nursing,** Endarin thought with just a touch of amusement.

"Went to the tavern for a drink," Thayde said with no preamble.

Endarin steepled his fingers together, prepared to wait.

Thayde licked the scabbed cut on his lip. "I overheard a trader talking about the joys of luring in young women and essentially raping them."

The Hallmaster's brow furrowed.

"One of the stories he recounted was about Enamra."

Endarin's eyes widened and he sat up a bit straighter in his chair. "You mean the cur that left her pregnant was in the tavern?"

Thayde nodded slowly. "That's right. In the tavern at the table right behind me, bragging about what he did to Enamra, bragging about how she struggled against him."

The Hallmaster's hands flexed and unflexed on the armrests of his chair, his knuckles white. "Did you kill him?"

The Master Dolphineer met Endarin's eyes for the first time, looking slightly bewildered, because he knew that he had not and that the tavern master had probably relayed that information. "No, beyond a broken nose, and perhaps a crushed larynx, he'll live."

"Damn," Endarin muttered, sitting back in his chair.

Thayde's eyebrows lifted. "You're disappointed?"

"You're damn right I am. Little bastard deserves to be cast off a ship with an anchor strapped to his neck." Endarin did not tolerate rule breaking, but he also did not tolerate the mistreatment of women. He remembered how pitiful Enamra had looked with her pregnant belly dwarfing her thin, emaciated frame. He remembered how painfully shy and backward she had been when she had first arrived at the Hall. He had also noticed how much healthier she looked now with a general glow about her countenance and a smile on her face.

Thayde felt a bit of relief, he had been worried about a far different reaction from the Hallmaster.

"Officially I can't condone you causing a brawl in a nearby establishment, of course, but unofficially... you did what any man worth his salt should have done." Endarin said, although it was quickly followed by a sigh. "Having said that, there will need to be some sort of reprimand so every young pup around here doesn't get the idea to go off fighting every time they're upset."

"Yeah, I figured as much," Thayde said.

"I'm going to give you the sevenday for your face to heal up, and then the next fortnight afterward, you will be on supervision duty in the observation tower." Endarin said, which was the duty that no Master or Senior Journeyman ever wanted because it involved supervising the apprentices who were learning about the relation of the stars in conjunction to traveling the sea. They also trained apprentices to sit in the observation tower to look for any emergency signals being flashed to them from ships on the sea.

Thayde groaned even though he knew that it was more than a fair punishment. Being gone at night was seriously going to hinder his plan to woo his wife and settle their bedroom problems as quickly as possible.

"Thank you, sir," Thayde said, appreciative that Endarin had not added insult to injury by scolding him about his actions.

"No, thank you, maybe next time that bastard will think twice before forcing himself on a girl." Endarin hoped that the trader had learned his lesson and did not return to the Dolphin Cove area.

"I hope so," Thayde said as he stood, but he highly doubted that Doroon had learned his lesson, he struck Thayde as the type to be incapable of feeling remorse for his actions.

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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