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Hello and Goodbye

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 7th August 2019

Characters: Jeyme, D'hol
Description: D'hol informs Jeyme of his transfer
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 11, day 26 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Cyradis, Kapera (not by name), K'deren, Kieyla


The day spent with Dheymin had been an enjoyable one; the young boy
had climbed all over Yumath, gotten absolutely filthy with Kielya,
bathed, napped, then got filthy again after sneaking to tumble over
the big bronze again. Most of the day, D'hol had had a small smile on
his face, if not outright laughter at his son's antics.

Holding Dheymin as they approached Jeyme's door, he chuckled as the
young lad gave a might yawn. "You and me both, son. Between you and
your sister, you both wore your old man out today."

Kielya had been told and while initially upset, was understanding once
he had promised that he'd visit her as often as possible. He wondered
if Jeyme and Dheymin would be as amenable. He patted the sleeping
child on the back, then knocked lightly at the door.

Jeyme opened the door, her face softening when she saw her son in
D’hol’s arms. “Had a big day?” She asked, stepping aside so he could
come in.

"He played most of the day." D'hol said softly. "I think he's almost
asleep." He came in, carefully laying the small boy on a couch where
he curled up with his cheek on his hand after another yawn. Stroking
his son's hair, he kept his voice soft. "I need to speak with you,

“Sure,” she said. “Can I get you something to drink?”

"Klah or water should be fine. Thanks." He leaned his hip against her
table, resting slightly against it, but drummed his fingers against
his bicep, debating to himself how to best approach the subject.

Grabbing two cups from the cabinets, she poured them both a cup of
klah from the warmer. “Is this a conversation where you are going to
run?” she teased as he stood, while she pulled out a chair from the
table and sat.

He took the cup from her, but didn't sit, instead looking down at the
dark liquid before he took a sip. "Not run." He answered, then slowly
sat, exhaling. They hadn't sat and talked for a long while. "I'm being
transferred, Jeyme."

Her brow furrowed with confusion. “You are being forced?”

"Not exactly, no. But the new Weyrhold is being built and I helped
with Dream's End Weyr and Rising Moons when they were first being
built, so I have experience that's needed." He tapped on his cup with
his fingers. "And Riyanth is being sent. She's still Yumath's mate, so
there's a chance he might catch her again. I could fight the transfer,
but I won't."

He wanted to be Weyrleader, Jeyme had known that, but she had not
realized that he was willing to be Weyrleader somewhere else. "I am a
little surprised," she admitted. "I never thought you would leave

D'hol sighed, putting the cup down. "Jeyme, I've tried explaining this
to you before but I don't think you've ever really understood that
situation. Not really. Cyradis is never going to leave K'deren and I'd
not ask her to. We have repaired our relationship and out friendship,
but we're never going to be couple, nor should we be. She does love
me, but she loves and needs K'deren. We both realized that we're
better distanced from each other, especially now. We're...too intense.
We can spend time with each other of course, and we can visit each
other when we're free, so that's probably better for the both of us."

"Wow," Jeyme breathed out slowly before chuckling behind her cup of
klah. "That is quite some realization the two of you must have come
to." It wasn't something she had thought would ever happen, but there
was a peace about D'hol now that had never been there before.
"Dheymin's going to miss you. I am going to miss you," she said.

"I'll visit him as often as I can. I'll be very busy at first so it
may be a few sevendays before I can make it back to visit him and
Kielya." He sipped his klah and gave a slight curling of lips. "I'm
sure he'll miss me. And I'll miss him. But you don't have to tell me
you will, Jeyme. You're happier without me around. You know that."

"I meant it," she said, wrapping her hands around the cup, needing to
feel the warmth. "I came back to Dolphin Cove because it was home and
you were here." Jeyme looked up at him. "At least you know that this
time there will be no miscommunication about you spending time with
Dheymin. When he is old enough he will probably want to come and live
with you, wherever you are." Especially if D'hol did become the

"I appreciate that." He took a sip of his klah, his brow knitting.
"Possibly. But that will be up to him and you. I'd not take him from
you. And there's plenty of turns before that might happen. He's still
very young." He looked up at her, moving his gaze from his cup. "I
didn't want you to be shocked when I left. I'm just waiting to be
cleared by the infirmary to be able to /between/."

Jeyme nodded. "Thank you for telling me." She looked over at Dheymin,
who was completely passed out on the couch. "Does he know?"

D'hol shook his head. "No. I wouldn't tell him before I told you. I
don't know how much he'll be able to understand about it. I figured
you might know how best to tell him." He paused, leaning back in his
seat a little. "Is your daughter sleeping too?"

"She is," Jeyme said, holding up a pair of crossed fingers.

His chuckle was deep and amused. "Then you should have a quiet night,
since he's worn out too. Let me know when you're ready to tell him and
I'll be here." D'hol studied her for a moment, eyes drifting over his
former weyrmate with familiarity before taking a final sip of his

The greenrider stood and walked D'hol to the door, glad that there was
finally peace between them, perhaps even more than when they had
actually been weyrmates. "I'll let you know. And hey, even when you're
off doing important Weyrleader things, know that my door is always
open if you need anything."

"Thank you." He paused at the door, looking down at her. "It's not
guaranteed that I'll be a Weyrleader, but I can hope." He studied her
face, tilting his head slightly to gaze at her for a long moment. His
brow furrowed and he lifted a hand to trace his thumb down her cheek.
"A quiet night for you...unless you're interested in something less
quiet for the evening."

Jeyme looked up at him, remembering the first time she had ever laid
eyes on him as a Weyrling. He had been everything that a good Hold
girl should never want, but she had wanted him anyway. She doubted
that would ever go away completely. "Well," a small smile spread
across her lips, "I can think of better ways for us to say goodbye."

D'hol cupped her cheek, bent, and claimed her lips with his. At first
he was gentle, but as his fingers threaded through her hair, the
hunger was evident.

The greenrider grabbed him by the front of his shirt and led him back,
passed the sleeping child on the couch, passed the small room where
Ayeme slept, into her bedroom.

Last updated on the August 19th 2019

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