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Try to Relax

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 14th August 2019

Characters: N'vanik, D'hol
Description: N'vanik visits D'hol after the surgery
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 10, day 27 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Urlene, Cyradis, Timassa, K'deren


N'vanik waited a while before going to see D'hol. The man was
recovering from serious surgery and needed plenty of rest. N'vanik
wanted to allow D'hol's family and friends to use the limited visiting
time, but now that D'hol was a bit more recovered the Weyrleader
decided to drop by.

A helpful apprentice healer showed him to the room. "Hey D'hol."

D'hol looked up and his brows rose as the curtain opened and N'vanik
stepped in. "N'vanik. I wasn't expecting you." His voice was a bit
rough, but there wasn't the usual tension when he spoke to the

"It's nice to be a little unpredictable," N'vanik said as he stepped
closer. "I'm glad your plan failed."

D'hol nodded, a wry lift to his lips. "So am I. For once, I'm glad
I was wrong." He looked up at N'vanik. "I still owe you. Thank you. "

N'vanik was pretty sure that was the first time D'hol had given him
unqualified agreement and straightforward thanks. Maybe it was the
felis, or exhaustion, or both. "I think you owe Cyradis more."

D'hol's lips quirked wryly. "Oh, definitely. She doesn't know that you knew,
so you're safe from her temper. I don't imagine that she'd thank you
for trying to assist me."

"Probably not." N'vanik wondered if he might risk telling her for the
sake of being honest. "You had a lot of visitors. I think you might be
more popular than you realize."

D'hol nodded slowly; it had occurred to him as well, and it had
surprised him how many people seemed to sincerely care for his
well-being. Even some of his wingmembers had stopped by to check on
him. "It seems so. I hadn't realized it, to be honest. It's given me a
great deal to think about."

N'vanik squinted his eyes. "How much fellis are you on? I've never
seen you this mellow."

Brows twitched upwards and a smile played over D'hol's lips. "Not
much, honestly. Urlene feels I've had enough over the past few
sevendays. Mainly just numbweed and willowsalic." He tilted his head.
"Give it time. I'm sure we'll be able to go back to arguing with each

"It would be nice to have a little less arguing." N'vanik held out
hope that this brush with death might change D'hol, maybe even just a
little. They faced the danger of thread regularly, but this was

"Might be at that." D'hol leaned back against his pillows. "I don't
see much we have to argue about now, to be honest." His lips curled
just a little at the memory of the evening he'd shared with Cyradis.
He felt more at peace than he had in turns. "And I owe you, N'vanik. I
won't forget it."

"Don't worry about it. Just focus on healing up and getting back to your Wing."

"Yes, well, apparently that might take some time. Over a month, I'm
told, before I'll be cleared to go /between/ again. I think K'deren
and Timassa can handle it until then, though." Grimacing, D'hol sat
up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Laying back in bed
wasn't what he wanted to do. "But I'll keep up with the hidework so
they won't have to."

"You don't have to. Spend time with your family. Relax." Though
N'vanik wondered if D'hol was capable of that.

"I'll try to. But I'll have time for the hides. It's not a concern. I
can do both."

"You can because you think you should, or you'll go stir-crazy if you
don't?" N'vanik asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Both." The reply was immediate. "I've spend too many turns keeping
active and useful to do otherwise." He gave a minute shrug. "I prefer

"As long as it's mentally active and not physically active I don't
mind. But if you try to exert yourself I'll send Urlene after you."
After a moment of thought N'vanik added, "And Cyradis."

D'hol grimaced at the thought of both women coming at him. "Now that's
just cruel, N'vanik."

Last updated on the August 19th 2019

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