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Midnight Frustration

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 6th August 2019

Characters: Enamra, Thayde
Description: Thayde's frustration gets worse.
Location: Dolphin Hall
Date: month 12, day 1 of Turn 9


Perhaps it was the memory of the color of the lace, of the way it had
looked in Enamra's hands as she had held it up and tried to figure out
what the see-through garment was intended for, or maybe it was the
toll of several sevendays without sex, but Thayde's libido was in

It seemed that no matter what simple task Enamra was working on around
their quarters, Thayde's brain found a way to remind him that she was
his _wife_, ripe for the picking, a warm, lovely body just waiting to
be enjoyed.

When she was stirring the pot, making stew in the kitchen, his brain
conjured up images of what else they could be doing with that wooden
spoon. When she tidily set the table for dinner, he had to fight the
urge to sweep everything off into the floor and have her for dinner

Perhaps it was all of those things that had slowly began to unravel
the tight corner of sexual desire that he had locked away when they
first married, but whatever it was, lying beside her in the bed at
night had begun to be completely unbearable.

Every night, without fail, he woke up with Enamra tucked against him,
molded perfectly against his body as if they were a pair of stacking
cups. And so each night he slipped out of bed, crept out of their
room, and went down to the ocean for a brisk dip in the cool to calm
his raging hormones.

Tonight was no different. He'd woken again and there she was, filling
his arms like a sweetly wrapped gift. **She's yours,** his sex
deprived brain reminded him. Married couples had sex, that was what
they did, so why didn't he just get on with it?

He clenched his eyes shut. He could remember exactly the emaciated
condition of her body when she had arrived at the Hall. He remembered
how pitiful she had looked, so young with her pregnant belly looking
so swollen and large on her petite frame. The reason he remembered
those things so vividly was because they had all been forced on her.

**Then I came along,** he thought, somewhat bitterly. He'd thought
helping her was the least he could do and in the end he'd ended up
making things worse. She'd been forced into a marriage with him and
taken away from her siblings just as they'd been reunited. The last
thing he wanted to do now was force intimacy upon her. She was only
fifteen, what if in three Turns she decided that she wanted different
things from her life? She deserved the right to choose, the same as
all those girls at the Weyr got to choose. And if a life with him
wasn't something she chose, then he wanted her to have zero
entanglements to hold her back. She deserved that.

Even as he told himself these things, his fingers lightly stroked the
silky soft skin of her gently rounded shoulder.

Enamra sighed softly, not quite awake, but the warmth of the touch
drew her out of the pleasant dream of warmth and comfort that she had
been enjoying. She rolled to face him, snuggling close to his warmth
and resting her brow against the crook of his neck. Mostly asleep, she
inhaled the scent of him and sighed again, nuzzling the skin against
her nose. He smelled like the sea, that comforting scent that always
brought her pleasure.

Having her pressed so sweetly and so warmly against him brought an
immediate reaction from his body. He could hear his own heartbeat
throbbing in his ears. Perhaps if she stayed still he would be able to
think of something else and get control over his hormones.

Now a bit more awake, Enamra struggled to keep her breathing even.
What was pressing against her hip frightened her a little, but also
intrigued her; she knew fully what _it_ was and also knew what it
meant. But instead of completely fearing the idea of it, for she
trusted Thayde, she found herself curious and she wanted to be a good
wife to him. He'd done so much for her. Feeling an odd warmth at the
pit of her belly, she shifted just a little to push against that
reaction with her upper thigh.

Thayde’s breath froze in his lungs as she moved against him. The
friction caused by her movements elicited delightful sparks that
radiated throughout his groin. He remained still, waiting for her to
settle into a position.

When he went still, Enamra wasn't sure what to do next. Did it hurt
him? The pressure was still there, so probably not. But this wasn't
the right way. If he wanted her...Keeping her eyes closed, she rolled
over in his arms and tucked her bottom right up against him with a
slight wiggle. She could feel _it_ pressing right against her and the
pressure felt surprisingly good; she felt the heat in her belly
increasing and silently bit her lower lip to still any sound.

A man had only so much self control, and Thayde was about to run out
of his. Pulling away from Enamra slowly, he moved as quietly as he
could. Stooping over beside the bed he grabbed his sandals in one hand
and his pants from earlier. He would put them on out in the living
area so as not to wake her, he thought. **I'll just slip down to the
water for a cool dip, or until my balls freeze off, and then come
right back to bed.** Thayde told himself as he carefully closed their
bedroom door.

She went still, her body tense with something indefinable and as the
door closed, Enamra lifted her head and stared at the door, confused.
**Why did he leave?** She shifted, uncertain how to deal with the
sensations and needs her body was demanding. She was here and _it_ had
been very ready, so why didn't he do anything? Confused, frustrated
and a little hurt, she lay back and clenched her thighs together,
trying to still the ache that had been starting to form there. She
wanted to call him back, but stopped herself. What had she done wrong?

Last updated on the August 19th 2019

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