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Fly Again

Writers: Miriah
Date Posted: 30th August 2019

Characters: Ninaine
Description: Luneth practices and gets something right
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 12, day 25 of Turn 9



**You can do it.** Ninaine watched from a chair on shallow ledge as
Luneth slowly climbed to the heights. The dragon hadn't flown much
since her mating flight, her wing being sore, but was as determined as
her rider; she wanted to fight Thread. She wanted to have Hers fly
with her once again. The stubborn tenacity in her rider and from her
hatchling days had reared its head within the green.

}: I will do it. :{ Luneth crouched, spreading her wings and
stretching them. She'd been exercising in the water, had worn the
hated sling to build up the muscle that had weakened. She eyed the
ledge below, crooned softly, then with a pre-launch wiggle, leaped
into the air. Flight! She beat her wings regularly, climbing high,
then caught a thermal and allowed it to carry her over the Weyr bowl.
She could fly, she would fly!

Ninaine watched as Luneth flew high and tamped down her own nerves.
Flying briefly to catch a herdbeast or wherry, or even to the lake was
one thing. This flight was a test of Luneth's ability to do more. She
wished more than anything that she was in the air with her, feeling
the air rush past her face and push at her muscles, to feel Luneth's
muscles bunch and ease beneath her. For a moment, she allowed herself
to go with Luneth, to experience the joy of the air and feel the push
against weakened wing muscles. So far, there was no strain felt. Just

Luneth reveled in the thermal and banked, leaving it behind to further
test her own strength. She felt her rider's hesitation and worry, but
felt no pain in her wing, just a slight feeling of strain as she
worked her wings to catch another current and glide.

**How does it feel?** Ninaine's eyes never left the green in the air.

}: I need to fly more, Mine. My wing is already getting tired. I've
gotten fat.:{ The green's complaint echoed her own rider's thoughts of
herself. }: I should not lay about all day. :{

**I know. And you're right. You need to take Branth up on his offer.
Don't push it too far today, Luneth. **

}: One more lap. I can do that. :{ Luneth banked again, unwilling to
leave the joy of flying for another afternoon on the ground. }: I am
strong enough for it. :{

**The moment you start to hurt...**

}: I'll come down. I know. You've said that at least twenty times
today.:{ Luneth completed the lap and prepared to land.

This was what Ninaine worried for. Landing hadn't been easy for Luneth
since her injury; she tended to scrape her bad wing's tip against the
ground or stumble with the landing. The backwinging caused further
strain and sometimes pain for the little green. She caught her breath
as Luneth slowly circled downwards, spilling air from her sails little
by little. All of the green's concentration was on landing without
causing further stress or strain. Focused intently as she came close
to the ground, she backwinged just enough to send little flurries of
dust and gravel, skidded only slightly, then settled.

**YES!** Ninaine gave a whoop. There had been no scraping, no
stumbling. The skid wasn't elegant or even remotely pretty, but the
green hadn't been scraped or bruised by an awkward landing this time.

Luneth preened, proud of herself. }: I told you I could do it. I just
need to practice. :{

**Practice every day. Maybe fly just a bit farther or a bit more every
day. Then...when the babies are born, maybe, just maybe, you can carry

Luneth walked towards the ground floor ledge and peered down at her
rider. }: We will fly again. We will show all of them that we can fly
again. We are _not_ useless. We will do this. :{

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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