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An Evening Chat

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 18th August 2019

Characters: Saidrene, K'ran
Description: K'ran talks to Saidrene in the late evening about some personal matters.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 10, day 8 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Alina, Saibra, D'hol, Timassa, Jeyme
late due to Avery LOA


The afternoon at the beach with Alina and a bottle of a wine was exactly
what she had needed to get her through another night of watchduty.
Tonight a deck of cards rested in her hands, keeping her entertained
while Ashareth kept her alert eyes on the skies.

}:Bumaeth entering the Weyr,:{ Ashareth informed her.

**What's his rider's name again?** Saidrene asked, sliding the clipboard
across the table.

}:E'gnar.:{ the green provided.

**Thanks,** she jotted the two names down and the candlemark before
grabbing a meatroll, one of the snacks she'd brought for the night.

There was silence for a little bit longer, and then Ashareth was
interrupted by another dragon reaching out to her. But this one wasn't
re-entering the Weyr. }:Ashareth,:{ Rogueth said.

}:Yes?:{ Ashareth purred at the bronze.

}:May I sit with you during watch duty?:{ he asked, as though he
expected a no.

The green immediately made room. }:Of course,:{ her tone was very

Rogueth landed on the ledge. K'ran slid down from his neck. "Saidrene.
How are you?" he greeted.

She couldn't believe it. He was back, again. For the second night in a
row? What could he possibly have to say to her this time? Saidrene
scooped the playing cards up, tapping them against the table as she
neatly stacked them. "It's night duty," she said simply, as if that
should tell him how she was. "How are you, Wingleader?"

"Checking to make sure that everything's in place in the Weyr, at least
in the parts I'm responsible for," he said. Which was an answer to what
he was doing, if not really to the how.

"Well, I am in my place, doing my duty, so no need to worry about that,"
she replied.

"Good. You've been a very stable part of the wing until now and I
appreciate your dedication." he said, clearing his throat.

"Right," Saidrene said slowly, nodding her head, eyes slightly narrowed.
If she didn't know better, she would think that K'ran was nervous.
Nervous about what? Did he think she would jump him here in the
watchrider's hut? And hadn't he already made it perfectly clear that he
wasn't interested in her advances?

"So I just wanted to thank you for that. I do think you have a lot of
potential as a wingrider as you season, and I hope you'll take this time
to think about your ambitions and dedication." His mouth was kind of
running away with him on its own tangent, like he couldn't stop it. He
knew it was inane to be talking about her performance while she was on
punishment duty. But he wanted to keep talking to her and he didn't know
what to _say_.

"Thank you, Wingleader. I'll keep that in mind." As she seasoned? **I
get it, you think I'm young,** she thought.

He cleared his throat again, and said, "Well, good eve," and turned to
walk away - only for his right foot to slip on a patch of loose gravel.
He lost his balance and went down, his knees scraping painfully across
stone. "Shafffit!"

Saidrene winced and pushed up from her chair. "Are you okay?"

K'ran started to stand up, felt a wrenching, and instead shifted so he
was sitting on the floor. He put a hand on his knee, felt it warm, like
he'd twisted. "That was a fool move."

"Which part?" the greenrider asked as she grabbed the first aid basket
and brought it over. "Coming in here to babble nonsense, or twisting
your knee?" Her lips twitched a bit with the effort not to smile as she
brushed away the hand on his knee to take a look.

"Babbling nonsense?" He asked as he shifted so she could get a better
look. Because he'd dropped by so late in the evening, so was wearing
casual clothes and not riding clothes, which meant the pants had torn
and there were small droplets of blood welling up.

Saidrene did her best impersonation of K'ran's voice as she said, "Oh,
you know, 'think about your ambition' and my 'potential as a wingrider'
as I 'season'." She took gauze and doused it with whatever before
dabbing the spot on his knee clean and smoothing on numbweed.

Her impression of his vocal tone made him laugh. "Ouch, my heart," he
said before his mouth snapped shut as the redwort stung his knee.

"If you don't want to sleep with me anymore, K'ran, you could just say
that instead." She told him in a softer tone.

That was...well, quite blunt of her. He hadn't expected it. He'd assumed
rather that she'd want to dance around the subject. Same as him, really.
In his case, it was because he didn't know what to say. Or what he
wanted. He was never good with women, that was a universal fact of his

"We really shouldn't," he said.

Her eyes lifted to his. "Shouldn't and not wanting to, are different

He was suddenly, _acutely_, aware of her hand on his knee - and while it
was an innocent touch because she was caring for the cut he'd made in
his own idiocy, he couldn't help but remember other times their hands
had been on each other. During the flight. During a catch and fall
drill. The night after...

"I shouldn't want to," he said, and his voice suddenly sounded more
strangled in his throat. "You're my wingrider..."

"Those are just titles. They don't dictate who we are." Saidrene honed
in on the change in his voice. So she had been right, he'd punished her
as a way to separate them, as a way to keep her in her place.

"Do you not think they dictate something about how we should behave with
each other? You're a Weyrwoman's daughter, the codes of conduct must
make sense to you."

"A title doesn't cut off one's personal desires. I learned that first
hand from my mother." Saidrene pointed out. "And if D'hol's sleeping
around with his Wingthird, how are we any different?"

That was a piece of gossip he didn't know. "D'hol's sleeping with his
wingthird?" he asked, distracted.

She waved her hand. “If they’re not then she’s in his weyr on a lot of
business.” Of course, it could just be rumors.

"That sounds thoroughly unprofessional," he said, thinking about Jeyme.
They had a comfortable working relationship but he wouldn't want to
pursue her romantically - it would get in the way of _keeping_ a working
relationship, to his mind.

This wasn’t helping her case, Saidrene decided. “Dragonriders’ lives are
unpredictable and we face death constantly. Why not enjoy what we can,
when we can?”

"You're not wrong that the risk of death is omnipresent. You make it
sound so simple. And maybe it would be that simple, if I was a
brownrider with no wingrank. But being a Wingleader matters. It gives me
authority over you, and personal attachments might cloud my judgement,
make it hard for me to be objective." His hand drifted up to touch hers
where it covered his knee.

She couldn't argue with that, and she didn't want to push him, but....
"I could ask to be reassigned. I mean," she rushed to add, "if you would
want to... you know... continue."

He let out a sigh and half-turned away from her to look out across the
beautiful view of the Dolphin Cove weyrbowl - the familiar slope out to
the sea, the sands, the buildings below, the dragons on their ledges. He
was sure Saidrene had heard all the rumors about the Conclave decisions,
even though details were still scant while construction began.

"Don't make any rash decisions about your future in this wing yet.
Things are changing soon enough."

It was not hard to deduce K’ran’s meaning. “You are leaving?”
"I was offered the honor to be on the setup staff," he confirmed.

If he was going to be leaving anyway, why worry about
Wingleader-Wingrider fraternization? It was not an outright rejection as
she had feared, but neither was it an invitation for more. “I see,” she

"I'm going to be talking to Rapids when a date is set about who's
following. I can't take the entire wing, I won't do that to Dolphin
Cove's staffing. But I suspect many will volunteer. You might want to
think about whether or not you're interested."

Was that an invitation, she wondered, a small flicker of hope within
her. “I will think about that,” she said with the hint of a grin.

He cleared his throat again, a little awkwardly. "I'm sorry I put us in
this position."

Saidrene's signature grin returned. "It takes two to tango, Wingleader."

Last updated on the August 19th 2019

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