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Food and Babies

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 14th August 2019

Characters: Lanniya, Saibra
Description: Lanniya and Saibra talk food and babies
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 12, day 2 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: R'enh, K'ale, F'lin, Saidrene



Lanniya waited as the rest of the wing left the meeting, her hand
unconsciously rubbing her belly as the group filed out of the
conference room. Looking over at Saibra, she decided to broach what
might be a sensitive subject. "How are you feeling about Teseada
leaving? With me not being able to /between/ right now, I know that
puts more on you."

Saibra relaxed in her chair now that she and Lanniya were the only
ones left in the room. “To be honest, I am kind of enjoying being very
busy.” The busier she was the less time she had alone with her

Lanniya studied Saibra's face, taking in the slightly sunken cheeks
and the now visible bones in her wrist. "Maybe you're being too busy,
Saibra." Her voice was soft, revealing some of her worry. "You've lost
a lot of weight. It's worrying some people in the wing."

The Weyrwoman snorted softly in disbelief. “Lost a lot of weight?
Hardly.” The mirror showed her that she still had not shed the baby
weight she gained with the twins. Whenever she looked at her
reflection, her eyes zeroed in on hips that were too wide and a face
that was too round. “I will manage just fine until you have had the
baby.” Her blue eyes flicked over to the younger gold rider’s belly.
“How have you been feeling lately?”

Lanniya wanted to argue with her, but at the Weyrwoman's denial, her
arguments fell silent. How could she not see it? She looked down at
her belly and rubbed her hand over the still flat surface. There was a
slight bulge there, but hardly noticeable to anyone but her. "I'm
fine. I was only sick for a little bit. I should be able to /between/
at the end of the month." She looked up at Saibra and asked a question
that had also been eating at her. "You're not upset are you? About
R'enh? You haven't said anything."

"Of course not," Saibra flapped her hand to dismiss the notion.
"Children are a common by product of mating flights. R'enh is a
wonderful father."

"Well, it may not be his either." Lanniya admitted. "But he'd like to
be involved a little bit." She laid her hand on her belly and studied
Saibra a little bit more." Care to get some lunch?"

Lunch? Saibra's stomach recoiled at the thought. Still, she had not
had anything since that piece of fruit earlier in the morning. "Lunch
sounds good. Are you having cravings for anything yet?" The Weyrwoman
asked as she stood and brushed her hands over the long dress that she

"No, not yet." She rose. "Not that I've noticed anyways. But some
roast wherry with tubers sounds really good right now." She paused. "I
think K'ale's wanting me to eat four or five times a day. He's packed
the weyr with snacks. What did you crave?

"Different things with each pregnancy." Saibra replied. "With Saidrene
I craved tart things, the more sour the better. Then with Kaibren it
was meat, especially wherry roasted with herbs. And then with the
twins, sweets, sweets and more sweets."

"I'm still trying to figure out what to expect with this one." Lanniya
admitted. "It's my first, so everything's new. K'ale is thrilled of
course and once my mama gets my message on the trade route, I wouldn't
be surprised if they didn't turn right around and come here." She
opened the door for Saibra. "Want to eat at the dining hall?"

“Pregnancies are exciting, I think.” Saibra admitted. “You have so
much to look forward to. Have you heard the heartbeat yet?” She asked
before adding, “The dining hall is fine.”

"Not yet. The healers say in a sevenday or so, we'll be able to hear
it." Walking towards the dining hall, Lanniya mused. "It is exciting.
I was terrified at first; we didn't plan this and the situation with
K'ale, F'lin and R'enh made me feel awful. But I think we're all
working past it."

“As awkward as it may be, that’s the way of it sometimes in the Weyr.
Since children are raised rather communally at the Weyr anyway, it
usually works out.” Unless of course if one of those involved was
holdbred, that sometimes caused an issue. “Just think, your child will
have three wonderful papas looking after him or her.”

"Yes well, I've decided not to tell my mama or my papa about that just
yet. I don't know how understanding they'd be." Her lips lifted at the
thought. "I thought about that. K'ale will be a wonderful father. I
think F'lin's uncertain, and R'enh's fine with it. So, I think it'll
all work out." She looked at Saibra. "Our babies might play with each

“Of course they’ll play with one another, they may be half-siblings
after all.” Saibra smiled at the thought. “So are you going to let
your parents think the baby is K’ale’s initially? That would be their
natural assumption since he is your weyrmate, right?”

"Definitely. I think it'll be better just not to mention it. It's
really..." she debated on her next words, choosing them carefully.
"It's really none of their business, now that I think about it. As
long as the baby is healthy and happy, that's all that should matter."

Saibra agreed with Lanniya, but then, she was weyrbred and Lanniya’s
parents were not. “I think they will be proud of you and excited for
their grand baby either way,” she said as they entered the Dining

"How are the twins? And Saidrene? I've not seen her in forever." She
waved at a someone she knew and moved towards the buffet table,
looking over the offerings with interest.

“I hear from others at Dolphin Cove that she is doing well.” Saibra
had not seen her daughter since before the twins were born, not even
at Dragonsfall’s last hatching. Saidrene’s distance and avoidance of
her was something that Saibra did not know how to reconcile. She only
hoped that by giving her daughter the space she needed, that one day
Saidrene would come to miss her or want a relationship again. “The
twins are growing like weeds,” she said, a lighter tone in her voice.
She put a small helping of greens on her plate, a piece of meat and
then tossed a roll onto her plate, not very interested in what she
ate. “They grow up so quickly.”

"I remember them just being babies. Last time I saw them, they were
much bigger, so you're right." Lanniya put substantially more on her
plate, suddenly very hungry and the meat smelled absolutely delicious.
She eyed Saibra's plate, looked up at her and then reached for the
pies, getting herself a slice. "Want pie?"

“Sure,” Saibra said as she accepted a slice of the dessert. She knew
that she would not actually eat it but she had learned that if she did
not put things on her plate people made comments about it. She had
become exceptionally good at making her plate looked as if she had
eaten a good portion.

That made her feel a little bit better, but Saibra's thinness
concerned her. She'd never seen the healthy woman look so...frail. If
it got worse, she'd go to R'enh...or even the Weyrleader. Taking her
plate to the table, she sat, digging into the pie first with relish,
then groaned at the taste. It was perfect.

Last updated on the September 3rd 2019

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