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Don't Be Suspicious

Writers: Heather, Paula
Date Posted: 31st August 2019

Characters: Thayde, Enamra
Description: Enamra isn't able to act normally after what she witnessed between Thayde and Jalodwyn.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 12, day 13 of Turn 9
Notes: Takes place the morning after "DCW-DH: Rapid Regret"
Mentioned: Jylanya


She had not slept well and her dreams had been troubled; memories of
her papa chasing her away from their home, struggling to walk her
pregnant body towards the Hall, the bullying from the drudges, they
all appeared in her dreams. When she woke at dawn, as she normally
did, she felt exhausted. Sitting up, she looked over where she saw her
husband sleeping on his side of their bed and felt ill at the memory
of what she'd seen the previous night.

Enamra quickly brushed away a tear and quickly rose. She had duties
that were expected of her and she would do them. Moving to the
wardrobe, she opened it and just stared at the dresses, so pretty as
they hung, but couldn't bring herself to wear any of them. Instead,
she reached towards the rear and pulled out one of her old ones. She
washed, dressed and prepared for the day mechanically and without much
thought before heading to their small kitchen.

Making breakfast wasn't difficult and she moved automatically through
the routine, cooking the sausage and morning tubers, preparing the
klah pot, all things she had done every other morning. But dull pained
thoughts popped up in her mind. It was his right as a man. He could do
as he wished. She was keeping him from someone else. No wonder he
jerked away from her. He hadn't really wanted to marry her, but was
stuck with her.

When Thayde entered the kitchen, the first thing he noticed was
Enamra’s dress. It was one of the nearly threadbare ones he remembered
her wearing before they were married. His brow furrowed, he knew that
she had a wardrobe full of new clothes she could be wearing.

Perhaps, he decided, she was planning on doing some cleaning and did
not want to dirty her newer clothes. Either way, just looking at her
made the guilt from the prior evening return.

“Good morning,” he said, taking his usual seat and trying to act as
normally as possible.

"Good morning." She poured a cup of klah and handed it to him just as
she did every morning. But this morning there was no smile of greeting
as she laid the food out on the table. Enamra poured herself a cup of
juice and sat across from him then looked at the food, realizing that
she had no appetite for what she had made. Still, she took a small
serving of sausage and tubers, then used her eating knife to nudge the
food around her plate.

Thayde noted her unusual silence but he could not determine if he was
noticing it because of his overwhelming guilt or if Enamra was
actually acting differently.

“What are your plans today?” He asked conversationally.

"Harper lessons and Jylanya is supposed to be teaching me more about
baking today." She pushed the food around and then set her knife down
abruptly. "I'm not feeling very well." It certainly wasn't a lie.
"Excuse me. I'll clean up later. " she quickly rose, scraping her
plate of the food.

"Should I fetch a healer?" he asked, pushing to his feet.

She waved him away, still not looking at him. She couldn't bear to
look at him at that moment. "No. It's nothing." She came up with an
answer that was both honest, but not completely so. "It's just my
stomach. It may be my monthlies coming soon." Enamra moved away and
walked quietly to their bedroom. "I'll have dinner ready for you when
you come home."

Thayde watched his young wife depart, his brow still furrowed with
puzzlement at her odd behavior. A trickle of guilt raced down his
spine and his pulse quickened. **What if she knows?** he thought,
glimpses of himself on the moonlit beach with Jalodwyn flashing
through his memory. He then thought of how she had been sleeping when
he returned. **No, no,** he calmed himself, taking a deep breath, **if
she had seen she would have said something to me.** Pushing up from
the table he set about cleaning up the table, even though he knew
Enamra would have done it after he left. Hopefully she really did just
feel unwell and would be back to her usual self when he returned from

Enamra returned to the bed, curled up on her side and buried her face
in her pillow to muffle the tears as she waited for Thayde to leave.

As the Master Dolphineer left their quarters, his eyes darted furtively about. The last person he wanted to see around the Hall that day was Jalodwyn. He thought about the nasty comment she had flung at him, hoping that she was pregnant because of their lovemaking. Thayde's stomach churned. It could be a couple months before he figured out if there was lasting evidence of his infidelity, and until then, he would just have to keep his mouth shut and hope the entire thing blewover.

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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