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Wrong Path

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 14th August 2019

Characters: Thayde, Enamra, Jalodwyn
Description: Thayde's passions lead him down the wrong path.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 12, day 12 of Turn 9


Ever since the first night when he had came in to Enamra wearing
lingerie, he had noticed that she slept in it every night. Faranth
help him, the little gowns she wore gradually seemed to get skimpier
and lacier. He had made so many trips the last few nights to take a
cold dip in the ocean that he knew the path there with his eyes

Tonight was no different, when he entered the bedroom she was sleeping
without the blanket over her, which showcased the slinky little number
that she was wearing. Shedding his clothes, he slid into bed beside
her, arms automatically going around his wife’s petite figure to pull
her close.

The movement caused her gown to bunch and snag beneath her hip,
pulling the top of the garment down and exposing her breasts. Thayde
moved one hand to tuck her against him, as he usually did, but he
froze as his hand encountered the swell of warm feminine flesh. Unable
to reign in his traitorous hand, he explored the new expanse of skin
with expert fingers.

Red flags flew up in his mind and he withdrew his hand quickly, so
much so that he was afraid the jostling might wake her. When she
didn’t stir, he breathed a sigh of relief but not shame washed over
him. Here he was, vowing not to be intimate with her so that she could
grow accustomed to him and make her own decisions and yet in the same
breath he was fondling her while she slept.

Thoroughly disgusted with himself, and the fact that his hormones were
still raging from the touch, he slipped out of bed. He had gone
through the motions so many times that he was dressed, out of the
Hall, and down by the ocean before he even realized where he was.

Jalodwyn emerged from the water spotting Thayde as he approached. His
steps looked jarring and his body posture looked tense; she was
immediately concerned. What was he doing out here again? She'd noticed
in the past few days that it had grown into a habit, but had never
mentioned it to him, nor that she'd seen him. But she was getting
worried. She couldn't help it, not the way she felt about him. She had
hoped she'd see him this evening and perhaps they could talk and take
a moonlit swim like they'd done as teens. "Thayde?" She waded out of
the water, pushing dripping hair from her face. "Are you okay?"

Thayde flinched at the sound of someone else’s voice. “Jal?” He
questioned, squinting in the anemic moonlight. “I’m sorry, I didn’t
realize anyone else was out here.” He had been too busy talking
himself out of marching back to his bed, waking up his wife, and
making love to her the way he should have done when they first

"I was just taking a swim. You know I like swimming at night,
especially when it's hot." She walked up to him, studying his face.
"You're upset." She placed her hand on his shoulder. "What's going
on?" She felt his shoulder, feeling the tension. "Faranth, Thayde,
you're so tense you're rock hard."

In more ways than one, he nearly said. He did not know how to explain
the situation he and Enamra were in, and so he simply settled for
shrugging. “It’s just something that I have to work through.” He
exhaled slowly, trying to ease the thrum of adrenaline that was still
coursing through his veins.

Jalodwyn wasn't stupid, nor did she fail to notice with a glance
downward that Thayde's situation was rather prominent. It was his
stupid marriage, she decided. Whoever he had gotten trapped into
marrying was clearly not taking care of him or his needs. It angered
her to think of it, especially since she had had such hopes when she
had come here. "Thayde..." She sighed and laid a hand on his cheek.
"I'm your friend. I was more than your friend once. If I can help you,
I will."

Her cool hand on his cheek made Thayde look at Jalodwyn, really look
at her, for the first time since he had stepped out onto the beach.
Water glistened on her skin in the moonlight and he could see the
sheen of her lips in the darkness when she spoke. He slid his fingers
into her hair, and pulled her face to his for a heated, frustrated
kiss. The feel of her lips was familiar, taking him back several

Jalodwyn didn't fight the kiss, instead she welcomed it with a surge
of desire, triumph, and deep seated longing for the man she pressed
herself against. She let herself believe, at that moment, that all of
his evident frustrated desire must have been for her, and he was
finally giving in. She wanted to believe it; had to believe it. With
quick fingers, she untied her brief two-piece bathing suit, letting it
fall to the sand at her feet.

Thayde never missed a beat. This was what his body had been aching to
do for weeks. He stroked a hand down her slippery body, curling his
fingers over her hips and pulling her firmly against him as he
explored her mouth.

Eager and bare, Jalodwyn drew Thayde down to the sand with her,
pulling him with murmured encouragement and desire.

What they didn't see was the slender figure that appeared over the
rise. Enamra had been sleeping lightly for a sevenday and the moment
Thayde's hand had touched her bare flesh, she had awakened and had
been immediately stirred by the contact. But when he jerked away as if
burned, she could no longer bear to not know where and why he was
leaving her night after night. She struggled with it, then pulled on
her robe and followed.

At first, she didn't know where to look, for he had been quick. She
scanned the area, but when she heard a soft moan, her first thought
had been that someone was injured. She hurried towards the sound and
when she came over the rise, quickly turned in mortified
embarrassment. A couple, being very free with each other right on the
beach in the moonlight. About to move away and search elsewhere, she
heard her husband's name moaned by a feminine voice. Enamra went still
and despite an inner voice telling her to leave, that she hadn't heard
what she had, she turned back to look at the distant couple. Her eyes
sought out the man who taking his pleasure and she recognized the
profile, the hair, and the bare back.

A keen slice of pain seemed to stab into her belly and she half bent,
feeling sick. Her husband, her Thayde was down there. That's what he
had been doing every night. He was...Enamra covered her mouth to
stifle a sob. He didn't want her at all. He had someone. Someone that
he was willing to...do _that_ with. Not her. Never her. How long had
it been happening? The whole time they'd been married? And she had
been trying to entice him, encouraging him Unable to look any more and
heartsick with both grief and shame at her own behavior, she spun on
her heel at a run away from the scene.

She fled for their quarters, diving inside and falling to her knees in
their shared bedroom. Her robe fell open and she looked down at the
scanty underthings she was wearing. Sobbing, she savagely ripped them
off of her, hurriedly searching for a plain gown that reached her
ankles. Hurriedly dressing, she looked down at pretty, lacy thing
she'd been wearing and grabbed a pair of shears. In short order, they
were sliced into ribbons. She followed by tearing into the box of
other lacy garments and mindlessly began shredding them as well. They
were of no use to her. He didn't want her because she was tainted. She
had been used by another man. He pitied her, nothing more. Shoving the
tatters back into the box, she pushed it back into the closet and
knelt on the floor, unable to stop the hiccuping sobs that stole her

Last updated on the August 19th 2019

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