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We're Good

Writers: Eimi, Paula
Date Posted: 25th August 2019

Characters: Kaiafel, Aileyan
Description: Aileyan comes to Kaiafel to make amends...
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 4, day 27 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: U'kaiah, Yanley (not by name)

Dust and sweep. Dust and sweep. Kaiafel was sure that his mother had
talked to the Headwoman's staff and asked them to give him the worst
jobs in the Weyr. He knew both she, and especially his father, had
hoped that he would craft. The young Candidate was starting to wonder
if this wasn't their doing. Maybe if they bored him to death, he
would agree to apprentice.

"Who cares if the storerooms are dusted anyway," he muttered. No one
cared if old glow baskets were dust free or not. They only cared if
they worked.

Curiosity got the better of him, and he lifted one lid carefully.
**Nope. They don't.**

Aileyan had to ask his mother where to find Kaiafel. That also meant
listening Ravyan's excited account how _he_ had chased after runaway
Sabia (apparently Ravyan's new foster little sister was very active
toddler that needed constant supervision). Once she had gotten the
information and gently disengaged from Ravyan (who was disappointed
she was not taking him with her right now), she actually had to find
him. There was more storerooms in Weyr than you could think of.
She wasn't sure how many rooms later it was, when she peered in and
spotted the boy. "Kaiafel!" she called.

The boy flinched and flipped the lid closed. "I'm just dusting them,
I swear!" he called back, not recognizing the voice.

"Who cares," Aileyan walked properly in, "I need to talk with you."

"Oh. I thought you were one of the Headwoman's staff," he said when
he realized who he was talking to. This sounded like it was going to
be trouble of a whole different kind. "Well," Kaiafel said, resigned
to his fate. "I'm here."

"Yes, you are," Aileyan closed the door after her. She didn't know how
to approach the subject.

Kaiafel sighed deeply as he set aside his cleaning rag. His eyes were
directed at the floor as he awaited the lecture he was sure was
coming. He had, after all, talked back to an adult. Even if it was
someone who was like family, like Aileyan. His father wouldn't see it
any different, he was sure. Though in his heart, he stood by what he

"I'm here to apologize you. I was not acting like a responsible adult.
I shouldn't have yelled at you or poured all my troubles at you,"
Aileyan said with soft voice. Shards, just the look in his eyes, so
much like his father. It was breaking her heart.

"Oh." Well, that was unexpected, and for some reason, it made Kaiafel
feel more confused and embarrassed than in any way vindicated to hear
her apology. He felt almost guilty, though he wasn't sure why if she
was the one who was wrong. Maybe it was the sadness in her voice, or
that look in her eyes that made him feel so. "It's ok. No big deal."

"It's a big deal. I shouldn't pour it on you kids, it's unfair,"
Aileyan replied. "I'm not always the most mature of adults," she
sighed. How could she, with the background she had. But telling that
to Kaiafel, well, it felt like making up excuses and putting more
burden on the poor boy. So she just left it that.

"I'm not really a kid, you know," he said in a meek protest, though
still not meeting her eye. "I am old enough to be a dragonrider,

"So you are," Aileyan sounded slight surprised. "I still tend to think
you the way you were when we first met."

"Well, I was a kid then," he conceded, his mind traveling back to
those early days. "Ravyan was really little then. I remember we met
on the beach, and Kal knocked him down." His canine had been a bit
rambunctious back then. He had settled down a bit over the last Turn
or two.

"Yes," Aileyan remembered and smiled at the memory.
"Anyway, whatever problems I have with your father, shouldn't affect
us. I do care about you, like you were the little brother I never had.
I don't want to be at odds with you."

"And I don't want to be at odds with you." Though he couldn't say he
saw her as a sister. "I just want us to be a family again."

"Yes, me too," Aileyan gave him a shy smile. One of those that always
turned his father's heart.

Her smile made him feel rather uncomfortable, though he didn't know
why. His eyes dropped to the toes of his boots, his mouth feeling a
little dry and his tongue very heavy. "I... uh... You know, the
Headwoman will get mad if I don't... you know... my chores..."

"Right, I don't want to get you in trouble. So, we're friends again?"
Aileyan replied and checked once more.

"Yeah. Yeah, we're good," he nodded with a shy smile of his own, his
eyes lifting briefly to meet hers.

Shards, sometimes he was too much alike his father for Aileyan's peace
of mind. She nodded. "I'll leave you to your chores then. We'll see
when I pick up Ravyan later."

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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