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A day of getting

Writers: Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 13th August 2019

Characters: Mealden, Bilpen, Merien, H’lim, Rielda
Description: Mealden receives a gold firelizard egg and gets a new job.
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 11, day 26 of Turn 9

A blue dragon landed outside the neat little cot at the outskirts of
Emerald Falls Hold’s main Hold. The road was barely wide enough for
the blue. Two children ran out of the cot, calling: “Rumith! Rumith!”
The blue crooned and lowered his head so that the children would reach
to scratch it.

“Hi Merien and Ede, is your dad in?” H’lim asked and dismounted.

“Hello, H’lim, yes, he is inside,” Merien replied.

“Thanks” the bluerider replied and walked in. He was carrying a covered pot.

He found Mealden and his wife from the kitchen. “Hello there, you ready to go?”

“Yes, I am,” Mealden was wearing one of his better tunics, with jacket
and helmet ready for the flight.

“I got something for you,” H’lim handed the pot to his friend. “Let’s
call it late birthday present. May it make staying in contact easier.”

“You shouldn’t…” Mealden took the pot and peered under the cover.
“That’s a flirelizard egg! A gold egg!” His expression turned

H’lim nodded an affirmative with a wide grin on his face. “Yup. Keep
it warm, it should hatch around day ten in next month.”

The kitchen oven was heating, since Riendra was planning to bake later
today, so Mealden took the pot and placed it there. “This is too
much,” he murmured.

“Not too hot tho, you don’t want to bake the egg,” H’lim cautioned.

Once the egg was safely stored, Mealden put on his flight gear. “Shall
we go then? The job interview waits us.”

Rumith took his rider and passenger /between/ to Barrier Lake Hold.
Before he landed, H'lim guided him to fly few circles around the place
so he and Mealden could take a look. If things went well, Mealden and
his family might move here. H'lim was also planning to ask a transferr
once dragonriders started to move in.

"I think the actual Weyr is going to be in those caves at the beach,"
H'lim pointed.

Mealden grunted. "There's minor hold near by, good. Riendra and
children could live there until buildings are finished."

Rumith found a spot to land near the construction site. After
dismounting, Mealden went to look for master Bilpen, who was looking
more crafters to hire.

Bilpen was standing next to the main dining hall building. The
basement had been dug and walled with cement blocks and rock from the
cave excavations. The first beams were in place and flooring underlay
well under way. Framing for the first story was being knocked together
and soon the first of the ground floor would rise. He turned with a
smile at the approaching footsteps. "Hello," he said and held out his
hand. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Bilpen."

"Well met, Master Bilpen, I'm journeyman Mealden and this is my friend
bluerider H'lim from Dragonsfall Weyr. We have been exhanging
letters," Mealden greeted and introduced them. H'lim nodded and
withdrew to background. This was Mealden's business, he was just a

"I'm the mason from Emerald Falls Hold, who's been inquiring about work here."

"Oh excellent," Bilpen exclaimed. "We can always use more masons. Both
for building outside the weyr and shaping the caverns inside for
individual rooms, offices, and weyrs for the riders. H'lim," he
reached out to the bluerider with an equally broad smile. "Welcome, we
have some accommodations in the small hold to the west," he gestured
broadly over the top of the cliffs. "And over there," he gestured
toward the north is our tent city we'll be moving people into more
permanent living areas as soon as we have them built. They're even
sending us our own wing soon and we'll be needing some quick rooms
built for the riders up on that bluff with sandy wallows for their
lifemates." He took a look at both men's faces. "Overwhelmed yet?"

Mealden flashed a grin. "That's lot of construction to do. How about
accommodations during construction phase? I have a wife and children,
if they come here with me, where would the live? How about the harper
classes for the children?"

"We're getting there," Bilpen nodded. "But most of the residences are
taken with workers right now. We have a headwoman coming soon along
with some other holders to help us with some unskilled labor to get
some temporary housing set up. Then there's the small hold. There may
be a cot available for you there and they have a Harper for their

"So we could live there?" Mealden glanced towards the Hold. It had
looked idylic from the air.

"There are still some few rooms at the nearby Hold." He nodded. "But
I'm sure you'll want to build to suit your family. There's a crafter
village over this way if you want to stake a claim to a plot to build
your own house. The small hold up there has a harper for the
children's classes and it's only a good walk away."

"My wife would love to have a say how our home is set out," Mealden
said thoughtfully. He did like the idea of building their home. The
current cot they lived in had been built pre-Plague. "So, do you want
to see my refrences?"

"I would but we're currently working without an office or harper
assistance here so I've no place to store documents. Might I see what
you've brought?" Bilpen was more in touch with his impressions of
workers than in any hidework they might offer, and he'd picked a good
impression of this man.

Mealden handed him the roll of records he had with him. Mostly were
from the masters overseeing the building of new Harper Hall, few were
from his teachers from Hall.

Bilpen smiled and took the records. He unrolled them and set them on
the nearby camp table. Nodding as he quickly scanned the information.
Better and better. He smiled up at Mealden, "Very good," he said. "Do
you have a specialty?"

"i mostly work as a stonemason, with limestone, granite and marble. I tend to
lean towards more decorative work, pillars, columns, arches,
engravings. I've also built my share of stone fences, building bases,
slate roofs and walls," Mealden replied.

"That is truly excellent," Bilpen boomed. "Just the sort of craftsman
we need. I have some plans back at my tent I'd like to go over with
you. Then we'll discuss how you can improve what we've already planed.
How does that sound?"

"Sounds like I got the job," Mealden replied with a wide smile.

Last updated on the August 13th 2019

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