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There Was Only One (Part 2 of 2)

Writers: Eimi, Paula
Date Posted: 29th August 2019

Characters: U'kaiah, Aileyan
Description: U'kaiah and Aileyan reconnect, and questions arise...
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 5, day 8 of Turn 9
Notes: Part 2 of 2
Apologies for the backdating!


Evenings had always been hardest for U'kaiah. The days were busy with
drills, meetings, hidework, messages, the hustle and bustle of the
Weyr. But once the work day was done for the rest of the Weyr, he was
never quite sure what to do with himself. He could take his meal in
the dinning caverns with his riders, and he did from time to time.
The problem was, there was never a time when had not outranked every
other rider save Hygalia at that Weyr. There was no one to take him
down a peg, to remind him of past embarrassments, to share an old
inside joke. He was their Weyrleader, and they treated him as such.
The bronzerider missed the easy camaraderie he had enjoyed at
Dragonsfall, and it's absence was most keenly felt when his work was

U'kaiah had decided that he would feel just as much alone in his room
as he would anywhere else, and so he had taken his meal in his weyr
and sat down at the table with the latest tithe reports. In the end,
he had no appetite for either. He was contemplating oiling his riding
straps when the little brown popped into his room.

"Aileyan!" She had not sent her flit for him in Turns! What was
Timor doing here of all places? He coaxed the little down to land on
his table with offerings from his dinner plate. "You eat that," he
said as he hoped it would distract him long enough to get the message
off of his leg. Unrolling it, he felt his breath catch in his throat.
Kjarliheth had Risen. She missed him. Aileyan wanted him to come to

"She wants me," he whispered. U'kaiah knew she still had feelings for him, but now, when she could have chosen to be with J'nev, or the Flights winner, she had made her own choice. "She wants _me_!!"

He ignored any protests Timor might have made as he pushed himself
away from the table, almost upsetting the chair completely in the
process. "Kalamath, get ready! Aileyan wants _me_!" he whooped as he
ran to find his boots.

Timor still beat him back to Aileyan's weyr. She couldn't make a heads
or tails of the brown's angry chirrups or confusing images. After
making his displeasure know, Timor popped out again, this time he went
to curl up and sleep at Ravyan's bed. At least he boy would not send
him to a nightly errands!

Moments later the curtains rustled as Kalamath backwinged onto the
empty ledge. U'kaiah wanted to waste no time in dismounting from the
bronze's great neck but was finding his haste was causing his fingers
to fumble with the straps. "Aileyan?" he called as he finally got
them undone and slid down onto the stone.

"U'kaiah! You came!" Aileyan rushed out to meet him. The only reason
why she didn't jump on him was her fear it would send him tumbling off
the ledge.

The bronzerider answered her with a fiery kiss. As if he wouldn't
come to her! He had only been waiting for Turns for her call! **She
tastes like home...**

Aileyan's response was equally fiery. She made a contented sigh. She
had so missed this.


U'kaiah was surprisingly awake after their turn in the furs, but it was not surprising that Aileyan had quickly dozed off. She had, after all, had a flight, and then a dragonlust fueled romp with him. Of course, his bronze sized ego whispered that it was him that wore her out so. **She always was a challenge, this one,** he thought with the touch of a smile as he looked at her out of the corner of his eye. He rolled onto his side and propped his head on his hand to get a better look at her. Not that he didn't know her body by heart, but shards, he just loved looking at her.

He gently pulled back a tendril of deep, rich, brown hair that had fallen across her face. A finger gently tickled the corner of her slightly parted lips, but pulled it back quickly when she made a sound, on some deep level aware of his touch. "Sorry, sweetheart," he whispered, leaning down to gently press his lips to her forehead. There was a taste of salt on his lips. Evidence of their lovemaking. He liked that.

U'kaiah watched her face carefully as he slowly traced his fingers from her shoulder down her short little arm. Of course, it was perfectly in proportion to her body, but he was so much bigger than she, it always amazed him. His finger curled around one of hers. How many times had they fallen asleep with their fingers intertwined? His fingers wandered up over her side and his fingers found her scar. Evidence of Ravyan's birth. She used to be so ashamed of it, he remembered, looking back down into her face as his fingers traced the familiar line. To her, it had been ugly and deforming, but he had adored it as being just one of those unique flaws that was like a hidden secret that few ever noticed but him. He would not change it for...


That wasn't where her scar was. It was on the other side.

He sat up more quickly than he had intended, but he had to know that he wasn't imaging things. No. He wasn't wrong. "Two scars." His fingers traced each in turn as his brow furrowed deeply. "There are _two_ scars."

Aileyan stirred in her sleep but didn't quite woke up. She turned so that her stomach was against the mattress.

U'kaiah felt a twinge of annoyance, as if she had purposefully tried to hide the evidence of what he saw. But no. She was asleep. Her breathing assured him of that. "Shards," he muttered, lying flat on his back once more, his hand reaching up to finger the notch in his ear thoughtfully. Had there always been two? No. He was sure of that. No. He knew every inch of her skin as if it were his own. Something happened. Something while he was gone. Something no one told him. That was no accidental mark. He had seen enough bodies to know that was a surgery. She had surgery and no one told him. "How could no one tell me?" he whispered to the ceiling.

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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