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There Was Only One (Part 1 of 2)

Writers: Eimi, Paula
Date Posted: 29th August 2019

Characters: Aileyan, J'nev, M'shan
Description: Aileyan's green Rises, but who does she really want...?
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 5, day 8 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: Benna
Part 1 of 2
Apologies for the backdating!

It's was sunny, cold winter day when Kjarliheth's turn to Rise came
again. As usual, she attracted quite a large and diverse group of
chasers, many of them regular ones, like brown Juth or blue Galerith.
Nirreth was there too. This time the Green didn't waste too much time
on pre flight posing and preparations. That was relief to Aileyan, who
didn't like standing still in a cold. She wouldn't feel the cold once
the dragon's lust fully took her over.

J'nev hoovered possessively close to the greenrider, just as Ankioth
would not yield his prime spot even to an older and larger bronze.
They were both in it to win. Why shouldn't his bronze be chosen above
all others, J'nev thought. After all, wouldn't it cement their
relationship nicely if their dragons were also mates? But there were
so many chasers. It would not be easy to out fly them all. His eyes
wandered over to where the flight moths were gathering. **I wonder if
Benna ever watches...** No! He snapped his attention back to
Aileyan. **I'm with Aileyan, and we will win.**

Kjarliheth led them to a merry chase across the blue, cloudless sky.
The sun was starting to set and Juth saw his opportunity there. He
waited until she started to tire, then approached her from the
direction of the sun, where Rukbat's glare would hide him. Kjarliheth
was just flirting with pair of blues when Juth swooped down with loud
roar to twine necks and tails with her.

}: Ooh, clever brown, :{ Kjarliheth crooned, pleased by his smart move
and quite happy with him.

On the ground, M'shan moved to claim his win, pushing the bronzerider
out of his way. Only in Flights the normally easy going brownrider
got this aggressive. He easily picked up the small sized green rider
and carried her to the cot.

"Shard it!" J'nev growled as he watched as he watched another man
carry off Aileyan. His attention was quickly diverted by a hand
touching his and he turned to face a smiling young woman who had hoped
the young bronzerider would not win. She smiled at him enticingly.

"Do you remember me, J'nev? We were Candidates together. My name is
Mesilla. I can help ease your loss."

The remnants of dragonlust were fanned by the gentle touch and the
hungry look in her eye. "I remember you," he lied. It didn't matter
who she was really. He liked her smile, and her eyes. And her low
cut tunic. "I live alone. Would you like to see my weyr?"

~*~ timelapse ~'~

The sun had already set when Aileyan emerged from the flight cot. It
was even colder outside and she shivered.
"Are you sure you don't want another round?" M'shan asked hopefully.

"No, thank you. It was fun but I want get back to my weyr," Aileyan
was declining as politely as she could.

"Let me at least escort you," M'shan said and wrapped one of the furs
around her shoulders.

Aileyan just nodded and they hurried inside.
After they reaced her weyr, Aileyan thanked him again, gave him a kiss
that lacked any kind of passion and firmly shut the door behind her,
leaving the brownrider to stand in hallway. M'shan sighed mournfully.
She was such a lovely woman and obviously not interested in him.

Once she was alone, Aileyan cleaned herself up. Kjarliheth was dead
asleep after her flight, Ravyan would stay with his fostermother and
she was just too restless to sit down or sleep. She paced around,
still feeling the dragonlust in her veins. And there was only one
person she could think about. She kept remembering all the wonderful
times they had after Kjarliheth's Flights.

Timor did not like being woken up and sent to deliver message. At
least the face his mistress gave him was familiar to the firelizard.
With resigned murmur he plopped to /between/. The distance between
North and South meant nothing to him.

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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