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Changing Home

Writers: Emma, Suzee
Date Posted: 11th August 2019

Characters: N'call, Teseada
Description: The gold and bronze leave for the new Weyrhold
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold, Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 12, day 20 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Ninaine; Jayzine

N'call had his bags loaded and packed in Haloths nets and he trotted
up the stairs to Teseada's Weyr. "Ready," he asked as he came in. He'd
already made his goodbyes to Ninaine and Callaine though he wasn't
completely sure they understood the need for him to go with Teseada.

"Just looking for Tecall's toy dolphin, if it's left behind we won't hear
the end of it." the goldrider said, as she opened a cupboard door.

N'call went to the floor and strained to see under the bed. "I think I
see it," he said and lay down belly first so he could reach the little
toy under the bed. "Got it," he said victoriously.

"Thanks," she said. "Now he's got something to amuse himself while we get
settled. I just have to go get him from his foster mother, and I think we're
ready now."

N'call smiled. "Alright," he nodded. "I think you're going to like the
new Weyr. "It's lovely and you've got actual windows and doors." He'd
visited a few days before and taken some things over to furnish the
place they'd be staying. "I think you've got this." he told her. She
could easily be the next Senior Weyrwoman.

"Sounds like something out of a Harper tale," she said. "You know the ones
where the fair maiden peers out of the window in the hope that the heroic
bronzerider will turn up to rescue her from the evil Lord and all that."

He laughed, "Well at least you won't have to wrap up in furs all the time to
appreciate the scenery." He mused a moment then smiled wider. "As long
as the heroic gold rider rescues him right back."

"Only because their son would kill her without threadfall if she didn't!"
Teseada joked back. "Talking of said son, do you have room for him, or shall
I take him with me?"

"I'll get him," he said and reached for the child sling that let him
carry Tecall against his chest. "Do we have a foster mother for him at
the other end? With Ninaine so far along with twins I know Brella will
be staying here with her other brats at least for now."

"Not yet, but I'm sure we'll find someone there." Teseada thought for a
moment. "Maybe Brella will make the move eventually, and we'll be back, I'm
not going to deprive Tecall of his sister and new siblings when they get

He nodded, "I'm sure she will. I know Jayzine, the former headwoman at
River Bluff has gone to Barrier Lake so I'm sure she's getting things
all set up for things like this. I'll be right back," he said and
trotted down to get his son.

When he returned Tecall was happily wrapped in furs for the trip and
strapped to his fathers chest. "Ready?" he asked as he came through
the door.

"Just about," the words were slightly muffled as she pulled a jumper over
her head and then reached for her jacket. "I'm going to miss this place."

"Me too," N'call said as he looked around her familiar weyr. It had
felt like a second home in a way he'd not really expected. But he
smiled and took her hand. He pulled it up to his lips underhanded to
kiss her fingers. "Time to go build a new home," he smiled.

"Yes," she said, retrieving her fingers with a smile. "One with smiles and
laughter, right?"

"As much as possible," he said returning the smile and placing his
hand on the small of her back to lead her out to the place where both
their lifemates waited. Tecall squealed with delight when he saw the
dragons. He knew they were going for a ride. N'call chucked and
quickly mounted and buckled them in. Then he took a deep breath and
gave the word and moments later they were circling the only home he'd
ever known. Haloth gave Onnyth the image of the lake and cove of the
new Weyr and then he nodded to take them /between/.

One last look, that was what Teseada did, trying to fix the place that had
been home for so long as a good memory in her head. Then, Onnyth took the
visual from Haloth and followed him. Those few seconds of nothingness that
could never be adequately explained to anyone else, then a new place was
around them.

Last updated on the August 13th 2019

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